Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: Sweet Routine, One Amazing Feat and a Fruitless Friday Edition

Friday Night Wrights
Sweet Reuteen
One Amayzing Feat
and a
Freut Less Friday
a berry reuteen wheek
like most all otters
whee start thiss edition
our regular feature
what iss called
My Wheekend
wif the gorgeous wheffers
it iss
great fun
teu stretch my legs
blease teu bardon
our hillbilly green out door clobes dryer
. . .
I deu lubbs Sbring
wif the green grasses
the frisky critters
the so far
not so hotty heats
the ribs
the rombs
o yess yessss
. . .
the treasures
 yessss yessss
t h e   u n i d e n t i f i a b l e   t r e a s u r e s
. . .
what in sbite ob
my berry hurt bride
 I whas made teu
sbit out
only teu habbs
the Mom
stock bile it in
the big black blastick can
out side
*tsk tsk*
what a whaste
. . .
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Wheek Day Wheek
wif the ubcoming
Memorial Day
our hearts and minds
turn teu
The Men and Women
wheu habbs so honorably
gibben their libes
in serbice teu

Our Great Country

so that
and me
and the Mom
 can libbs our libes
the Hard Fought For Freedoms
 yesss yesss
and for me that means
leash free
sniffing the grassy grasses
 looking for that
one berfeckt sbot
my saucy cheek
look look
Little Debbie Dubb
[yeu know the only begatten daughter ob
Fred and Ginger Dubb]
I make her
f l y
a flush for which
I amb knot
and now it's time for
a brief whord
our regular feature
what iss called
The Fit Bit Stebs
The Mom habbs
a wheek day goal
four teen fousand stebs
I deu whatch
ass many stebs ass I can
I all so deu log a few
my own self
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Ackademia
 o yeah
it iss
the day
it iss
the time
the traditional
chobbing ob the chee
closely sneuberbised
ob course
and now
let's back ub
my libbers 
 from the store bought libber bag
my zib lock
 blease teu let me habbs one
I whill deu any fing
I whill deu a trick
I whill gibbs yeu my trade mark
*buckers lib*
 and now

the bribes rewards
bagged ub
 whee begin
our big bed locker reum beb talk
 yess yessss
thiss iss where
the Mom Handler tells me
Whee are a Team
 W H E E   G O T   T H I S

and now
a quick bit ob small business
 a little jog
teu ease the nerbes
and then
the call 
i t   i s s
G O   T I M E
 training gear loaded
the Trolley boarded
 whee are off
a short trib
time teu settle in
time teu rise wif joy
on a counta
whee are here
M Y   S K O O L

where I whork on
my sit stays
finking ebber so hard
deu knot moobs yeur feetsies
deu knot moobs yeur feetsies
deu knot
 and then
I deu all so whork on
my line ubs
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
our selfy ob the wheek
 and now
whee return teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Learning More Fings at My Skool
whee whork on
our fronts
and when finished
I share
my front bibbot circle fing
wif the gorgeous
I whill nebber ebber
my front bibbot circle fing
ebber ebber again
 and now
a whord about
. . .
I habbs decided I deu knot like
tab whatter
so the Mom muss bring me
Ozarka Sbring Whatters
 what I deu enjoy drinking
my little bink bowl
yesss yessssss
that's wright
R E A L   M E N   D R I N K   F R O M   B I N K 
 butt I digress
whee work on
our heeling
and then berry imbortantly all so
o u r   f i g y e u r   8 s
I berform
moderately whell
and thiss iss
the lasst major biece ob the buzzle 
yeu say
yess yesss
whell sorta 
 whee kneeds
lots ob whork on
h e e l i n g
I kneed teu learn teu
bay close attenshun wifout
handy rewhards
butt wif
our goal trial entry date
a few short wheeks awhay
and wif
the Mom Handler
using the excuse
 if I can learn
c o m e   t e u   f r o n t
. . .
from 30' awhay
me in a sit/stay
the Handler wif her hands at her side
a single whord
and I muss run quickly teu
sit. right. straight. in. front. ob. her.
. . .
 and that brings uss teu
our seuber sbeshull feature
what iss called
My Great Feat
. . .
thiss wheek
*drumb roll*
I learned
c o m e   t e u   f r o n t
and now
Dear Handler
I deu lubbs yeu
and I know yeu are
full ob the nerbes
i t   i s s   o u r   t i m e
W H E E   G O T   T H I S S
[maybe... I hobes]
 and there iss nuffing quite like
a berry sweet
nighty night
a job whell done
nighty night
- - - - -
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Fursday
and now wif
most ob the wheek day wheek
 be hind me
and wif
the Mom beginning
a four day wheek end
 whee settle in teu
a care free schedule
no schedule
whell ob course
the ecksebtion ob
m y   m e a l   s c h e d u l e
 and that reminds me
it. iss. time. 
 *nom nom nom drink drink drink*
nuffing like
a full tummy

teu helbs me
and settle in teu
a holiday wheekend 
 and now since
the lawn tenders
habbs come and gone
tended our lawn

it iss time for
our regular feature

what iss called
My Fursday Foto Sheu
 ahhh yessss
thiss iss
bart fun bart whork
on a counta
m y   s i t   /   s t a y
iss being tested
m y   i m b u l s e   c o n t r o l
iss being tested
and while
the rewards are
many and all so great
I amb required teu
F I N K 
deu knot mobbs my feetsies
deu knot moobs my feetsies
deu knot 
o yeah
quit finking so much
l e t   m y   s w e e t   s h i n e   f r e w
 and whell
confess shun time
 whee got home late lasst night
the Mom short on stebs goal
so she made em ub
l a t e
and so there four
 big bed time

l a t e
and whee were boaf
w h a y   t i r e d
whee were boaf
all so
w h a y   a w h a k e
and now
that brings uss teu
our sbeshull holiday feature
what iss called
Friday Wif The Mom Home
 o yess yessss
whee keeb
our early morning reuteen
butt then
whee go back teu the big bed
a nice eckstended lay in
and then when
the Mom gets ub
I transforms
the roll ober
in teu
a lab rebort
by incorborating
the Mom figh
a billow 
and now
the peas dee
ree siss taunts
. . .
I bresent teu yeu
my teufy smile
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
time teu get the day started
 and wif
the Mom
h o m e
for the morning
 I habbs
the many obshuns ob
i n   o u t   i n   o u t  i n   o u t   i n
 and here I amb
o u t
here I amb taking
a b-b-b-break
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature

what iss called
Paul Newman, Arborist
comes teu
adbise uss about
our becan tree

the news iss knot good
. . .
the trunk iss full ob
shot hole borers
and there iss damage teu
abubbs 12'

all what means
there iss
. . .
n o   h o b e s
s a l b a t i o n
and while whee are
s o   s a d
our loss
. . .
whee re joyce in
t h e   l i f e
 and here I amb
dee lighting in
my Texas sage
the gorgeous burble bleums
 many what habbs
obened ub
 and many ob which habbs
shed teu the ground
and now wif an
estimate in baw
 teu take out
my sweet becan
 whee kneed teu
wheigh the conditions
consider the electrickal lines
fink about the danger teu our roof
seek out a nodder seberal estimates
make our peas
take her down
I retire teu
my little reum
teu come teu terms
. . .
I whill no longer be
a   b e c a n   t y c o o n
and then the Mom calls me
teu come share
our regular feature
what iss called
Our Tradional Friday Fambily Nab
 *rolls ober*
I deu lubbs
the cool airs

flowing ober
my tummy furs
 *s t r e t c h*
deu yeu ask iss
my hind quarters
ub teu
ebbery time the Mom
quits rubbhing my belly
I kick
in the front
in the back
ahhhh yesssss
the berfeck nab
and then whee blay
a little
imbulse control game
a libber
on the Mom's arm
I deu lubbs
thiss game
and now
back teu
our nabs and tee bees
and now
rested ub
wif our guilty teebee show ober
o u t
whee go
our regular feature
what iss called
time teu train
yess yessss
the Handler habbs blaced
my cones
in a square
so whee can whork on
our heeling
our turns

our fig yeur 8s
whee feel good
our whork
and the Handler
a nnounces
" a l l   d o n e "
and on the whay
in ob doors
I dart ober for
some hedgitables
teu which
the Mom shreeeeeeeeks
" d r o b   i t "
w h y
she askes me
w h y
teu which
I rebly
. . .
and now
it is the time
I habbs been whaiting for
since breakfasts
time for
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
and teunight's sbeshull:
salmon and legume kibbles
fresh green beans
grizzly salmon oil drizzle
fresh whatter melon
bink lady abble garnish
and off I run
my berry sbeshull dining reum
my dinner blate
iss baired wif
the Ozarka Sbring Whatters
I offer
my manners
and then
raffer than say
the Mom says
"get it"
by miss take
. . .
so I berry tentatibbly deu
get   it
and now
it iss time for
our regular feature
what iss called
My After Dinner Outing
and juss look
at the berry diss tinktibbs sky
what iss berry
when filtered frew
my dying becan tree
*wibes tears from eyes*
and now
whee bush the sadnesses
a whay
and begin teu
c o u n t   o u r   b l e s s i n g s
and then after
coming in teu deu
a   l i t t l e   b l o g   w h o r k
 I amb
ready teu go back out
 teu habbs some
 and after the Mom
bicks ub the cones
whee blay some games
 and then
she decides teu see
iff I can deu
 a stand stay
she abbroaches me
the libbers
each direckshun
holding her breaf
*drumb roll*
I   G O T   T H I S S
 yess yesss
whee are
all done
wif our training
and now
it iss time for
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Cheu
 o yeah
. . .
b u l l y   s t i c k
 show it off
shmoke it like a stogie
 and then
settle in for
a nice relacksing cheu
and now
ass whee close thiss edition
whee offer ub
our brayers
beas and mirackles
our friends
wheu are facing great challenges
. . .
food and shelter
for those wifout
. . .
our many fanks
All ob God's Blessings
. . .
Habby Memorial Day
all whays remember


  1. Happy Memorial Day and a big thank you too all who have served! :)

  2. Have a wonderful memorial day, love to see you carrying a flag.

    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Bob
    Cousins Emma & Chance

  3. We were a bit perplexed about the pink spring water till you explained the bowl is pink. Whew! We hadn't seen pink water before. :)

    Sorry about your pecan tree. We envy you your dinner. Yum, drool. Your mom loves you.

    We hope you had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

  4. dood....veree seer ee iz pick sure number one iz ...we loves it but we all sew loves yur what a waste :) ♥♥♥ foto...N what wuz yur bear reed treazure any way....ya coulda had a chunk oh texas "gold" ther....ya noe how much ya can get for oil now a either but itz a BUNCH....heerz two a grate week a long debbie....due knot come bak pleez N thanx !...N sorree bout de pecan tree...we loozed a tree two frum de crazed winter we had ......♥♥♥

  5. Hope youz had a super Memorial Day and I lub'z all your photo'z and thoze cool bandana'z :) xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Sending much love and many, many kisses.