Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Last Week Edition

Habby Friday Night
The Wrights
 I haff many fings teu tell Yeu,
I wood like teu start by saying that...
Ubon refleckshun,
I whas disabbointed wif my last bost.
I said so much and yet fell
so berry short
ob many fings I meant teu say.
In short,
I haff been an...
I digress...
Teu recab:
I receibed
free berry wonder full blogging awards
from my friends and mentors...
They did honor me wif these awards
fur no odder reason ecksept....
be cause they knew it wood mean
so berry berry much teu me.
And it did... make me
so berry berry habby.
Fank Yeu
from the bottom ob my heart!!!
. . . . .
And now in turn,
I wood like teu pass
these free awards on teu
ALL my Friends
wheu work so hard teu blog.
Yeu know wheu yeu are.
If yeu are reading this...

It is Yeu.
And Yeu and Yeu and Yeu.

. . . . .
Libbing wif a the Mom
wheu iss sickly and/or deus naught feel whell
makes fur a tough week
or teu... or free.
Add a leash
and freezing, cold whet wheffer...
 and yeu haff
my last week.
Teu be honest...
while the Mom habbs felt goodly enough teu work
40+ hours at the Facktory,
she habbs naught felt whell enough teu get me teu
My Skool.
Me & My Lizzard.
Eckspresing my frustrayshun on
the Mom's abandoned sheus and bants.
Whee haff sbent abter hours in
the big bed.
Deu naught adjuss yeur set.
This picksher iss
right side ub. 
I haff entertained wif
many songs.
many games.
and a chiggin on my noggin. 
and now she iss...
Aside from time imbosed by
the big bed,
my back reum habbs all so been obertooken by
Miss Dyson [in bink]
and Mister Shob-Back [in silber and black]. 
Ass Yeu are whell aware...
I haff been on leash in my back yard since Halloween
on a counta berry many and all so becan related reasons.
The Mom decided teuday teu let me
stretch my legs.
Here I amb waiting fur the command...
One word...
a blink ob an eye and...
I amb off. 
a bit ob small business...
  then catching ub wif the Mom
one lass time.
 Wee Wee... Wheeeeeeeeeee.....
a bit on the whay back teu
 Make a break fur it.
 Run wif the wind.
 Jet bast...
 S T R E T C H
my legs.
Z  I  B
a round the corners. 
E A T 
ass many ob
these forbiddables
ass bossible.
Now called back inteu line.
I get it.
uh huh...
I hear the Mom say
and I quote:

"Reufus, when yeu begin teu wonder

why yeu are only allowed out ob doors on leash...

"I suggest yeu refleck back ubon thiss day,
on a counta yeur behabior whas
a troshuss."
. . . . .
I fink Yeu
yeu need teu understand that some times
my ears don't hear so whell.
Butt all the same...
*blows frew debice teu find key*
In fack.
*sings teu behemian rhapsody*
I amb butt a good boy
fromb a good fambily.
I amb berry good out ob doors
when I amb on leash.
*strike a bose*
 My the Mom lubbs pickshers
where I abbear
dibbed in cream.
. . . . .
Yeah Yeah Yeah... Huh?
So good teu stretch my legs and
burn some energy,
butt I amb so berry much missing...
my agility obstackles. 
Here's teu hobing they can come out and 
blay wif me teumorrow.
. . . . .
Night Night fur Now
Sweet Dreams and
Habby Week End...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Super Sweet Saturday

Habby Weekend
It habbs been a rough week in
The Wright House Hole
wif more sicknesses, long hours at the facktory
and then teuday
what the Mom did sbend in a class
a way from me and our home.
I sbent the day finking ob
the fings what I lubbs teu deu the most and...
iss at the tippy most tob.
In a berfeck world,
I wood be a better writer.
I wood bick more clebber tobicks.
I wood haff better
I wood haff more time
and bost a blog ebbery single day.
O...and I wood be
a better sbeller.
. . . . .
All that said and wif many fanks teu


I haff made
Many Dear and Subbortiff Friends
like that gorgeous
Fambily ob Sibes
. . . . .
Fur many reasons,
the bast teu monfs haff been tough ones,
butt I did haff one berry big highlight...
My OP Friends,
Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning,
bestowed ubon me
Free Berry Fun Awards.
. . . . .
Award One
I beliebe the reules deu state
that teu formally acksept thiss a ward,
yeu are teu answer a few fun questions...
and yeu all know how
I deu lubbs teu answer questions.

Seuber Sweet Questions

1. Cookies or Cake?
Yes or Yes
A better question might be...
Which did yeu leabe closer teu the edge ob the counter?
[eben the staff is naught laughing]
On record, I deu lubbs them boaf...
cake slightly more than crisby or burnt cookies.
It's wierd.
Juss saying.
2. Chockolick or Banilla?
Yes or Yes.
A better question might be...
ah oh...
[no one is laughing]
My the Mom iss naught much fur sweets,
but she kinda brefers banilla teu chockolick,
so I deu get teu share some surbrises sum times.
Shee iss naught laughing on a counta
I recently stole
a chockolick and banilla and cherry muffin
off the counter
[at night on a week end]
and she sbent an hour googling such fings
teu figure out what teu deu wif me.
I fought it berry chuckle-lishus and huge coo.
*takes bow*
3. What iss yeur faborite sweet treat?
On an aberage day,
and keebing reality in check,
my faborite treat iss...
[cant-elope, honeydeu, water...]\
Butt in a
Fantassy Whirled...
Amy's Ice Cream
Paws Down.
Followed closely wif
My Aunt Dav's Pumpkin Bread.
4. When deu yeu crabe sweet things the mostest?
When I amb awake
and when the sweet fings are easier teu get
than the salty fings.
5. If you had a sweet nickname, what wood it be?
My the Mom calls me
Sweet Boy or Sweety Boy
a lot...
butt I haff noticed that when she iss emotional,
she calls me
And I deu lubbs that the most.
. . . . .
I deu all so lubbs that woman.
Iff I deu under stand the reules ob thiss award,
I amb asked teu share wif yeu
some fings yeu might naught all ready know,
and here goes:

1. Sometimes I purr.
In related neus, sometimes I snore.
2. I lubbs teu shmuggle ubside down
and ubside down games are big fun...
butt I whill ebenchewally right my self
3. I like teu

punish the Mom when she is in the shower
on weekdays
or weekends when I know she is leabing me

kill the 

[some ob yeu fink ob it ass Kleenecks]
Tisheus and Bocks.
4. I amb a Sock-A-Holick.
I whill dig em out ob a pile ob dirty laundry.
And I whill dig em out ob a pile ob clean laundry.
I whill find em in a bag ob freshly burchased items.
What deu I deu wif em?
I take em teu
The Back Door...
or I take em teu
The Mom...
neiber ob which haff an abbresheayshun
fur my bringings.
5. I amb naught afraid ob rain or storms.
I whill sleeb in it.
Iff I hear it,
I whill look at my the Mom teu see if she heard it, teu...
I whill go out ob doors in it.
I whill sblash in it.
I whill naught understand the word
when I amb out in it.
Abter all, becans kinda float.

6. I amb a seuber ambed butt allso silly boy
when it comes teu learning fings.

I amb more than
Food Motibated.
By that, I mean... I amb off the scale.
I deu lubbs teu blease, and my mind works berry fast.
Sum times it takes a long time teu teach me sum fing,
 butt once I learn it...
I add it teu my rebertoire,
and offer it ass often ass I can.
Ecksambles: Freeze, Back, Roll Ober.
. . . . . 

6.5 My the Mom, wheu clearly habbs no mirror,
finks I need teu go on a diet.

Yeah Yeah Yeah.
I cood go wif a few green beans in my dinner bowl...
butt let me off this leash,
and broblem solbed.
*runs. like. the. wind.*

7. Fur all my hi-jinks and huge bersonality...
I amb the bestest ob trolley riders.

I look a round fur a bit.
And then I lay down.
I amb naught anckshus.
I amb naught nerbous.
. . . . .
I juss chill out and wait teu see
where whee are when
the trolley doors oben.

Now last butt berry naught least,
did bestwow ubon me...
. . . . .
Award Free
Wif the accebtance ob thiss wonder full award comes...
No Strings Attached.
. . . . .
I fink whee can all agree...
Fambily iss the berry best.
I mean,
In most instances,and all so most ebbery single time...
My Fambily
 iss the beobles I choose
on a counta
whee understand one a nodder,
and odder mushy stuff...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Drizzly, Lazy Saturday

Whee woke ub
teu the early morning sounds ob
Whee then bretended that it whas
naught yet morning...
but then
when the sounds quietened,
whee did:
  • get our selbs quickly ub outta big bed
  • tooken a walk in the drizzle
  • ett breakfast noms
  • tooken a second quick walk in the RAIN
  • go back teu big bed

In fackt, I fink
iss the yeunibersal sound ob
. . . .
Whee did sbend
quite a bit ob our morning
in the big bed.
 And the Mom did deu
blaying wif
the furs on my feetsies.
Teu be clear...
Whee did naught sbend
the entire day in
the big bed,
butt the entire day whas
drizzly, rainy and lazy.
. . . . .
And so...
whee did blay
our big bed games.
. . . . .
I deu lubbs teu blay games.
the one where
my stuffies deu
sneaky a ttacks and danglings
ober me.
And then there iss all so
the classic...
Where's Reufus?
Can yeu sbot me?
Hobing fur the broducktiffity ob
sun shine teumorrow...