Monday, December 31, 2012

Habby New Years Ebe

Habby New Years Ebe
I, ob course,
amb some what ob
a social giant
 so I did dress in
my formbal a ttire
 wif all the hobes
 and in tentions 
teu celebrate in
a big way.
 The Mom did suggest that
I whas a little ober dressed fur
our ebening blans.
 What a bout I
change my tie
 and leuse my hat?
. . . . .
still teu formbal??? 
 How a bout
my blaid tie...
It iss
and sborty...
 all so, berry sadly, twisted
in this picksher.
 No, the Mom...
I amb naught rolling my eye balls.
Butt may I suggest fur Yeu...
a glass ob wine.
The name refers teu the grabes, Silly.
 Here I amb
beaking a round the corner.
 Whee haff all so been gibben
a chock-a-lick wine
fur celebrating
Habby New Year.
 The ebening iss growing long,
and I haff come teu the concleushun...
 whee are
fur the
New Years Ebe.
The wheffer out side is fright full
. . . . .
10pm Wheffer Fore Cast
Rain chance 100% frew midnight
eben though
KC and the SUNshine Band
iss at Discubbery Green
in Down Town Houston
teu celebrate
Habby New Year 2013
 butt I digress...
. . . . .
In side, it iss
berry dry and all so....
bretty darn comfurtable
Un fore chewnuttly,
our  back yard iss flooded.
Wif the 2011-2012 Draught and all,
it did slib our minds teu ask Santa fur
galoshes and rain coats.

Wood come in handy right a bout now...
O whell.

Out wif the old, In wif the new...
Habby 2013, My Dear Friends

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Night Wrights: Vacationing & Christmas, Part Teu

Habby Friday
The Mom iss on baycayshun
thiss week
so whee sbent the day...
whee swebt in.
This picksher is not ob me sweebing in.
This picksher is ob me letting the Mom know
I deu naught abbroof ob
in bed electronics.
when I decided it whas time teu get ub
at 730am...
whee got ub.
 Our day started wif tasty
breakfast foods
and a cubble ob walkies.
I did seuberbise
Miss Dyson,
ass she did make her rounds.
I assisted the Mom teu go freu
about forty fousand
in her colleckshun teu find
sebenteen books
teu take teu charity. 
Abter that,
I did helb her clean out
our kitchen drawers.
 And then...
she and I did go freu a bunch ob stuff
in the garage.
Whee filled the garbage can
and the recycle can
and whee all so did load the trolley full
fur the charity.
 And abter that whee did settle in
teu whatch
Leabe It Teu Beaber
and let the Mom's back go stiff.
- - - - -
And now I wood like teu share
wif Yeu
my treasures from
Yeu all muss habbs butt in a good word fur me
on a counta the Santa did butt me on
the nice list.
- - - - -
My Stocking
whas filled wif pomegranite treats,
 sweet botato crinkle fries and
an Aggie bandana.
 He all so did bring me
a honking reindeer,

and teu chiggins.
 I did want the little chiggin
berry muchly.
 And I did manage teu
snag her
 and run teu the big bed.
 She habbs berry many
little barts teu her
what I whill try teu eat later...
 butt I did need teu come back
and check out my odder pressies,
incleuding my
Cotton Bowl
Yes Yes... I whill be wearing this bandana
neckst Friday when whee
 Whee continyeu
our baycayshunning actibities
teumorrow, when whee
clean out a nodder closet
undress the Christmas tree
and odder fun fings...
*iff the Mom iss able teu get out ob bed.
And now it iss time fur
all sweet and helby boys
teu get their beauty sweeb...
I fink I whill join them.
- - - - -
Night Night and Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas, Part One

sure make
Our Christmas Merry.
Whee haff habbed sum
berry sbeshull backages under
our tree.
Thiss one came from
My Sweet Mimi
and did haff
the sweetest card
what did gibbs me a great big smile.
And in side the bocks whas
A Beautiful Bone Ornament.
I did want teu remoob the tag
and all so insbeckt
its beauty.
I deu lubbs it, and it whill
rebresent me on
The Wright Dog Tree.
All so in the bocks
whas sum fing else berry sbeshull..
a candy cane kiss.
I whish I cood send loads ob
right back teu the tib ob the mitten.
- - - - -
All so under the tree
whas a bocks from
my Cousins Rizzo and Zeke
[all so my Aunt Karen].
I tied the ribbon round my neck.
I made sure it whas really mine.
Then I ribbed the baber off
and reuted my shneufer
in the tisheus.
Juss look at all the stuff.
Juss look.
in the bocks
I jumbed.
I deu lubbs bockses
[from my creatiff bocks training]
ass much ass pressies.
Here I amb bulling out
a lizzard...
a berry durable lizzard.
I whill challenge
this lizzard's
I all so got...
a monkey shirt.
hee hee hee
[read that wif a monkey acksent]
It fits me berry whell...
and iss all so
the coreckt size.
I did lubbs wearing it.
And here I amb
blaying wif my monkey.
Monkey Monkey Monkey
Monkey Monkey Lizzard Monkey
[it whas early still]
Moment ob
What a lucky boy I amb.
What a lucky little fambily whee are.
Now I amb back at it.
Yeu may fink that
I whas the only one teu oben gifts
butt I whas naught.
- - - - -
I ordered a berry sweet and secret gift fur
the Mom.
And here she iss,
obening it ub.
Inside whas a note from
Cousins Ginger, Gracie and Buddy
[all so Aunt LaVon and Uncle Jamie]
the Mom says...
She lubbs it.
She absoleutly lubbs it.
This Sun Catcher
is perfeckt.
"what a beautiful surbrise"
the Mom says
ass she wibes a tear...
- - - - -
The Mom did go a way
fur a while yesterday
teu go see
my Aunt Dav, Uncle Benjy and Cousin Lovey...
butt she all so did bring back wif her
many, good smelling and tasty foods... and
a gift fur me.
It looks like me laying down on the bag,

butt enough ob that.

Hee Hee Hee
[read wif monkey acksent]
I gots me an odder
long legged monkey.
And a green catter piller...
worm or snaky,
honking kind ob fing...
and sum 
Habby Hibs Jerky.
I deu berry lubbs
lubbing on them all...
untill the Mom stobs me.
It seems that
The monkey habbs lost half ob
his hearing.
I guess it iss time teu
curl ub.
Whee did haff
A Luffly Christmas
and a
Wonder Full Day Abter.
Christmas iss
a meaningfull and sbeshull time.
The Mom and I
Celebrate Our Faith
Honor Our Memories
in a quiet manner.
Whee fank
Our Friends
fur bringing uss
and making our hearts

Yeur Friendshib iss a Treasured Gift.