Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Our Gratiteudes, Blessings and Brayers Edition

Welcome teu
Friday Night wif The Wrights
whee are somber...
ass thiss night follows
the worst day in
The History ob The Houston Fire Debartment.
Yeu see,
this afterneun around neun
a fibe alarm fire
did break out at a hotel.
It whas obfious
from all news accounts
that thiss whas no ordinary fire... at
Fibe Alarms
there were ober 100 Firefighters
in the battle...
Reborts indicated
temberatures in the fire seuts
ob 400-500 degrees F
and it whas clear that
some Fire Fighters were in trouble...
and then,
the scene became more somber.
The Mom bulled me berry close
and whee waited
wif our hearts in our froats
fur the Mayor and the Fire Chief teu confirm...
Four Fire Fighters lost...
Beobles lined the streets
teu bay their resbects teu
Our Heroes
Fibe more Fire Fighters
are in the hosbital teunight,

and one is fighting fur his life.
Wif all my heart,
I deu bray fur them.
- - - - -
Now tybically
Our Friday Night Wrights
iss my obborteunity
teu catch yeu ub on
the barious actibities ob my week,
and so I whill begin wif
Whee woke ub early teu catch
The Sunday Marrafon 
Mister Ed
Some architects,
like Wilbur,
are lucky
on a counta they habbs
a talking horse.
And some architects
are lucky
on a counta
Eubsy... I digress
- - - - -
One fing I deu lubbs about Sunday Morning
iss a trolley ride...
Our Breakfast Run.
Whee did bick ub a tasty breakfast
and come home teu enjoy...
and then whee did
fur a little while
butt knot teu long
and then
whee were back in the trolley
My heart whas full ob hobes.
And when I saw
A AmTrack Train
I fought whee were surely about teu set off on
A Ecksotick Baycayshun
- - - - -
Butt No.
In stead
whee deboarded at
Dirty Hairy Dog Wash
where the Mom Sba Attendant
gibben me the bleuberry facial,
forough ear cleaning,
forough shambeus wif
the bebbermint yeucalliptuss shambeus
and then the dreaded
blow dryings.
[below iss the misguided attembt ob the Photographer
teu cabsheur the blow drying
unforechewnutly on the panorama setting]
And then came
the habbiest moment ob
my morning....
Whee boarded
the trolley.
If I cood click my heels
and call my destinayshun
I wood call...
- - - - -
Yess Yessss.
And when whee got there,
whee tooken a short nab
on a counta one ob uss whas ecksauceted.
[hint: knot me]
And then whee did go
out ob doors

teu air out
my fluffinesses
and celebrate
my cleanlinesses.
and then whee blinked
and it whas...
- - - - -
Wednesday Night
Focus Class
and here I amb
before class
whishing the Mom Media Secretary
wood knot embarass me
in front ob the otter steudents...
esbeshully Miss Meg.
Juss saying.
And then after class started
the Media Secretary consbired wif the Handler
teu take some
berry unflattering bickshers.
[I feel yeu, Britney.]
[I feel yeu, Beyonce.]
It whas a berry fun class
and wif the ecksebshun ob
one moment ob shear unadulterated joy...
I did maintain my focus and combosure.
- - - - -
My Day Friday
There iss so much
teu lubbs about a Friday.
Our Traditional Nab.
Sbending Time Out ob Doors.
The Colors ob
  and Summer...
all the shade ob bink.
And then there are
the fragrances ob Sbring and Summer
 Here iss me
being bash full wif
 my good friend
Sammy's Gardenia.
I deu knot habbs teu tell yeu
how good that smells.
 And whay down on the shnoof scale,
here iss
the blooming Texas Sage...
and here iss my furs in
the gusty breezes. 
Ob course,
some odder berry good fings
did also habben teuday...
The Mom Costco Delibbery Berson
 did dlibber many fings incleuding
free cantaloubes [what I lubbs]
 and a ginormous bag ob
[what I lubbs]
 When butting away the treasures,
the Mom did let me run away wif
one baby carrot,
and then when dinner rolled around....
 blease bleast teu the bunny-lubbs fairy
blease teu let my dreams came treu
In ten tons ob ways
I tole the Mom Chef
how much I lubbed my carrot dinner

and then what habbened whas...
- - - - -
The Friday Night Cheu
I knew it what time
and I began teu
It emerged from the bocks...
 Tucked behind the Mom's back,
I chased it
down the hall
the big bed reum
 A. Friday. Night.
Bully. Stick.
in so many ways
teu me.
Friday iss also a time teu bause
teu refleck on
Our Gratiteudes,
Our Blessings...

and teunight, in bartickular, iss a time fur
Our Brayers.
The tears roll down our cheeks
ass the Mom draws me in close.

There are fambilies missing their lubbed ones teunight.
Whee bray fur them.
Whee bray fur those wheu surbibed...
and  whee bray fur those
wheu stand by teu broteck uss teunight.