Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seriously A Berry Habby Wish

I wood like teu wish...
teu my
The Berry Speshull
Aunt Davalyn 
On this berry speshull day,
I fink back ubon the mose imp portant words
I fink she habbs ebber ebber uttered,
and I kwote...

[teu my the Mom
wheu habbs a ffinity fur the older boys]

"Yeu shood fink ob adobting a bubby."
[translation: "You should think of adopting a puppy."]

And so in sbite ob the fack
that she spends a eckstra ordinary a mount
ob time on the phone
and out deuing fings wif the Mom
and all so wif out me...

I deu lubbs my Aunt Davalyn
wif all my heart.

She and my the Mom
haff been in separable
fur the last *ahem* years
since they were in skool teu geffer.
[I wood like teu tell yeu how long,
butt I deu naught haff a abba-cuss.]

Our hearts are berry berry full and habby,
finking ob
My The Aunt Davalyn
on her berry speshull day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Skool Night

welcome teu
My Skool Night
where I study Pre-Novice Rally and Oh Be Dience
Agility Night was berry fun lass night...
berry, berry berry hot
but berry, berry, BERRY fun.
Yes yes I deu lubbs
My Running and Jumbing Class
My Finking Class
is the berry most imp portant
on a counta 
I deu so berry much need teu learn teu fink!

Ass Yeu know,
I am showing Yeu lass week
this week...
And here I am arriving in
The Business Yard

Whee habbs berry many and strong storms
and lots and lots ob rains
right be fore class...

The grasses were berry mushy
and full ob interesting details
and rumors and whatnaught.

Parts ob The Business Yard
were still telling the story ob
the storm...

and then there whas all so
this berry interesting information
right here.

Now... when whee went in teu
The Skool Building...

The prebious Class whas still learning
many many fings...

Some ob them I knew how teu deu...
Habby The Steudent
Some ob them, I did naught...

I whas berry ecksited teu get started...
and I rushed teu my playce...

Here I am sitting while the Trainer 
sorts frew and organizes our fings
putts the treats in all the right sbots
and ett cettera.

Whee did a lot ob work...

Whee played some 'get it' games
and worked on call to 'close'. 
Whee did work on the details 
ob the left and right turns.
Whee did learn to pracktiss our boxes.

One berry fun game whee played
inbolbed my froggy wif the tob hat...
and YEU!

Note my paw location teu the lebt ob the Trainer's lebt wif the leash drobbed teu the floors. :o)

Here iss me wif YEU and Froggy.
YEU and Froggy are on tob ob 
My Berry Speshull Bag
what I deu still need teu show YEU in side.

O Yeah. Uh huh...
A Nodder Fun Ebening at
My Finking Skool...

Whee habbs a furry quiet trib home
in the trolley.
The Trainer and I were berry habby...
She whas setting our goals
and planning our training...

I on the odder paw,
whas planning on setting!

Please teu pardon our mess ob

tossed sheus and such.
My Monday and Teusday Skool Nights
[a mong odder fings what may resemble 
laziness teu the untrained eye, butt
are really more like ecksores-chun]
some times mean
a few eckstra sheus tossed a bout.

No worries...
Sheus is my fabe-oritt playce
teu rest my sneuter.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Berry Fird Beginning Agility Class

Habby Monday!
and welcome teu
My Berry Fird Beginning Agility Class
at my Skool

Yeu know the drill...
I am reporting this week
a bout last week

And on a counta
Agility iss a berry complecks sport,
and takes some time teu learn
Yeu whill nebber be far behind.
I promise.

First fings first, ass all ways...

It is imp portant teu check fur new messages
what might haff been in adbertently lebt along the way...

Ok the Mom the Trainer...
Here is the gate teu
The Business Yard

Once in, all I what teu deu is look out!

And I am berry habby teu rebort that
the Golden Retrieber iss back on deuty at de fense.

I've done my sniffings...

checked the mail...

read frew a few faxes...

and now what's this???

I seems teu haff a sbot ob somefing
on my hamsum head.
Ebber whant teu send the Mom
the Trainer in teu a tail spin???
Juss putt a sbot ob some fing on my hamsum head.

Crisis abverted.
My head is wunts a gain clean...
on a counta the Mom
pushed past the Trainer
and cleaned my sbot!!!

Now here whee are all
getting busy on
The Agility Field
Teu warm up...
we start off wif
Flat Work
or loose leeash walking
wif halts.
Whee start on the left
and then all so work on the right.

And then whee moob teu some
Tire Jumbs
fun tire jump photo from the web
I whas not scared ob it,
but I did naught right a way under stand
what the Trainer whanted me teu deu wif it...
butt once I jumbed frew and got a treat...
I did whant teu deu it ober and ober.

Neckst in my rotayshunwhas
The Plank or Teeter Totter

Fun plan or teeter totter phot from the web
This whas naught my finest moment.
I juss get whay teu ecksited when I know
there is a treat at the end ob the teeter.

Whee did naught work on tunnels,
butt I did try teu go frew this one.
The Trainer stobbed me and took a photo.
This here iss the group I whas working obstackles wif...
a Border Callee and a PortyGeese Wadder Dog
and right here whee were working
The A-Frame...
Whee did this sebben times
when the Mom the Trainer a nnounced
that the Reufus needed a drink break...

In fack, I did need a drink,
butt the Mom the Trainer all so did feel a knife
in her figh muscle
on sprint four.

All the way teu the water bowl, the Mom the Trainer says teu me...
Play a long, Reuf... Play a long.

Ok wif me.
I enjoyed my drink...
and whee returned teu deu four more runs at the A-Frame.

And then whee were teu bring out
Our Contack Planks
what our the Trainers haff construckted this past week...
Whee are all so in formed that
thiss whill be a shabing be habe-yeur ecksersize.

Ah Oh.
And here goes.

Here iss the beginning ob me
trying teu figyeur out what I am teu deu.

I am remembering my prebious classes.
I did so lubbs the ecksersize
where I whas treated fur
putting my front feets on the box.
Iss that it???

Ackshewally, no.
It iss much more complecks that that...
much more teu work on....

And this iss when the Mom the Trainer
is required teu pull out her note book
and take good notes.
Home Work
is ass signed.
There were many good instruckshuns conveyed,
requests made and then class whas dismissed.

Now this is when fings got a little interesting...

The Mom was a bout to DIE from pain her thigh,
but she iss a hard headed one.
She all ready feels old and stoopid,
so she whas naught a bout teu let any body
know she whas a bout teu DIE.
She made bery quick work of getting me
and all our crab
[note: the plank, the cooler, the bag and the chair
are not "crab" until the Trainer habbs a knife in her figh]
loaded in teu the trolley
wifout so much as a whimper
or eben the slightest limp.

Butt.... boy o boy whas it a rough ride home.
The misery, the diss comfort. And agony.

I sure hobes the Mom the Trainer
gibbs me chance to wee
be fore the trolley departs fur home teunight!

What a fun class!
What a fun night!
See Yeu Next Week!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fursday Foughts

Habby Fursday!

I am buzzled teu night, My Friends...
ober blogging.

I deu so berry much lubbs teu blog.
I lubbs teu share
all the fings what are imp portant teu me... 

I lubbs teu tell Yeu a bout...

My Add-bent-Chewers

My Training

My A Gility

My Ebbery Day...

Hi, Jinks

Bye, Jinks

... My Fings I Dig

and all the ways
am gone!
[i.e. proof ob neu camera lens dee lay]

I all so deu lubbs teu tell Yeu
how I come running
at the call ob my name
by the Mom Trainer.

And I am working berry hard teu...
[or drob] on command.

Whee haff been working on this
fur a bout ten or more monfs now.
The Trainer gabe me a bit ob a break back then
while my bruffer The Bleu whas sick,
butt now she eckspecks me teu

I whill be whorking on it
and I whill be blogging a bout it...

butt fur now
I whill be finking a bout
my the instruckshuns fur
My Kongy...

1. Wash up
2. Fill wif treats...