Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: The Saturday Edition

Habby Weekend,
My Friends
 It habbs been
a nodder busy week.
Ass many ob yeu know,
I haff knot been feeling
tib tobs... 
 butt each day,
I haff been feeling
betterer and
much betterer.
My energy lebel habbs been
a bit low 
 butt I still haff
the miss chiefs in me...
 I habbs eaten ob
the becan buffet,
 and I habbed been
kebt on the string.
 The berry good news
how ebber
I haff knot missed any ob
My Berry Fun Actibities.
- - - - -
I haff bracktissed berry hard
and I did haff great fun at
My Tricks Class.
I learned teu tricks last week,
my faborite ob which iss...
the bow. 
I demonstrated it wif great joy at
my class
thiss week...

In fack,
a round the arena...
one by one,
each steudent bresented their tricks...
and I kebt moobing from the Handler's side...
teu the front ob her...
and boising my self teu...
Whee are also
shabing behabiors by
working wif
this bocks.

Yeu see...
In this game,
the Handler habbs an idea ob
what I shood deu wif the bocks...
and I guess.
When I get warm,
I get a click,
a "yesss"
and a
 So far,
the warmest I haff gotten iss
free feetsies in this bocks
butt there iss more.
What O What
cood it be,

I deu knot know...
butt it iss knot
a bow inteu the bocks.
I know on a counta
I tried that seberal times.
I also did go back teu
My Agility Skool
thiss week,
where I ran a
4 jumb course
like a brofessional
in sbite ob my inecksberienced
the Handler.

Unfortunately howebber,
I deu knot haff the photo ebidence
teu broob it
 butt here iss me 
bracktissing my
Sit Stay
 and my
Sit Stay
 Whee take many breaks
teu say silly fings
teu one a nodder. 
Silly Talk.
Silly the Handler.
And then whee break out
my faborite toy. 
And act eben sillier
wif the Mom dancing round the back yards. 
I deu lubbs my teu Skools.
I deu lubbs teu learn.
And I deu lubbs to blease.
The games are big big fun,
and berry mose ob all..
I deu lubbs lubbs lubbs
the treats. 
And sbeaking ob treats,
guess what...
- - - - -
My Menu

At long last
on Friday
I got a full meal ob kibble.
 Paws fur kibble...
and water, teu.
 Here I amb in anticibayshun
ob my furst berry tasty meal.
And here I amb cleansing
my balettte
after the nomnomming.
And now fur yeur
Saturday Ubdate:
Teuday whee did haff
a 20 bercent chance ob rain
 what according teu
my maffmatickal calculayshuns
and also
meteor logickal skills
 meant a about 5 hours ob
wide sbread funder, lightning, rain and hail.
The Mom says whee need the rain
on a counta whee habbs some fing called
the drowt.
 These bickshers were tooken
when the hardest rain
habbed subsided
 when the Mom went out
teu listen teu our yard
slurb, burb and sigh.
ha ha ha ha ha
I look like I amb watching the rain,
butt really I amb watching
the Mom.
Ass an aside,
I found this bicksher on
KHOU Channel Eleben on the Facebook...
It shows a ribber ob hail
what whas tooken from Reliant Stadium.
Whell Hail, that's a lot ob Hail.
- - - - -
So, yeu ask...
What did whee deu during the storm?
Whee nabbed.
Whee lolled.
I checked the Mom's fingers
fur lebtober lunch.
 Whee shmuggled.
Whee eckshanged
nose kisses.
 I  stood ober the Mom...
The Mom whill knot be bleased wif this bicksher.
I hubbered abubb her...

I whanted teu lie down on tob ob her
and I deu knot understand
her brotest.
Yeu wood fink
74 bounds ob me iss teu much
or some such odder fing.
So any way...
I laid back down
and like all ways,
I haff teu be touching her. 
In sbite ob the bad wheffer,
whee did haff a relacksing afternoon
until the Mom began obsessing ober
my footsy furs.
Fank the Sweet Luke
fur sabing me and
bringing the rain teu an end
so I cood go out in the backyard.
Whee did haff about four inches ob
standing waters,
butt whee did wade out
and I did deu some quick
small business.
And just like a Friday Night,
nuffing makes a Saturday Night...
like settling in wif
a tasty antler.
And now...
ass the sounds in the night sky
continue teu rumble loudly,
 whee are discussing the ubcoming week.
Yeu see...
Teusday, Abril 30f
iss a berry imbortant day.
On that day in history
teu berry short long years ago...
I made the Mom
the luckiest woman in the world.
 Though she did knot know it at the time,
and though it tooken her quite a bit ob time
teu realize it...
She hit the Reufy Jackbot.

Habby Weekend, My Friends,