Friday, August 17, 2012

My Day Friday: Ribs, Rombs, A Little ReuLander & Sum Nibbles

Well Come teu
My Day

This habbs got teu be
one ob my berry mose fabe orittest
days ob the week.
I mean...
The Mom iss home early from the facktory
teu gibbs me a snack
a obbortunity teu ecksersize my
And then wif
a 'no' and a 'sheu'...
I amb off fur
A Romb.
Ob course, I deu stob
teu show off my
Inno Sins...
and all so
sum Reu Lander moobs...
wif a close ub
teu show Yeu
my wisby furs.
Sum times it iss fun
teu gibbs
The Pupperazzi
what she whants...
and eben funner
teu graze like a billy goat.
then quick. turn.

Abter all...
Whee are teu make the most
ob the out ob doors teuday,
fur whee are fore cast
all week end
wif the big rains coming from the norf
... YAY ...
Our First Norfern
And... thiss morning whee fought
whee might all so habbs
A Bisit from Helene...
Butt fankfully,
Helene seems teu habbs made
odder plans.
So fur now, I...
And then I come in fur
a glide...
and all so teu
Go Inside.
It. Is. Hot.
Look close.
Can Yeu see...
I amb All Boy.
And I habbs the great out ob doors
all ober my face.
In ob doors...
whee did take
A Berry Short Fambily Nab.
Whee did a bit ob 'picking ub'
and all so
quite a lot ob laundry.
My mose fabe oritt bart whas...
Whee worked more on
Shaping A Paw Target
Teuday iss Day Teu
and I did really well
eben from the start.
I deu lubbs teu learn fings,
I mean..
I lubbs it wif all my heart.
I lubbs it wif my noggin,
and berry mose ob all...
I lubbs it wif
My Berry Hungry Belly.

Now here is a picksher ob me
wif sum ob
My Best Art Work
My Day Fri Day
deus be gin teu settle in teu ebening,
I deus find the corner ob
a $35.00 biograffy teu nibble...
Stebe Jobs
[$36.99 in Canada]
butt I digress...
The Mom quickly said
'Reufus, No'.
Moments later,
I deus find the corner ob
My Agility Journal
The Mom quickly said
'Reufus, No'.
Then I deus find
A Eckspandable File Folder
ob Yeu Guessed It...

and I deus nibble the corner.
And ass Yeu guessed...
The Mom quickly said
'Reufus, No'. 
Yeu whill, how ebber...
nebber ebber EBBER
guess what habbened neckst...
The Mom...
She did gibben teu Me...
A Pressy.
A Pressy what whas
bought fur me at
The Reliant Park World Series ob Dog Shows
by My Aunt Karen...
A Sblit Antler from Venison Joe.
When the Mom turned a way
teu retriebe the scissors,
I decided teu remoob the netting
all by my own self.
This Treasure
All Mine.
I haff naught really enjoyed a antler
The Bleu and I
yeused teu share.
Fridays were our nights
teu settle in wif our chews.
It iss naught the same wif out
The Big Boy...
so I whill stay berry close teu
The Mom.
Fur sum reason,
I deu naught whant teu enjoy this
a lone.
The Mom did keebs moobing me
I amb naught sure why...
I mean...
I amb naught asking her teu nibble it
her own self...
I juss whant teu nibble it
in her lab.
My Dear Friends,
I deu so hobes
Yeu haff skweezed
the mose and the berry bess
out ob
Yeur Friday...

and now
I whish Yeu
The Berry Best and Full Morrow.
Habby Saturday, Ya'all!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teu Weeks ob Teusdays

What iss that ole saying?
The hurrieder I go,
the be hinder I get.
I haff been berry busy
and I am berry berry be hind.
And so teuday,
I offer Yeu...
Teu Weeks ob Teusdays
While I whas looking frew
My Archibes and Scrab Books...
I did notice that
I deu naught haff many
dogyeumentary type pickshers,
butt juss pickshers ob my own self...
deuing berry little or
ackchewally no fing a tall
so I abologize in adbance
fur the lack ob ackshun.

July 31f
Here is me on my way teu

Finking Skool
[Obedience Class]
Ubon arribal,
I deu check
The Business Inter Ackshuns
what habbs taken blace in

The Business Yard

One fun fing
iss getting teu see
wheu iss coming
wheu iss going
and wheu habbs gone.
Whee deu berry mose all ways
arrive teu Skool early
so whee habbs time fur some pickshers.
Juss be hind me, 

Yeu whill see my
The Trolley
Here I am looking
teu ward the souf at
The Agility Field.

And here I amb...
starting teu fink a bout
Whee did habbs a berry good class,
starting off wif
A Good Long Down Stay.
Deu naught ad juss yeur monitor.
Deu naught rub yeur eyes.
And deu naught wibe yeur specktackles...
These pickshers are juss
berry berry blurry...
and all so the only ebidence
I haff ob my learnings on July 31f,
It whas a berry good class
wif lots ob flat work.
I did berry berry whell
and I did make the Trainer berry proud.
And that iss a good fing
on a counta neckst I muss tell
The Story ob August 7f
Whee habbed a bleasant trib
in the Trolley...
and a nice bisit teu
The Business Yard.
We fought teu
take this picksher...
the construckshun is ob
A New House fur The Owner ob My Skool...
and be yond,
teu the souf iss
The Agility Field.
And now I return
teu milling a bout.
I read this sign on the gate.
I laughed on a counta
I fought ob deuing it...
ob hiding in the yard.
And then class started.
It whas naught entirely
my own fault, butt...
I did naught deu my besst work.
No. No. Naught my best work.
At all.
What iss that ole saying???
If yeu deu naught haff any fing good teu say...

- - - - - - - - - -
Here's hobing teu haff many fings teu tell Yeu
neckst week.
Habby Teusday.