Monday, April 30, 2012

Imp Portant Papers

One year ago teu day...
Imp Portant Papers were drawn up.

I wanted to eat them.
But for chew nuttly...
The Mom and The Bleu wanted to sign them.

April 30f, 2011
I whass obfishully adopted!!!

The Mom habbs obfishully hit the jack pot...
and I had raided the toy bocks!!!

Teu day as I refleck on that day...
I did naught know what it awl meant.

But I deu now!!!

Fank Dog the Mom adopted me.
Teu fink what might haff happened teu her
iff I habbs not come a long...
It iss sad, mind boggling and all so scary.

I need no fanks, on a counta I rescue fur lubbs...

Many fanks I deu owe to my the Aunt Dav & Uncle Benjy!
Habby Anniversary, Ya'all!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prom Season

Tis the season fur all doggy foughts to turn to...

And that means that all mommy foughts turn to...
what is my Sweet Son going to wear,
and on a counta that... I share this.

The Wellington's Red Tie
Originally The Wellington's formal wear,
The Mom finks I look furry dapper in red.
do naught roll my eyes do naught roll my eyes do naught...
I whonder if they whill haff bacon on the buffay.
bacon bacon bacon

Plaid Tie
Reufus J Wright, Inter National Play Boy

I fink this fit my play boy personality.
The Mom finks this might not be formal enough.
I hobes there is lots of bbq and all so games.

I whonder if the girls whill squeal
when they find my fake fly in the punch bowl.

The Bleu's Black Tie
Hello, there.

This collar iss a little big on me, but
My Mother finks I am ham sum.

I fink I look a little like a waiter.

May I suggest the fish and chips...

Gee I hobes they habbs fish and chips on the buffay.

Luke's Baby Bleu Tuck See Doe

I am growing weary ob the trying on ob the prom cloves.

But I must say...
I am rocking the tucks!

The Luke whas quite the lady's man.
I am naught.

I am Little Man.
I deu naught dance wif the girls. I deu naught date.
But I deu lubbs to run round and round the dance floors.
I all so eats and eats and eats from the buffay...
wif napkins fur dessert!

I a ttended Doggie Prom 2012 on FaceBook Friday night...
My the Mom dropped me off wif multiple wardrobe changes.
And she circled the block un till my curfew.
10pm I whass home and tucked in teu the big bed!

Habby Prom Season!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fursday Follow-Up: My Swimming Lesson

I fink Yeu are asking Yeur Self,
'Self, when did Little Reufus learn to swim?'
Seal wif a Smirk
Whell, it is a fun and all so funny story, and here is what and how it happened.

Yeu see last week was my Gotcha Day and my the Aunt Karen [Fank Yeu, Aunt Karen!!!] gave teu me a swimming lesson at Rummy's Beach Club what come complete wif a play date wif my Cousins the Rizzi and Zeke.

It just so happened that this fun day was booked fur last Sunday, and that meant that my The Mom [who had been furry ill fur many days] a rose from her deaf bed and drove me to my celebratory gifted swim lesson.

When the peul gate opened, I wass the furst one in the peul but then I realized I was getting wet and surely in big trouble so I turned back. Wif just a little coaching, encouragement and guidance from Lisa wheu is Rummy's the Mom and all so owner of the Beach Club... I started having BIG FUN!!!

I'm a Retriever, a Receiver, a Half Back and all so a Seal... wif my The Mom
Please know that my the Mom was not harmed in the wet and wild celebration of my Furst Gotcha Day. All she did was stand a round in the warm waters, sing my praises and clap fur me when I did brave fings.

There wass toys ebbery single where! And me and the Zeke, we did go after them!
Zeke beats me to the football
Ob course, my Cousins Rizzi and Zeke are Olympic swim affletes from way back. They lubbs berry muchly to swim, and they are good at it! Not just deu they swim, but they all so dive!
Zeke dives fur the football
Rizzi is the best diver I haff ever seen. That boy launches faster than I can run a round the pool edge and come in from the beach end. And that iss
F A S T .
He is fear less, and I am watching. Sum day I might take a leap wif him but not Sun day. No. The beach edge of the peul worked just fine fur me!

Rizzi dive from the left
We habbs lots of fun swimming and all so being teu gether. I am pretty sure they know how speshull my the Aunt Karen is on a counta she is their the Mom, so they are my the berry lucky cousins!
Rizzi (left), Zeke (back middle), Reufus (Wright)
Summa Yeu know that I deu naught hardly ebber get to play wif toys at home. Fur one fing, I am destruck tive. And fur a nother, we yeuse toys to create drive... so I only play wif toys when I play wif either my the Mom or my the Trainer.

And I learned to swim on a counta I habbs a drive to get the toys...
Reufus Teu Toys Wright
I close by sharing juss one little fing on my mind...

I sum times fink a bout what cood a happened to me if I habbs not strayed far and wide enough. I cood a juss been the boy in a back yard, digging in the dirt, eating out of a tin pan and all so the shrubs and getting scolded. I cood a been a boy in the rain and the storms and the horrible heat. I cood a been the boy wheu no body really wanted.

In stead... I am the boy wheu wass gibben swimming lessons and a fun play date fur my Gotcha Day, and I am lubbed so berry much in spite of and all so be cause of my berry 'bad' self! I am blessed!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ill Typist and Welcome Back

I would like to start by wishing Yeu All a berry Habby San Jacinto Day and all so fur my Aggie friends, a berry safe and meaning full Muster.
I haff been absent fur sum few what feel like berry many days on a counta The Typist hass been quiet ill. She hass not did many doings. She hass not fought many foughts. And she hass not said many sayings, though the sayings she hass said, she hass said ober and ober. And all so ober a gain but I digress...

Welcome back!

When I last left Yeu, I habbs juss showed Yeu my mannerly Trolley Day Celebration. And all so, my cookies.

And now here is all most ebbery single fing what I habbs been doing since that wonder full day:

Teusday was Skool Day!

The Mom The Typist The Trainer did naught feel good naught one bit at all, but she know how much I lubbs it and she buck up and take me there.
It wass a pretty good night, but it hass been a pretty bad week so I can naught remember much a bout it. I do know I jumped some jumps when the Trainer said "Over" and den I ran straight teu her which is what she wanted me teu deu. *takes bow*

Then we went home and fings started going all wrong and by next day fings had gone VERY ALL WRONG. The Typist was FURRY ILL, bed (this one) ridden, and I had be come a nurse.

Here is how I did it. It's a king bed and Yeu are lookin at teu furds of it. Uh huh, I napped wif her. I all so maid rounds and guarded the perry menter.

Wif the regyeularity...

I check kitchen counters. I watch the stuff out the front window. I check kleenex bocks then waist bass kits then baff reum counters then...  I fump blinds on the back door. I stare at the Mom. I sigh. I sigh. And I SIGH.

I all so deu odder stuff teu but these is the main fings what I deu.

Then one day, off the deaf bed The Mom The Typist a rise and she gibbs me a rocket.

I played and played and played wif it and then I finally ett it and come back to the big bed to be the nurse.
I gave it my all.

Yes yes fur all of Yeu Wheu deu the maff and all so the gee ahh my tree... I deu tend teu take my haff outta the middle.


The Typist is feeling a good bit better teu day, but I am fear full that she hass oberly done fings. Whee habbs had men here cutting up a big chunk ob our ash tree what fell in the street in yesterday's storms. Whee hass all so warshed and dried all the beddings and put it all back teu gether a gain.

It is few fings fur the me but it is berry many fings for the Typist. Now she is peuped and here is me hoping she gets back up teu deu more stuff teu morrow!

Fank Yeu for coming back to my little blog. Welcome Back!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Co-Memo Rating One Year ob Captivity

Greetings My Friends
and please teu join me as I refleck on
The Celebration of My One Year ob Captivity!
A stormy day yesterday, Yeu can see the rain drops on my nose.

Yesterday marked
the Furst Annibersarry ob the fateful day
I brought the Reufus Brand of Mischief, Mayhem,
Habbock, Freneticism and All So Much Fun...
teu this Fambily.
The sky is heaby. The grasses habbs the wets. And the yards is mushy.
I can treuf fully say...
It hass been one ob the best years ob my life,
I wonder when the Mom whill turn her back and let me eat ob the UnderCubber Buffay.
Ob course, I am naught yet teu years old.
But just sayin, treuf fully.
A MOMent must be capchewered from ebbery angle.
And now on wif the Pawty

I wass gibben this bag ob fings what hass been hidden
in side the big cold bocks!

My nose nose what is in side the bag ob fings.

It iss the kookies I picked out from
the Jackson Place Bakery!

Ob course these fine delicacies must be dogumented.

Deu Yeu know the tempy tayshun what lay be fore me?
Recognition, Please!
O and now fur the berry best part...
I was gibben the big Sweet Heart!!!
Watch me nom nommy!
[sorry the bideo is kinda dark]

That was quite tasty, and there is more where that came from...
Mom, I know there is more where that came from...

She did naught fall fur my anticks.
And we did settle in fur sum shmuggles.

Uh huh...

I bring the Reufus Brand of Habbiness,
Shmuggles and all so Contentment
teu this place, teu.

Habby Captivity to Yeu All!