Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Night Wrights

Habby Week End
Ebbery One
Fings haff tooken a turn fur
The Totally Untrusted
round here...
and I haff naught been
Off Leash
fur a week. 
It deus get berry old
on a counta I deu haff
Boundless Energy
and all so...
I haff naught been able teu deu
My Agility Training.
 Why... Yeu Ask???
It's on a counta
I haff a yard bull ob
ebbery single day. 
 The Mom goes out
wifout me
ebbery ebening...
and gaffers bags and bags ob becans.
And when she comes in,
whee lissen teugeffer
teu the bob bob bob rolllllll...
ass the squirrels harvest their treasures
 on our roof.
Wheu habbs been eating becans
outta my chair???
o yeah...
I see yeu ub there.
the becan tree ebbery one wonders why whee don't chop down.
the share crobber iss on the trunk, juss abuff the power line.
Juss look...
Yeu can naught steb wifout
crunching good becans. 
I deu my best teu helb gaffer,
butt since I got so terribly sick
from the etting ob them...
the Mom keeps me on
A Tight String.
And since I deu naught
Burn My Energy
out ob doors...
I look fur trouble
In ob doors...
 and the Mom follows me a round.
Here I amb
juss abter being caught deuing my
Gladys Crabbitz. 
 I amb finking ob deuing odder fings...
My Sister Comet
wheu art in Hebben...
Yeu can still see
Comet's Sbot
on the floors.
And here I amb walking
frew the Libbing Reum.
The Mom keebs finding me here wif
a sock.
 I amb
Wrighting Clean
thiss time.
 And ass ebening winds down
I camb out in front ob
This Night Stand.
I know what is in the drawer.
And I whant it.
 My cambing is effecktiff and...
I amb gibben it.
 My Antler
 A good long cheu later...
and I amb ready fur
Night Night
so I can dream ob a Saturday
Wishing one fur yeu, teu...


  1. Weu Heu, Reufus!

    I am glad you are feeling better than you were last week. Just for your information, I am never off leash because my Mom feels like she can't trust me to rein in my enthusiasm for chasing things. I am off leash in my backyard, but its so small I can barely turn around in it. So Buddy, don't waste a lot of time feeling sorrow for your self. The world is full of us pups who have to stay on the string!


  2. It's no fun when you can't go in your own back yard! Yikes! You are more than welcome to come here and play with your brother, Monty!


  3. Hey Reuf,

    I feel your pain but The Mom is just doing what needs to be done to keep you safe. We don't have a any pecans in our yard so if you can hop a Bus and head Norf, I will be waiting with open paws, we can have a ball in our backyard.

    Cousin Hamish

  4. We hope you are off the leash soon and back to running around. Lucky you to have pecans in your garden. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh Reuf...we remember the dangers of the pecan tree-we had one in Azrizona. But the humans do great things with pecans so maybe it is worth it? Could you possibly borrow a fenced yard from a neighbor for a bag of pecans? That would be a good deal for everyone.

    gussie n teka

  6. Tell your the Mom to get out into the yard with a Shop Vac to suck up alla' those nuts so you can go outside to play☺.

  7. Squee! I gives u hugs. (((Luv)))

  8. Oh sweet Reufus! I do lubbs Pecans in a pie but not in the yard! We need to make a pay date so you can run and play with your pal Louie and you need to meet Sophie. At least you got some antler time.

  9. I meant play date of course. Not pay...

  10. We are hoping your weekend was pecan- and leash-free!

  11. Please be sure to visit our post today, Thursday, November 8, for something special just for you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder,Ciara,and Lightning

  12. That was a very nice post! Sorry you can't be off leash in your yard, how much longer until the pecans are done falling?

  13. Hiya Reufus!! I just hopped over from the OP Pack...I see they passed some awards to you, so concatulations! I just signed up to follow you by email..have a great Sunday, Savannah

  14. Weu heu, Reufus!

    Are you or your Mom under the weather? We miss your regularly scheduled posts which have been conspicuous by their absence. We hope all is well and we will see, even a few lines of prose for us to know you are both OK.