Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Night Wrights: Personal Space Edition

Habby Friday
the end ob
a berry busy week
Welcome teu 
Our Bersonal Sbace Edition
 Thiss week started off wif a
ass crooks kicked in the door ob
Our Berry Good Friends
and neckst door neighbors
Sunday morning at 10am.
 Whee heard the
butt did naught know what it whas
until whee receibed the emergency call
from their security alarm combany.
Some stuffs whas stolen,
butt the berry mose imbortant fing whas...
Cousin Sammy whas safe.
 So any way...
Our Berry Busy Week
habbs been made busier
wif the eckstra security detail,
weaponry brebaration
and bigilante meetings.
Whee habbs all so been busy wif
The End ob Classes at My Skool
[for this year].
Whee did habbs a big and raucous barty at
My Agility Class.
Let the record show...
I whas
 The Only Steudent
teu bust out the zibber in my crate
Join the Barty
*takes bow*
In my defense....
I amb all so
The Only Golden.

Whee are beoble bersons by nature.
I amb a Soshull Giant.
I rest my case.
The Mom habbs all so gone back
teu berry hard work at
The Facktory
from one week off
on a sickly baycayshun holiday.
She says,
and I quote
"It habbs been an undogly long
and stress full week."

So fur that reason
and all so on a counta pitty,
I tooken a nab wif her this abternoon.
And here iss
Our Nab
from the Mom bersbecktiff.
 I amb deuing my
Seuber Reuf
flying wif baws in the airs.
 Teu treat her wright,
I habbs tooken only a little ob
the king size bed.
I deu my best
teu comfort her.
The Mom needs teu relacks
and no fing is more relacksing than
Tummy Rubs.
 She all so really deu lubbs
Ub Side Down Toofy Grins
Looks ob Lubbs.
I eben let her be
My Billow. 
I fink thiss makes her feel
I did gibbs her some
and a little
Chin and Snooter
 and all so
Kibble Hole.
Sbeaking ob...
No need fur Yeu teu worry...
The Mom whas tired butt

I made sure she did naught
sleeb frew dinner.

I don't whant Yeu teu fink
that whee sbent the entire abternoon in bed.
 Whee sbent some time out ob doors teu.
And yesss...
I amb still on leash.

Mom: "Reufus??? Deu yeu haff a becan???"
Me: "Becan??? What becan???
Mom: "Drob it, Reufus, drob it"

Me: sbit
The slobbery becan I sbitted out.
 Butt I digress.
The wheffer whas changing
and the skies were cloudy.
 It whas naught a good day fur
the pickshers,
 but an interesting one fur
sniffing the airs
and listening teu the sounds 
ob the squirrels running round
in the trees.
 And while I whas nabbing,
they habbs been burying
all manner ob nuts and acorns
in my yard. 
The Photographer
acksidentally turned on the flash
and it looks like
what means time fur
 My Head in The Mom's Lab.

 The Mom
some times tells me that she needs
Her Bersonal Sbace.
I under stand combletely.
I need
Her Bersonal Sbace
Whishing Yeu
Speshull Time wif Those Yeu Lubbs the Mose...


  1. Woof! Woof! Happy Friday to you too ... its almost Saturday. Silly me just realized you got your own blog now. Just followed you on our reader. LOVE your photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Hi Reufus,
    I followed you home from Khyra's blog. Your nasal tone is so unique, I couldn't stop myself...
    See you later...
    Cameo wants to talk to me about the stolen chicken...
    Licks n wags,

  3. Weu Heu, Reufus!

    I wish you and your Mom a very much better weekend and coming up week.Something sort of idyllic where you don't feel sickies, or have robbers in your neighborhood, and there are not so many pecans around.

    Your pal, Stella

  4. We hope your Mom is better for good! We just love your posts and always laugh so much - you are a very funny guy Reuf! Jes don't get into those becans!!!
    xxx Sammie and Ava

  5. Oh Reufus, what a week you've had--I think you've ticked all the boxes from scary to fun! I'm hopeful that you'll help your Mom to continue to feel better and I hope you both get lots of time to relax!! Take care!!

  6. Reuf...Another wonderful post. Hope your the Mom continues to feel better. With the wonderful care you are providing, I am sure she will be superduper OK in no time

    gussie n teka

  7. Wow you finds pecans on your walks. How pawsome. Mom has to buy pecans at the grocery store. We has plenty of acorns thought.

  8. What a terrible thing to happen at your neighbor's. Good thing they were not home. Our Dad says this is happening way too often lately. Guess some people get pretty desperate.

    Watch out for those pecans - we don't want you getting sick. Hope you and Mom have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. OMD !!! What a week for you and The Mom. Scary stuff about your neighbor, but we know that you are on full alert.
    Happy to hear the Mom feels good enough to go back to the factory. Love all the photos, one thing is for sure, you are just Handsome at every angle.

    Cousin Hamish & New Cousin Emma

  10. I'm glad nobody tried to break into your house! Yikes! I'm glad your mom feels better, but sorry she has to go back to the Factory. I'm sure she'd rather be at home with you!


  11. You are the perfect The Mom Keeper! You know all of the right things to do. We are shocked and sorry that mean people broke into your neighbors home and took stuff that was not theirs, but we are glad that no one was hurt.

  12. I hope the po leece catch the bad hoomins soon.

    Yay for u lettin Mom has so much cuddles. :)

  13. Yikes! Scarey! I'm glad you and the Mom are safe and sound! I'm sure cuddling with you, Reufus, made your Mom feel so much better.


  14. My sweet, sweet Little Man. When it comes to my dogs - and kitties - my personal space is their space, too.