Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Night Wrights: Content Meant Edition

Welcome teu
A Nodder Good Friday Night
The Wrights
It habbs been a berry long week
fur my the Mom
at the facktory...
and so there four fur me
in my little reum.
I habbs been walked in the dark in the mornings...
and a gain in the nights.
I habbs naught seen
day light
all week long.
So I whas berry habby
when the Mom got home
in the light ob the abternoon.
Whee were able teu
get out ob doors
and shnoof the grasses,
deu a bit ob ecksbloring,
and track the comings and goings,
the blantings and scratchings ob
the native squirrel bobulayshun.
I deu lubbs
an abternoon in the yards.
Ob course
ass Yeu whill note...
I amb still on the leash.
Whee still haff becans galore
a long wif
naughty naughty squirrels.
Juss look here...
they tumbed ober
one ob the Mom's nine bags ob nuts.
She whas naught bleased.
No, not one bit at all.
In fack,
She said a word I haff naught heard
since last night
abter I ate a fird ob her buffalo chili
when she turned her head,
but I digress...

A long wif the becans and acorns,
whee now habbs a nodder neusance...
tons ob becan tree leabes on the ground.
Whee whill haff this broblem
fur a while,
on a counta there are leabes a blenty
still ub there in the tree.
Ahh yesssss...
I deu lubbs the tranquility
ob a Friday abternoon...
And a chase.
Can Yeu see him?
I chased him ub on that bole.
And while the Mom whas watching
the squirrel,
I whas...
*clears froat*

Mom: Reufus?
Me: Whuh?
Mom: Reufus?
Me: Nuffin.
Mom: What deu yeu haff in yeur mouf?
Me: Mouf?
Mom: Drob it.
Me: Drob what?
Mom: Reufus, Drob the becan.
Me: Whuh becan?
::: s t a n d o f f :::
Me: sbit
Mom: Good Boy.
- - - - -
And off I flit
wif my ear in side out.
Here iss a random picksher.
My the Mom takes a lot ob these.
She calls them
Reuf Plans.
[Arckiteck Humor, I guess]
Ob course, that one iss a
Partial Reuf Blan
Norf bointing down...
butt I digress.
Yeu see...
The Mom talks teu me a lot. 
 Me: What iss that, yeu say?
 Mom: blah bah dee blah blah blah... Sweet Boy
Me: Promise?
 Yeu know...
the berry best fing ob all a bout being
on leash wif nuts in the yard...
 is the fack that
the Mom is wif me
all the time.
heh heh...
That woman is nuts a bout me.
Juss look...
She tooken this picksher
on a counta she lubbs
my wisby ear furs.
Being on leash is naught all that bad...
and it makes fur
a good alibi
 when a feffer is found in the grasses.
 It iss going teu be a busy weekend.
Our Blans:
1. A Trib teu Dirty Hairy.
2. A Bisit wif Santa...
3. A GRRH FundRaiser.

I amb naught crazy about #1,
butt I amb told
if I haff #1, I can haff #2 and #3, so
a baff it is.
- - - - -
And now
the best bart ob the day
habbs come...
the time when
I meld inteu the Mom.
Abter all,
She iss naught juss
My Mom,
My Leader,
My Best Friend,

She iss all so...
My Billow. 
It habbs been a berry stress full
and tiring week fur My Billow...
- - - - -
Mom: Reufus, One need naught need search
fur content meant
on a counta it whill be found right here in
yeur lab.
Reufus: Or in my case... under my head.

Here's whishing Yeu...
Eudles ob Content Meant


  1. Love to listen to your thoughts, Reuf. Looks like a great Friday.

    Daisy and Angel Tucker

  2. Reufus,
    You are able to make the most mundane things interesting. The Mom really deserves some quite time and rest.
    Hopr you have a wonderful weekend with the Mom.

    Hamish & Emma

  3. Weu Heu, Reuf!

    I certainly hope your Moms won't mind what I am going to say right now, but Reuf, you are no longer LIttle Reufus! You are turning into a handsome big boy dog, with a lovely face, a strong body, and a long plume of a tail! Very, Very handsome Big Reuf!


  4. I sorry about ur Mom's stuff that spilled over. I hope u get lots of pettings and cuddles this weekend. :)

  5. Woof! Woof! LOVE your photos. You sure do have that Golden LOOK ... that's the reason why your mom talks to you so much ... just like my mom. Happy Weekend. Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Ah Reufus - your Mom loves you dearly! I guess those pecans are too big to vacuum up? Hmm... How else can they all be collected?


  7. Reuf, we are so sorry things are so stressy right now for Mom. We don't get to walk in the dark because the Momster is afraid she will fall and break more bones. So consider yourself lucky on that count.

    Now about those pecans, be very careful - they are so NOT good for you. Meanwhile, you do need to work on that not guilty look - you give it away way too easily:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. My precious, precious boy, you have learned the meaning of life - l♥ve. You give it and you receive it in great quantities. You are blessed.

  9. We jes love the pix and love your stories! You make us laugh so much - thanks!!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend - look forward to hearing all about Santa!
    Sammie and Ava