Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: There and Back, Black Monday and Back teu Skool Edition

Habby Friday
Friday Night Wrights
There and Back, Black Monday
Back teu Skool Edition
yess yesss
and now
let's bick ub at the closing ob
Our Last Ebisode Edition
 ass the Mom and I big bed down at
The Seuber 8
A Fun Friday
my first hotel stay
. . .
delight fully ecksausting
whee habbs
ubbed and downed
these stairs
sebenty eleben fousand times
on a counta
there iss juss
so many beobles teu greet
the message center
ribe wif the acktibity
and then
the wilds
o my
wif the intocksicating shmells
. . .
and so when it iss
time teu sweeb
whee deu
bile ub in
the berry comfy big bed
and boy o boy
deu whee
sweeby sweeeeeeeb
I deu knot fink whee moobed
the entire night
and then ubon whaking
whee ub and down and ub and down
and ub and down and ub and down
those stairs
and then
the Maid Mom
straightened our reum
off whee whent
and here I amb
whaiting on the Desk Attendant
so whee can
check out
berhabs I cood get a job here
. . .
*clears froat*
"Whellcome teu the Seuber 8.
Allow me teu show yeu
the elebator, the stairs
the free food reum, the ice machine
the fabyeulous shmells out back"
yess yessss
I habbs a future in
- - - - -
and now
back in the Trolley
whee head ober teu
see and helb
My Great Aunt
it whas
a berry emotional day
on a counta
habbs sold her house
iss moobing inteu Assisted Libbing
in a nodder town
and she iss
knot emotionally ready for it
seuber knot habby about it
it iss
knot a good time teu
take bickshers
I amb seuber helby
I deu show her lots ob lubbs
I also deu make great friends wif
her seuber tiny Mal-Tease
and then
berry late in the after noon
whee deu board
the Trolley
a return trib teu
and after
a long nab for me
a long dribe for the Mom Trolley Driber
whee arribed
yess yessss
S W E E T   H O M E
where whee unload the Trolley
eat me some dinners
check on my kingdom
but the finishing touches on
and bublish
and the
g o   t e u   b i g   b e d
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Our Sunday Breakfast Run
yess yessss
the only fing better than
a second breakfast
at home
a second breakfast
bicked ub in the Trolley
I whill habbs
the breakfast blatter
s g r a m b l e d   e g g s
c r i s b y   b a c o n
yess ma'am
that whill comblete my order
no ma'am
the Mom Trolley Driber
deus knot kneed
a sin-amen role or abble bie
and now
let's bull ub teu
The Majick Whindow
where whee habbs
a tiny bit ob a whait
allowing me
the obborteunity
teu steb ub
the the front ob the Trolley
e n t e r t a i n
the Mom Trolley Driber
flirt juss a bit
The Majick Food Lady
thiss sgrambled egg blace
iss berry busy teuday
it iss whorf the whait
on a counta
berry offen when whee habbs teu whait
they dubble ub on
t h e   b a c o n
and besides
there iss
lots teu see and deu
and here I amb
gibbing the Photographer
the ub and under
blease teu take my word for it
those noms were nom nommy
. . .
and then after
A Minimal Sunday
ob only the direst ob chores
it iss
back teu the grind
our regular feature
what iss called
Rise and Shine
Back teu The Facktory for the Mom
and that also means
back teu
the Fitbit Challenge
Whalking The Barking Garage
and ob
the fings she sees
whay ober there iss
the sky skrabers ob downtown
and fancy
running inteu
and ober yonder
The Whorld Renown
Texas Medical Center
and right there
that iss
the Trolley Imbersonator
o ... o ... o
look at thiss
s w e e t   r i d e
and back ub
on the tibby tob
a better look at
T h e   H o u s t o n   S k y l i n e
yess yesss
it whas
a Monday like all odders
the Mom came home
and whee jumbed right inteu
our regular reuteen
and then
when whee least ecksbeckted it

- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
our berry sad feature
what iss called
Black Monday
thiss man
wheu looks so friendly
*Seinfeld "Newman" boice*
wheu wood habbs yeu beliebe
he iss full ob
thiss man
*Seinfeld boice*

wrecked my whorld
that's wright
it's SO wrong
he axed me
he whacked me
he closed my brofile
no wharning
no recourse
. . .
I lost all ob My Friends
I lost all ob my content
ebbery comment I habbs ebber made
poof . gone

so Monday Ebening whass filled wif
s a d n e s s e s
*tugs at Snibely Whiblash muss-tash*
d r e a m s
 on ebbery single FB brofile
bulling the blug

or at the berry least
new leadershib

more reasonable
r e u l e s
. . .
and after
a toss and turn and flib and flob
sweeb then reuminating then ...
reuminating some more

I rise on
Teusday Morning
knowing that there iss juss
one fing teu deu
*cues Rocky musick*
yess yessss
that's wright
I   a m b   c o m i n g   b a c k
and like
Souf Bark Kenny
wheu iss killed off in ebbery ebisode
only teu return in the neckst

I amb reborn
and yeu can
friend me here

S I D E   N O T E
I amb
the Cabtain ob All Ecksbendable Income
in thiss house whole.
and while I lubbs Facebook,
my the Mom habbs no interest in
Social Media
iffin I whalk... she whalks

and I'm bretty sure
whee are knot alone

and now that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Ackedemia

yess yessss
after a free wheek hiatus
the chee chobbing
and wif
chee chobbed
I amb
set. on.
that said
whee habbs been training berry hard
teu enter
Begineer Novice
obedience trials
and while whee continue teu hone
Our BN Skills
here I amb at
My Skool
on the first night ob
my new class
skweeling wif ecksitement
whee arribe in the Trolley
and wif
FUN in the AIR
here I amb
soaking it ub
and then
when called teu the arena floor
My Instrucktor
begins the introduckshun
and she diss cusses
o f f e r i n g
how it iss imbortant in
ring and transfer behabior
and then
she calls ubon
Me and The Mom Handler
teu demonstrate
and whell
my berformance iss
and in keebing wif
that precedent
I keeb my berformance teu
A+ Lebel
until whell ...
thiss one time
after a "get it" retriebe
and ubon the return teu
I become distrackted by
a tale
ob which I habbs nebber seen
the rotary motor tale ob
A Weimer Honor
once My Instrucktor ecksblains teu me
he habbs what I habbs
juss shorter and wifout FLUFF
Yeur Honor and I
whee eckschange business cards

make conneckshuns on linkedin

butt whee are relucktant teu
friend each odder on facebook
*frightening look*
it whas GREAT teu be
back in Skool
so whonder full teu habbs new challenges
and all so berry tiring
and here I amb
tucked ub in big bed
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Toy ob The Wheek
*tabs "microphone*
" thiss wheek's honor eee
S O C K   M O N K E Y "
ha ha ha
the Mom and I deu blay
a bit ob rassle the sock monkey
a bit ob tug
a bit ob toss and catch
ob course
I deu blay a bit ob
tag re-moobal
and when it's time teu
abandon focus
the Mom and I
 blay a few games
wif libbers ob course
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Fursday
and here I amb
still donning
My Back Teu Skool
neck ware
I make it
no secret
I deu lubbs My Skool
I lubbs learning
and here I amb
the good boy sit teck-neekwhile aboiding the babbarazzi
butt now it's time for
our regular feature
what iss called
A Fursday Foto Sheut
*huh whaaaat*
>iss that libbers in yeur bocket<
>what ISS that I shmell<
on behalf ob
my own self
and all ob
MAI Friends[yeu know wheu yeu are]
Whee are Back
Whee are Here
Whee are
yess yesssss
whee are KNOT habby about
Our Red Tag
yess yessss
that's wright
all ob the bain and suffering
whee endured
and then
whee failed the final insbeckshun
knot good
at all
butt that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Amazon Smile
yess yesss
now whee can shob
Amazon and Amazon Brime
and designate
Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston
teu receibe
0.5% ob the Sales
and now
sbeaking juss for my self
in side
my fun bocks
a sebarate bocks ob
k-cub coffees
what wheu cares
about that
let's talk about
the good stuff
I receibe
such fun toys
monkeys in a banana
fishes in a quarium
I deu lubbs them
ha ha
and sbeshully
thiss fish
what the Mom
deus gaffer ub
and but a whay
for a nodder day
. . .
and now it's time for
our regular feature
what iss called
Fursday Afternoon ~ Carry On
it iss
late in the day
wif the gleumy skies
the Fred and Ginger OffSbring
baws for a quiet moment
on the bower line
I race a cross the yard
scattering dubbs ass I go
teu a
get close finish
I make the most ob
my freedom
and when the suggestion iss made
I deu
small business
*ha ha ... sigh*
be yond yeu can see
my red tag
and while whee are tole
the isheu habbs been re-solbed
and the whork iss abbroobed
butt whee wood like them teu
show uss the breuf
juss saying
I whill knot
lose sweeb
ober thiss setback
no no
I whill knot.
- - - - -
and now that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Friday Morning
thiss morning
like ebbery wheek day morning
juss be fore the Mom leabes me
whee deu a bit ob
and here iss
a sweet sit stay
and ass if
a bart ob a
sit for ecksam
I amb focused
and here I amb
bracktissing ring behabior
*sbin sbin sbin twist side sbin bow get-it*
and now
here I amb in
the "get close" bosition
- check
and wif some urging
I deu find
the wright sbot
and deu
my business
and then
yess yesss
let's go in
the sooner yeu leabe
the sooner yeu come back teu me
and here
I amb whaiting on
my four good bye becan treats
and now
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Yay The Mom iss Home Friday
and I guess
she whas home before I ecksbeckted her
and here I amb
*stretch... yawn*
*dress for the occasion*
and now
blease teu let me out ob doors
so I can demonstrate
and then
at the Mom's insistence
whee head in ob doors for
a nab
yess yessss
that's wright
a bit ob teebee
yeu can knot see
the tee bee
what deu yeu mean
ok ok
how a bout
wif juss
a bit ob quiet
lights dim
cool airs
cool floors
and now
for a hedge-itarian snack
no kneed teu skreech
no kneed teu chase
g a r d e n   h e d g i t a b l e s
nebber ebber
hurt anybody
It iss a challenge teu libbs wif
a berry ober brotecktibbs
the Mom
and some times
a boy juss habbs teu
blay the miss chief card
teu liven fings ub
teu get thiss barty started
and now sbeaking ob hungry
it iss time for
our regular feature
what iss called
the Friday Night Dinner Blate
abbears teu me
fresh freut night
no no ... knot me
I mean in that delishus bowl
that bowl ob noms
right ub there
I whait bayshuntly
and juss in the nick ob time
salmon and legume kibbles
fresh whatter melon
fresh bink lady abble garnish
for me
yessss yesssssssss
for me
and now
baired wif
Ozarka Sbring Whatters
here I amb wif
and here I amb
chowing down
and now it's time for
our regular feature
what iss called
My After Dinner Outing
and teunight
I'm in
a berry good mood
*lib tucked smirk*
ha ha ha
I deu baws teu enjoy
 a nice chat wif
the Mom
uh huh
yesss Ma'am
did yeu say libbers
I amb certain
that's what I heard yeu say
*nom nom nom*
and now moobing on teu
check out
the little oak tree
and now
it's time for
our regular feature
what iss called
Our Friday Afternoon Photo Sheut
and teuday's sheut
iss bosed in front ob
the east fence
I amb facing
the sun in the whest
butt there iss
enough so that
the Mom habbs a hard time seeing
the camera bre-biew
butt knot so much where
I habbs
a full - on whink
*whinks and burses lib*
ha ha ha
I read ob
faces what are ubbed by the camera
I amb knot sure
that camera lubbs me
on a counta
I amb knot a big fan ob it
and whell
I fear the flash
berry often hiding
my good boy ears
I deu habbs fun wif
the photo sheuts
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Cheu
that's wright
it. iss.
o yeee-ahhhh
b u l l y   s t i c k
*bin it down*
and now
ass our ebening winds down
. . .
my foughts turn teu
what iss really imbortant
ass ubsetting ass it whas teu
lose all ob my FB content
the berry berry mose whorst bart whas
the fought ob losing
My Friends

My Friends are My Treasures


  1. Reufus, really enjoyed your latest edition. Fist let me say you will never lose your friends no matter what. I will be taking you along when we go to the drive through window because I love bacon. You and The Mom helping your great aunt was such am nice caring thing to do and we are sure you brought many smiles and comfort to her.

    Auntie Sheila,Uncle Bob
    Emma and foster Chance.

  2. Lots of love....keep looking for all those friends dear Reufie and Amanda! <3

  3. I luvs u and The Mom so much! Hugs for u!! {{{Little Reufus and The Mom}}}

  4. I love bacon too,, and I hate that bad man that poofed away your face book- just like he did mine!!
    All my friends and comments and everything,, gone.
    He has made us sad.
    I tried to make a new one,,but he said we was breaking the law... so the new one is not fun,,, cause we cannot comment on any posts and we cannot LIKE you,,
    we have no options,,, and its very very sad.
    That man stinks and needs a baff.

  5. dood.....ewe due haza few chure in hospa tal a tee !!! ewe wood make a grate greeter at de soooper 18 dawgs onlee hotel motel !!! N conga ratz on yur A pluz grades !!!! thatz rockin awesum !!! N yur fry day photo shoot "wink" iz de best...enjoy yur week oh head ♥♥♥

  6. And that 'man" should do what's right- and make things right again!
    I bet Ellen Degenarse could help with this problem!

  7. Greetings to Reufus and the Mom! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog about the ancient blocks as a gift.
    I was sorry to hear you had trouble with Facebuk, there are lots of pups on there, did they all get dumped?
    I knew there was a reason I never li ked them or joined up with anything they did. Now I double don't like them. They are mostly all twerps who work there, I hear.
    Glad you helped your Great Aunty get moved and its not a bit easy when you are old, old to do these things. All the helpers make things better,

    Cheers and good hugs and rubs to you, Reuf!

    Stella and Zkhat