Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Farewell teu Ashley Edition

Habby Friday Night,
My Friends.
Welcome teu
Our Farewell teu Ashley Edition.
I begin teunight's story wif a riddle:
If a tree falls in the front yard,
will it wake the Reufus ub out ob his slumber?
I shood tell yeu that
whee did haff
a cubble ob stormy ebenings...
Sunday and Monday.
And then whee awoken Teusday morning
and went about our early morning deuings
what combrise mose imbortantly ob

And in the course ob deuing those fings,
the phone did ring
being a berry good neighbor
calling teu check on us...
and that iss when I discubbered
I deu sleeb berry soundly.
When this big limb fell,
it did hit and dent the corner ob the roof
butt on the bright side...
the trolley whas trabbed inside.
Thiss whas a day whee haff dreaded.
Yeu see...
Here stands
The Sixty Year Old Ash Tree
Whay back in the dark ages
before I whas born,
She lost a number ob her limbs.
And then
Hurricane Ike
sblit about a fird ob her
onteu the roof.

[Click here fur the Luke's hilarious account ob Life after Ike.
Funnier if yeu read in chronological order.]

And now, wif only 40 bercent left ob her...
It whas time teu say
It whas quite a busy day in Houston
fur the tree emergencies
so whee were fortunate teu
find a combany wheu cood helb us that day.
When the crew arribed,
they got started right away.
There were fibe workers teu start
and odders arribed later.
They habbed one chainsaw oberator.
And one wood chibber machine.
And it whas like no fing
I habbed ebber seen.
I seuberbised from
the dining reum window.
Wif my hat remoobed
and blaced ober my heart...
I did watch.
I wanted teu make sure
they knew what they were deuing.
And they seemed teu.
It whas hard teu watch
and fascinating
at the same time.
I did take a break from
my seuberbisery deuties
teu console the Mom.
eben the last 40 bercent ob her
what a lot ob tree.
And bardon me for saying it,
butt shee habbed a berry stout trunk.
She whas a lot ob tree in the sky.
And she iss a lot ob tree on the ground.
I amb finking ob
the squirrels and birds
what whill be disblaced
all while the stumb grinder
worked teu erase |
Ashley's Memory...
limb by limb
shubbing her inteu the chibber.
A truck bed ob her trunk chibs
iss likely cubbering the floors ob
an Ice House or BBQ Restaurant.
I wonder where teu find her
ass the crew gaffers their tools.
Tough day.
Sad day.
What took 60 years teu grow..
took just ober 4 hours teu erase.
And it cood knot haff been done
wifout me.
- - - - -
Fank Dog It's Friday
I amb all ways habby
teu ring in
a habby Friday afternoon wif the Mom.
Whee did share
a nice leisurely walk,
berry tasty lunch
and a lazy nap
And then
the Tax Accountant decided teu
download turbo software.
I hobes it incleudes
the Obedience Skool deduckshun.
I don't want teu bring it ub,
on a counta ebbery time
I make the college combarison,
the Mom tells me the story ob
- - - - -
Oobs, I digress
Correck me if I amb wrong,
butt yeu are wondering...

What Is Ub In The Back Yard.
Rain + Sunshine
a lot teu shneuf.
All so...
and deu teu my decision teu be
at my Agility Skool
last Monday night...
I haff been working eckstra hard.
The goal is 12...
butt I amb making the Handler berry habby
by deuing 6
I amb habby, teu.
Anodder berry fun fing about training iss
my Instructor Andrea
loaned me her toy.
I deu lubbs thiss toy.
I amb knot toy dribben,
so thiss toy iss like majick.
The Agent habbs tracked down
and ordered me
thiss toy and a cubble ob odders.
- - - - -
Yeu are wondering
how whee cood train
so effecktiffly
wifout the becan distrackshun ob the nuts...
The Answer:
The Handler built a wall.
And now yeu know
why shee habbs sabed all the boxes.
Yeu gotta wake ub bretty early in the morning,
sabe a lot ob boxes
and butt ub a lot ob blockades
teu train a boy like me.
- - - - -
And sbeaking ob
My the Mom
caught me wif the Handler's shorts.
Yess Yess,
24 hours after training,
and the Handler just arribed home
from her odder job.
I habbed been in my little reum all day.
The Mom came in from checking the mail
and discubbered...
I remembered where the Handler left her rewards.
Thiss whas tooken ass a shame bicksher,
butt I latched on teu suck...
so the Mom tooken the shorts away
and gibben me
a talking teu...
- - - - -
Bottom Line:
It iss hard teu be
The Reufus.
- - - - -
Those ob yeu
wheu keeb ub wif such fings know...
I all ways look furward teu
the Friday Night Cheu.
The Tater Gater. tembting...
I wait
I bause teu fank the Mom.
Tater Gater Good...
and name me a
the Mom
wheu wood let yeu eat it in
the big bed.
Yeu won't need teu count berry high...
I fink...
Fank Yeu, My Friends, fur sharing Life wif me.
Yeu know...
Yeu nebber know when yeu might lose
some fing yeu take fur granted...
I fink the lesson learned iss
Don't take Some or Any Fing fur granted...


  1. Love reading your stories Reuf. You are so right, never ever take fings for granted -- you never know....

  2. Very Entertaining Reufus. Sorry to hear about Ashley.

  3. Ashley, you served well for 50 years, the circle of life.

    Reufus, hope you have a good and uneventful week.

    Hamish & Emma
    Mom & Dad
    Sheila and Bob

  4. So sorries about Ashley... You are ever so correct about not taking anything for granted. We like the Mom's wall! Congrats on six poles!
    Sammie and Ava

  5. We too are sorry about Ashley. What a pity. Great news that no one was hurt. Hope the weather improves for you. For the first time we have sun today and the heating is off. Will it last? Is Spring here at last? Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh, that was a beautiful tree there, that Miss. Ashley. I am sorry to see her go. Reufus, you have a most awesome life there. I look forward to your Friday night postings. Hope you have a good weekend!

  7. It is always sad to see those big old trees come down. Will you plant another one?


  8. Reufus, we are so sorry to hear about the demise of Ashley. She was a grand old tree, and now maybe she will make someone's garden look very pretty with some mulch. We will check out and see if she ever arrives here.

    Mr. Gator looks quite tasty - enjoy.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Gosh that was a very big wind storm that broke Ashley. I am so sorry to hear she got hurt and broken. She was a strong brave tree for many years. I am giving thanks to her-- this moment for all she did in her life. The birdies thank her too.

  10. You're right, sweetie, never, ever take anything for granted, never, ever♥.

  11. Weu Heu, Reufus!

    You had a busy Friday and I was sorry that you lost Ashley, she was beautiful. You would think they would leave a little reminder of her, like a stump or something.
    You are right about not taking things for granite, or one day you will be surprised.

    I send love and hugs to you and your Mom,


  12. You're right about taking things for granted! That's a great lesson for all of that we usually learn too late. I am sorry for the loss of Ashley. Will another tree take root in her place? I am also very curious about your gator! Oh, that looks tasty!


  13. To lose such an important part of your world is not easy. We know Ashley will be missed by so many. Hopefully in her memory, another tree will reach for the heavens as it pushes its toes deep into your yard.

    We also so enjoy reading your Friday at the Wrights chronicles. Thanks for sharing, dear friend!