Saturday, April 26, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: A Trial Run for A Trial Run Edition

Habby Friday
Friday Night Wrights
A Trial Run for A Trial Run
and now
if yeu recall
when whee lasst sboke
I whas busy sbending
about free grand
teu new bockses
ackchewally free new bockses
what are knot free
on a counta iffin I know my maff
each bockscomes out teu
about one grand
and now iss
a good time
change the subjeck
. . .
my my how about that wheffer
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Saturday Second Breakfast Run
yess yessss
after a late, wharm and frankly boring
Friday night wifout grub
the Mom and I enjoy
an early morning first breakfast
ob salmon kibbles
and then a nice lazy
Saturday Morning Lay-In
what whee follow ub wif
the best fun ebber
A Second Breakfast Run
sgrambled eggs
crisby bacon
and while there iss
no bictorial ebidence
those noms were
n o m m y
- - - - -
and that bring uss teu
our sbeshull holiday feature
what iss called
Habby Easter
yess yessss
lucky for me
the Easter Bunny
my basket
the earf went silent
the lights went out
the interwebs *gasb* whent off the line
and the BIG check whas written
on a counta
juss look at
all these goodies
there iss
[what are whatter bottle peepsies]
it iss
hard teu cheuse
I fink I'll start wif
the burble duck
what iss fun teu
toss about
o and look at
thiss swell tag
o the worry sum Mom
I amb only admiring
the tag
why wood yeu fink
I might be
eating it
*tsk tsk*
it iss hard work
libbing wif the Barole Officer Mom
- - - - -
and now that brings uss teu
our new regular feature
what iss called
My Self Bortraits
insbired by
My Lilly Photo Sheut
I bresent teu Yeu
Me in Whatter Colors
and in more keebing wif
my arkitecky reuts
Me in Rabidograph and Brismacolor Art Marker
yess yesss
and ass an artsy arteest
I fink I habbs
a great future
in Obedience
or Motion Bickshers
and sbeaking ob
that bring uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Teusday Training
and here I amb
showing yeu
my sit stay
the Mom iss getting in
more fitbit stebs
whalking round
the back yard
I take all mose ass much
b r i d e
in my obedience
ass I deu in
my miss behabiors
and here I amb
after swibing some hedgitables
wright wright
I amb
wrong wrong
and here I amb
listening teu
the lecksher
she still lubbs me
how cood she knot
*inno-sent smile*
and now that brings uss teu
 a sbeshull feature
what iss called
A Bisitor On My Front Borch
yesss yessssss
he whass right there on
my whellcome mat
then he beered off teu the left
and ub the door jamb
Meet Rick
The Whalking Stick
and ummm
Rick iss
a stick about town
blaces teu go
sticks teu see
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Fank Heabens It's Fursday
yess yesss
and while the Mom arribes home
the sun iss still
 B E R R Y   M U C H   U B
wheu heu
the lawn crew
then also comes teu tend
the lawn 
for which they are named berry coincidentally named
boy o boy
I amb habby teu see them come
and eben habbier teu see them
there iss nuffing quite like
a freshly mowed lawn
*zib zib zeum zeum*
and here I amb
in the ober grown bed for
a quick snack
until ob course
the Wharden Mom
calls me out
she tells me
the many errors ob my whays
I laugh and laugh
and then
I gibbs her a bit ob
a rebentent face
and boint out teu her
ober head
look look
that's Fred and Ginger's daughter
Isabella Dubb
that's what they named her
and now it iss time
wif abologies in adbance
for the boor bickshers ob
our second training feature
what iss called
my late ebening sit stay
I amb being good
I got thiss
and here comes
the Handler
look look
my feetsies
firmbly blanted
"ecksersize finished"
and here I amb
juss before
  and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Friday
thiss Friday
iss different from all odders

on a counta
the berry full training bag
the backing list on that yellow bad
and now
whee are out for
small business
a bit ob
juss checking
a round 
 juss checking
the little oak
a bit ob
a run 
there iss
e c k s i t e m e n t
in the air
I amb feeling it
 berimeter check
and now iss the time for
our seuber sbeshull feature
what iss called
A Trial Run for A Trial Run
 yess yesss
whee whill berry soon
be trabelling teu
Obedience Trials
and on a counta whee habbs
some blace berry sbeshull teu go
thiss wheekend
whee are going
early and 
t e u g e f f e r
 teu test
our trabell skills
and while
I hate teu teut my own horn
I feel combelled teu tell yeu
. . .
I amb the Model Trabeller
my secret iss
lie down and / or sweeb
when moobing
 then rise ub teu
see where yeu are
when stobbed
and ass yeu can see
I amb belted inteu
the Trolley
for thiss berry long trib
- - - - -
The Biney Woods ob East Texas
knot Georgia
 no no
knot Georgia Bacifick
juss a bit furfer
and here whee are at
the berry ecksiting and long a whaited
Trolley Stob
 Seuber 8
I habbs nebber ebber
stayed in
a hotel 
I amb 
a m b e d   u b
at furst
and then
ass whee bring
my many whorldly bossessions
inteu the reum 
I start teu fink
thiss iss cool
. . .
t h i s s   w h o r k s   f o r   m e 
ob course
I amb
a   h i t
from check-in 
butt that's a story for later
juss look at
the whatter bowl
 they habbed whaiting for me
and while checking in
whee found
thiss lucky benny
I habbs
high hobes
for the luck thiss benny whill bring me
and now here iss
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Seuber 8 Whalk Number XXX

whay ober there
yeu whill see
the Trolley 
 and then
here I amb
ducking the babbarazzi
thiss sun iss bright
 whee are in town teu bisit
my the Mom's Aunt
what makes her
ought ought carry the teu
. . .
My Great Aunt
 whee whill see her
and teuday
whee whill
whork our hotel skills
starting wif
our hotel selfy
and here iss what I see
out our window
 butt I digress
ha ha
yeu know
. . .
hotel libbing iss really
q u i t e   g r a n d
when whee walked in the front door
the Desk Attendant said
"Yeu must be Amanda"
[teu my the Mom ob course]
and ass she leaned whay ober the counter
she sayed
"I habbs been looking forward teu seeing yeur golden retrieber"
 she euhed and ahhed ober me
and berry all mose forgots teu ask for
photo id, credit card and signature ob the Mom
. . .
yeu are whellcome
I did berry much show her the lubbs
and eben gibbs her
her berry own photo obborteunity 
and then
whee moob inteu the reum
a berry sbayshuss reum
a berry sweeeeeet reum
whee are tired 
 really tired
 really really tired
whee are all so
off whee go
teu bick ub food stuffs
bawsing a moment in
the elebator lobby
 yess yess
and that brings uss teu
a new sbeshull feature
what iss called
Going Ub
yess yesss
thiss iss
my berry first time in an elebator
door oben
march right in
door oben
march right outt
. . .
and leading quite
the sheltered life
I deu knot see a lot ob stairs
butt teuday
I did about a fousand floors
[whill habbs teu check the fitbit later]
and I also did
a few rambs
- - - - -
and now that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
salmon and legumes kibble
green beans
abble slices ala Sonic Dribe-Inn
baired wif
Ozarka Sbring Whatters
and while
I amb a customed teu
whatters on the left - noms on the wright
I figure it out
and now is time for
our regular feature
what iss called
My After Dinner Outting
and while out on our stroll
whee hit our
t e n   f o u s a n d   s t e b s
and now whee interrubt
our after dinner outing for
a regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Photo Sheut
I amb
surrounded by diss trackshuns
I deu knot whant teu look at
the camera
deu. knot.
I whill look at the Photographer
on a counta
the Mom iss singing teu me
sweet nuffings
thiss iss
sensory ober load
so many many many
fings teu inbestigate
close yeur eyes
and imagine
the sweet aroma
my berry first
o how I wood lubbs teu
run right down thiss hill
and inteu
the woodsy woods
butt a lass
I amb kebt on
the fin line
kebt and unkebt
mowed and whild
and maybe it iss the arky tecky in uss
butt whee are curious about
thiss berry missblaced concrete marker
whee can see it from our reum
butt it iss knot easily ecksblained
*buzzled look... scratches head*
. . .
and now
time teu go in
I habbs got thiss hall whay down
and when I bass by thiss one door
I draw a bark from
a shnowzer
*cubbers mouf wif baw and chuckles*
and now here I amb
back in the reum
and it iss time for
our regular feature
what iss called
my the toy ob the wheek
and thiss wheek's toy iss
my burble duck
it seems abbrobriate teu
ass whee whill rest our heads teunight
berry near teu
Stephen F Austin Statue Unibersity

yess yesss
that's wright
butt when the Mom turns her head

*sneaky giggle*
I bulled |
my carrot bunny stuffy
out ob the luggage
I blayed and blayed and blayed
I deu lubbs
bulling the first teu bunnies out
and then reuting a round
trying teu get teu
the fird bunny

now that iss what I call
f u n
and sbeaking ob fun
now is time for
our regular feature
what iss called
the Friday Night Chew
I helbed her back it
so I know it's in my bag
and now
*c h e w*
I amb habbing a hard time
why I can knot chew thiss on
the big bed
ok ok
I get it
the floor is good teu
and now
ass whee settle in teu
our ebening
mano a mano
whee refleck on
our day ahead
our day behind
and whell
iff I may be a bit fillosofickal
for a moment
I amb finking ob
one ob my faborite kwotes
"What lies behind us
what lies before us
are tiny matters
compared to
what lies within us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

wif lub in my Heart
my the Mom by my side

I can go any where
I can face any fing
I can conquer The Whorld