Sunday, March 31, 2013

Habby Easter: Bunny Ears and a Chiggin

Habby Easter
iss a sbeshull day.
It is a time ob
a time ob rebirf.
Berrily and all so...

Easter iss a time teu don the
bunny ears.  
And teu reward
my bunny ear
model work...
The Photographer
let me teu wallow
on my the neu billows. 
 Now, sbeaking ob
Easter and Bunnies...
The Easter Bunny 
did make a stob here this morning
and he did leabes me
this swell chiggin.
O how I deu lubbs
a good chiggin.

I deu steals him outta
the chiggin chair.
I deu gibbs him
a blay bow...
and skweeeeek
skweek skweek skweek skweek... 
shake shake shake...
and blay bow again. 
Yess Yess
Life is full ob Blessings.
Habby Easter

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Night Wrights: The Traditions Edition

Whell, Friends,
It iss that time ob the week again...
Habby Good Friday Night
 Berry furst fing I whant teu say iss...
It habbs been
a berry hard and sad week fur
My the Aunt Karen.
I whant her teu know that
Whee lubbs her berry berry much,
She iss in our foughts and brayers.
Whee whill all ways be here fur her,
I amb abailable
and on standby fur
sleeb obers.
Yes Yesss.
I deu lubbs a slumber barty
and in sbite ob fings
yeu all may haff heard,
 I amb really no trouble.
- - - - -
In keebing wif our
Friday Night Wrights Traditions
I bresent:
Random Fings What I Did Thiss Week
- - - - -
I did suddenly discubber
thiss yellow dog.
What wif hiss little bleu tail,
hiss big bleu ears
and sweet bink nose...
He did become
the object ob my affections.
I did steal him seberal times.
I did take him fur
walkies...yea, runnies
round and round and frew the house.
And when the Stuffy Monitor
whas in the shower,
I did butt him in the big bed.
I amb single minded in my obsession...
Wait. Whoa. Look at that.
Now that's interesting.
Anyway, odder randfom fings...
Ebbery cubble ob weeks
the Concierge and I
deu go frew a stack ob mail.
Whee read the magazines
and "shob" in the catalogs.
Whee sort it all inteu free biles:


It iss one ob the Concierge's
least faborite fings teu deu
so teu make the chore easier
and also teu cheer her ub...
I like teu lay in the middle ob the biles.
Sorting mail might knot be the funnest fing,
butt it iss also knot...

Dress Rehearsal 
fur the Easter Bunny Shoot

 Yes Yess...
The Photographer feels that
a dress rehearsal iss needed
on a counta 
 these ears take some
And now
on a habbier and also helbier note,
I did also assist the Maid
 teu unload
the mechanical dish licker.
Some odder fings I haff done
iss worrying ober some
deckoratiff details...
butt those worries were aliebed teuday
when my the Bersonal Shobber
came home wif some neu billows.
 I deu lubbs these billows.
 They are soft and fluffy.
I fink I might brefer
and they might need
 a battern
butt they deu knot haff one. 
 Nebber the less,
I deu lubbs them.
In berry fack,
I amb knot allowed on the sofa
unless inbited
butt on a counta I deu lubbs the billows
so berry much
the Mom did allow me
teu wallow on them
juss a little.
Ob course,
I haff also found the joy in

the berry ordinary
day teu day 
reuteen fings

- - - - -
bresenting the case teu go out ob doors.

bresenting the case ob it iss time teu feed my tummy.

 and like wise...
bresenting the case ob my bowl iss right ub there.
 Yes Yess...
I deu bresent a good case.
- - - - -
And now in odder news,
here iss
What Iss Habbening In The Back Yard
Ob course,
until the Facilities Maintenance Manager
iss able teu contrackt fur
the cleaning ob our yard
and the rebuilding ob our fence...
I amb mosely wif
the Esckort.
I deu lubbs my Esckort,
 so it iss knot at all bad
 The worst bart iss...
the squirrels know I amb on a string.
And they flaunt
their freedom.
 Yeah Yeah
They haff freedom,
butt they deu knot haff
neu billows. 
 Look. Look.
Here iss my neu billows
wif my old billows.
 And thiss one here
iss in a chair.
Ober there teu the left,
be hind my back,
yeu whill see
My Little Reum.
Missing from the coffee table
[why iss it called that...
it shood be called
"the stuff Reuf shood knot cheu,
run away wif, eat or
odderwise destroy
And look...
the horse has returned teu the table.
[the horse whas butt teu stable
when the Mom left on her business trib
a cubble ob weeks ago].
I amb sniffing his hind quarters.
 And sbeaking ob hind quarters...
- - - - -
Welcome teu Thiss Week's
Free Reufus Feature


my breaf.
I can knot wait until the neckst edition ob
Free Reufus.
Juss saying.
- - - - -
I wrab ub these great adbentures and odders
by settling in wif
These Great Night Night Traditions.
- - - - -
tradition one:
a bully stick leftober
 nom nom nom
 tradition teu:
a sblit antler leftober
 tradition free:
talk a little bit teu the baw
 tradition four:
 Habby Good Friday Traditions
Whishing Yeu Joy in Yeurs...