Sunday, July 28, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: The Reliant World Series of Dog Shows Edition

Habby Friday
Welcome teu
Our The Reliant World Series ob Dog Shows
Friday Night Wrights.
Last Week's Edition
left off wif
a freshly baffed me.
Yess Yesss.
I did habbs a berry surbrise baff
in the tub here in my home
in brebarayshun fur
My Big Saturday Morning Trib
Wif juss minimal lolling behind uss,
whee did board the Trolley
Eben though I amb
a berry seasoned
Trolley Trabbeler
I amb berry ecksited
wif the anticibayshun
when whee bass frew the gate
and bay the lady teu bark.
Ass yeu can see,
I amb donning
My Saturday Best...
my sock monkey bandana.
Yess Yesssss.
Whee arribe at
The Reliant World Series ob Dog Shows
My Berry Good Bals,
Cousins Sophie and Louie
are there teu greet me.
Reufus - Sophie - Louie
It iss so berry good teu
be wif them again
and off whee did go
Louie - Sophie
teu deu some shobbing
Alan - Louie - Cyndi - Sophie
and some sight seeing.
Reufus - Sophie
And a mong some ob the sights
whee did see...
A Golden Conformation Female Finalist
wheu found me teu be quite
[here she iss telling me a secret what I can knot tell]
And while I amb getting teu know her better,
Cousin Sophie tooks a short rest.
  Berry Fackt iss...
Whee Goldens are Head Turners.
Ob course,
the dog show iss
chock filled wif head turning ackshun
like fur ecksamble...
I deus knot know what teu
fink ob
a feffer hat
Here iss a nodder
good looking golden.
And here iss
My Cousin Louie
a rock star wif his pupparazzi!!!
Whee did walk around
quite a bit
until whee decided teu stob
A Photo Sheut
Here iss
the Louie and Sophie
breparing fur their sheut

and there they are
sweetly cooberating
in all manner ob ways.
And here iss what
Me and the Mom see...
and then all so
wonders iffin I wood stand still long enough fur
a good bicksher or teu...
she enbisions me on
the arena floors.
Briefly I amb whisked onteu
the green sheets
and firty seconds later...
I deu myself comfy
on tob ob
the Mom's footsy.
Chilling wif me are
Louie and Sophie
[abologies teu the Sophie fur
the Personal Photographer's
lack ob photo combizishun]
It iss juss a little bit
tick tock tick tock

butt I raffer enjoy waiting
on the Mom's footsy.
And now
the whait iss ober
*drum roll*
The Mom says
That cood knot be more treu.
Whee also did meet ub wif
Our Friend Althea wheu iss
My PIC Cocoa Puff's The Mom and Handler.
Miss Cocoa Puff whas
berry much teu my disabbpointment
knot in attendance on Saturday...
butt I did whatch
some agilities
and take uss the good notes.
and then whee moobed ober teu
Here iss uss whatching
Our The Judy and Switch
receibe their
and sbeaking ob awards,
 here iss
Me... Behabing.
Back at The Shobbing
Here iss me sniffing the flowers
where there iss a sign what says
"Yeu Pee Yeu Buy"
Treuf iss,
I deu knot mark,
but I DEU check my mail.
O Hey Look...
A Neufy!!!
And now fur some
The berry big news
and ass the Mom but it...
"the best words I heard all day"
come at the end ob the show...
Yeu habbs looked at
the umbteen hunnerd bickshers
I habbs tooken fur
butt ass it turns out,
yeu can handle it at
the AKC Boof ob the Dog Show.
The Mom filled out the baberwork
The AKC Lady wif the berry good eyesight
and also berry discerning taste
said there whas
no reason teu take a bicksher.
She said
*drum roll*
"There is no doubt in my mind
that he is a Golden Retriever."
My the Mom
all mose jumbed wif the joy.
My abblication whill be brocessed
thiss week
and when I amb certified,
I whill claim
My CGC Title.
Wheu Heu
and wif that wonderful news
whee did bid a dieu teu
Our Friends
and then whee did board
The Trolley
Yess Yessssss.
A Fun Day
The Dog Show
followed by
A Fun Trib Home
The Trolley
I slibbed in some shut eye on the whay home,
so I whas all so ready
teu cut leuse a bit.
It did come a storm while whee were gone
so there whas much teu inbestigate
looking ub in the oak tree
looking back at the becan tree
shnoofing the grasses
checking the oak tree
Yess Yesssss.
My Berry Mose Faborite Weekend
ob all the year iss
The Reliant World Series of Dog Shows Edition
and here iss a bit ob why
My Dog Show Leut
 Here iss me wif
a bunch ob my treasures...
a collabsible water bowl... boo bags

a ball what whill fit in
my tug toy wif the bocket
Zuke's Super Berry Treats
what I LUBBS
were gibben teu me fur
My Birfday
by Cousins Louie and Sophie 
and juss be hind
My Little Woof treats
My The New Training Bag
some bickshers
 and now back teu my the training bag,
it ibbs loaded wif
all manner ob good fings
what the Handler moobed inteu it.
butt I digress juss a bit...
A mong the fings what whee did burchase at
the dog show
An Awesome XL Venison Joe's Antler
and all so
and berhabs
the Mom's faborite...
Yess Yessss.
Berry soon
the Facktory whill be getting
a new entertainment teebee channel:
The Reufus TeeBee
- - - - -
And now whee return teu
our regular feature what I call
Otter Stuff About Thiss Week
It habbs been a terrifick week
and I habbs shared it wif
the monkey on baycayshun.
*skweeeek  skweeeek skweeeek skweeeek
honk honk honk honk
skweeeek skweeeek skweeeek skweeeek*
I habbs sbent a fair amount ob
time out looking fur
Stuff Out In My Back Yard
come on, follow me...
Whee habbs much rain and
many wet grasses and

a huge crob ob
mush reums.

They're ebbery single where.
Juss look.
A nodder one.
Let's go. Let's moob...
ah oh...
a brofile...
Yesss Yesssssss.
a yard full ob the discubberies.
ub there
a lone dubb
[and the droobing Comcast line]
down here
all manner of creatures.
ub in the tree
all manner ob squirrels...
falls ober and frew the trees teu the west.
And now a word about
[wheu amb I kidding,
I cood nebber use juss one word]
My Academia

Ass yeu know,
I amb attending
Teutoring Sessions
and I amb blease teu rebort...
Great Brogress
and now.
Here iss
Me at My Skool
The Business Yard
before my regular
Agility Class.
checking emails and fackses
and bulletin boards
getting ready fur
and here isss
The Serious Me.
Class starts
and whee deu fall inteu rotayshuns.
Here iss me in a brief
attention teu
the Handler
and juss a brief labse
ob focus.
Yess Yesssss.
A Berry Good Night.
- - -
I fink
My FB Post
said it all...
I amb home from my Skool
where I ate four sticks ob low fat string chees.
In otter news, I jumbed a bunch ob jumbs
and ran where the Handler bointed me.
All in all, it whas a berry fun ebening.
And that brings uss teu the OKayshun
what whee celebrate teuday
Wheu Heu
I deu lubbs a Friday!!!
and teu be berry honest,
thiss week habbs been berry kinda long
and whee are berry kinda tired.
I can knot ecksblain why...
after a great training night lass night.
the Handler and I came home
and settled in like always lass night,

the Handler juss cood knot get comfortable
what means she
flibbed and flobbed and tossed and turned
and there whas juss
fur eiber of uss.
whee are making ub fur it
A berry lazy afternoon
and wif the Mom in full nab,

I also did slib off teu
my little reum
Ob course,
I also did
 batrol the berimeter
here I amb leabing the front window bost
teu check back on
my the lazy subjeck.
And here I amb suggesting
whee might habbs a snack.
The Media Secretary
did habbs some scanning teu deu fur
This Edition
so here iss me
And that brings uss teu
The Friday Night Dinner Fare
Here yeu see
helbing the Chef,
obserbing the chobbing
ob the tasty fings
and here iss...
*drum roll*
The Stainless Steel Sbeshul
50% Salmon and Botato
50% Salmon and Beas
1 Cantaloube Slice
1 Watermelon Chunk
and it iss a race teu
the serbing locayshun.
I amb furst
and here I wait.
Dinner iss serbed.
r e l e a s e
If I habbed knot tole yeu lately
I deu lubbs my the Chef.
Since whee sbent
the hot ob the day
shneuzing in ob doors,
whee go out fur a little fun
now that it iss cooler.
I lubbs teu blay games
and I lubbs teu be silly.
And juss like yeu
I deu knot understand
the fousands ob bickshers
butt I try my best
wif the Photographer
in eckschange fur
some ackshun shots
some tail shots
a little change ob direckshun
a little slurb
a little smile.
And now iss finally the time
I habbs dreamed ob all week
The Friday Night Cheu
Yeu may recall seeing
thiss little rasckal
My Dog Show Leut
and now here he iss
My Venision Joe's Antler
Here iss me working
on the marrow end.
I start by licking and nibbling
and later
I work the back teufies.
What a Wonder End teu a Wonder Full Week
I amb a berry forCHEUnate boy
wheu libbs wif a berry lucky the Mom.
Ebbery so often
whee need a little down time teu recharge
the Old Girl's batteries
Whee try teu make the most ob all our moments teugeffer.
Life iss juss so short.
And now whee close wif our brayers
fur all our friends.
Whee send teu Yeu... Our Lubbs.
Whee whish fur Yeu... Time.
Eudles ob Precious Time.