Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: Before and After My Dog Show Debut, A Special Two Week Edition - Part 1

Habby Friday
Friday Night Wrights:
Be Fore and After
My Dog Show DayByeu
A Berry Sbeshull Teu Wheek
It iss
a berry bizzy teu wheeks
so let's get wright started
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
Our First Day ob Baycayshun
Saturday July 12
and since
the facktory habbs knot made
the taking ob thiss baycayshun
at all easy
 whee deu
e n j o y
a bit ob the lay-in
a heab ob the lay-zee
 a ton ob the care free
ebbery day round abouts
the shniffings
the shnoofings
the care full seleckshun ob
the berfeckt business sbot
and now moobing wright along
I bresent for yeu
. . .
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
A Greum, A Baff, A Blow Dry and A Pawdicure
Sunday July 13
yess yesssss
here I amb
in the tub at
Dirty Hairy Dog Whash
after a berry
m i n o r   b r o f e s s i o n a l   g r e u m
under carriage
b r o f e s s i o n a l
on a counta
I whant teu be
resbeckt full ob the okayshun
m i n o r
on a counta I habbs
a rebutation
teu maintain
*ha ha ha*
the Mom iss hobing teu time
t h e   b a f f
so I deu knot hold a grudge against
the Handler
ob course
my leastest bart ob it all
t h e   d r e a d e d   b l o w   d r y 
 teu ill-usstrate that boint
the Photographer bresents
thiss bicksher
take note ob
the orientayshun ob
my table relatibbs teu the otters

[follow the line ob my leash teu the door]
. . .
and now that brings uss teu
the best bart ob thiss feature
what iss called
my mosely bouty trib home
yess yessss
here iss me
b o u t y   a n d   b e a u t i f u l
and here
I amb berking ub
the Trolley Driber blays me
m y   p h e m e   s o n g
before yeu know it
I   A M B

ob course
a dribe frew
a cherry lime ade
deus all so
imbroobs the mood
knot teu mention
eckstend the ollibbs branch
and now that brings uss teu
the berry berry best bart ob thiss feature
what iss called
h o m e   a g a i n
and blease teu forgibbs
the business photos
butt take a look at
m y   f e f f e r s
 they look so good
the Mom whishes
whee habbs offered ub
m y   t a i l
 ob course
whee habbs much more
b r u s h i n g s
teu deu 
here yeu can check out
f r o n t   f e f f e r s
u n d e r   c a r r i a g e
juss teu broobs
I amb no longer bouting
. . .
I curl ub on
the Mom's clobes
when she iss in
the shower
and now that brings uss teu
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
The Staff Assign Ments
Monday July 14
yess yesss
on the agenda teuday
e r r a n d s   a n d   b r o c u r e m e n t s
 show day neutrition for the Handler
show day breaf mints for the Handler
show day whatters for the Reuf
the berfeckt collar and leash (if found)
and wif
a   n a b
behind me
I amb off teu sneuberbise 
 yess yesssss
thiss and that
thiss and that
thiss and that
thiss and that
thiss and that
t h i s s   a n d   t h a t
 o ... o ... o
and look what arribes in
the mail bocks
M Y   B E R R Y   F I R S T   J U D G I N G   B R O G R A M
 *tummy churns*
butt when I look ub I see
T h e   L o r d
whatching ober me
 and here I amb
o u t
t h e   b e r f e c k t   c o l l a r   a n d   l e a s h
the dramatickal skies
here I amb telling the Mom
l i b b s   i n   t h e   m o m e n t
deu knot be nerbous now
 there whill be
blenty ob time for that later
. . .
wright now
let's just focus on
 o u t
 and then
in all good time
 . . . 
i n
and now that brings uss teu
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
A Training Run
Teusday July 15
yess yessss
whee are off teu
t h e   b a r k
teu train
diss trackshuns
*ha ha ha*
and here I amb showing yeu
my fun taggy tags collar
my berfeckt combetition collar
and then
wif much left teu deu
knot much time teu deu it
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
O My Dog, It Iss ... Go Time
Wednessday July 16
quick quick
the Staff habbs more
e r r a n d s
Trolley fuel
b r o c u r e m e n t s
t a s k s
Tag on Little Reum-On-The-Go
and then
be fore yeu know it
m y   c a m b   i s s   s e t   u b
whee enter
our first match
for bracktiss
and then here I amb on
a   b r a c k t i s s   b u s i n e s s   r u n
and now that brings uss teu
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
Day One: My First Trial Day
Fursday July 17
yess yesss it iss
Sbeshullty Day
My Berry Mose Sbeshull Tob Teu Trainers
Judy and Tracie

whill knot be here teuday
and in their stead
I amb here wif
the berry awesome
Bonny iss one ob
my former Agility Instrucktors
and now she iss
m y   s u r r o g a t e   m o m   f o r   t h e   d a y
*nods a big fank yeu*
yess yessss
The KraftyK9 Kamb
when Aunt Dav asks for
a selfy
whee oblige
whee are here
w h a y   t e u   e a r l y
butt in blenty ob time for

f u n d e r   a n d   l i g h t n i n g

a n d

t o r r e n t s h u l l   r a i n s
and while
my first obedience run
whas a bit tentatibbs
. . .
whee got a
First Place
and then
teu shakes ob a golden tail later
here iss
My First Rally Nobice Run
whee score a 97 out ob 100
First Blace
the Judge tells me
"Yeu are juss WHAY TEU CUTE"
and wif
my toy brize
in my mouf
a steward abbroaches uss teu say
"yeu are so cute whee whant yeu teu habbs thiss duck teu"
and now here I amb back in
Krafty K9 Kamb
TEU Green Q Ribbons
TEU Bleu First Blace Ribbons
TEU Fun Toys
a green fing and a duck
all that's missing
The Handler
Me and the Handler
Team Reufus
and that brings uss teu
a great whay teu end Day One
hard whork
. . .
and that brings uss teu
The End ob Friday Night Wrights, Bart One
. . .
Day One ob Combetition
iss in the record books
and now
... brayers ... rest ... brayers ...


  1. Wow you have been busy and looking swell after your Spa day. Love the dramatic sky pic. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We are so proud of you, sweet Reufus!

    Monty says he couldn't be happier for his brother!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. I luv u and your The Mom so much! Yaaaaay! Yaaaay! :)

  4. You work so hard at learning!
    Good job!

  5. DOOD !!!!! conga rats on yur furst place ribbons...we iz veree proud of ewe N we noe mom iz as well ♥♥♥♥ AWESUM !!!!