Saturday, January 5, 2013

Drizzly, Lazy Saturday

Whee woke ub
teu the early morning sounds ob
Whee then bretended that it whas
naught yet morning...
but then
when the sounds quietened,
whee did:
  • get our selbs quickly ub outta big bed
  • tooken a walk in the drizzle
  • ett breakfast noms
  • tooken a second quick walk in the RAIN
  • go back teu big bed

In fackt, I fink
iss the yeunibersal sound ob
. . . .
Whee did sbend
quite a bit ob our morning
in the big bed.
 And the Mom did deu
blaying wif
the furs on my feetsies.
Teu be clear...
Whee did naught sbend
the entire day in
the big bed,
butt the entire day whas
drizzly, rainy and lazy.
. . . . .
And so...
whee did blay
our big bed games.
. . . . .
I deu lubbs teu blay games.
the one where
my stuffies deu
sneaky a ttacks and danglings
ober me.
And then there iss all so
the classic...
Where's Reufus?
Can yeu sbot me?
Hobing fur the broducktiffity ob
sun shine teumorrow...


  1. Whitney is furry impressed!

    PeeEssWoo: Is this a Khotton B hangover?

  2. Oh wow, u had so much funs!! :)

  3. Have a super snuggle up Sunday Reufus.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. The kind of day you were having are my favorites to stay in bed a little longer too!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Those are the kind of days we all need every so often to recharge our worn down batteries.
    Sounds like you made the very best of a drizzly Saturday.

    Cousins Hamish & Emma

  6. Hello, Reufus and how do you do - I came to yeu from Khyra's page. It looks like yeu had a very restful day although it was drizzly. I enjoyed reading all about your day!

  7. Drizzle is the universal sound of lazy! Bed games, naps, movies with popcorn, and snuggling are our favorite things to do on the rare days in ABQ when it actually drizzle all day. Sounds like you and The Mom had a perfect day.

  8. Such a lucky pup! We love rainy day games and walks in the rain - rare things here in Arizona!