Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: My Birthday and also The Countdown Edition

Happy Friday
Friday Night Wrights
My Birfday
and all so
The Count Down
yess yesss
our wheek end off
from the facktory whork
and our
The Fourf ob July Holiday
whee keebb
the berry low key barty
going wiff
our once a year feature
what iss called
Saturday My Birfday Ebe
our day starts wif
bleu skies
fun times
out ob doors
and then
i t   s t a r t s
. . .
dim lights
 increase base
! funder ! funder !
! funder ! funder ! funder ! funder ! funder !
fore chewnuttly
I habbs knot a care
! funder ! funder ! funder !
! funder ! funder ! funder !
thiss hambers
our going and deuing blans
! funder ! funder ! funder ! funder ! funder !
. . .
and berry sadly
no rain
. . .
k n o t.   a .  d r o b.
that's wright
rain fall totals for
my naybore hood
0.00 teu 0.04
and now that brings uss teu
our berry mose sbeshull once a year feature
what iss called
My Fourf Birfday
what whee celebrate wif
A 6am Breakfast
followed by
A Terrifick Lay-In
followed by
. . .
A Trolley Trib
and that brings uss teu
our regular yet all so birfday feature
what iss called
Training In The Little Bark
wright wright
whee some times slib off teu
a little near by barkwhat habbs
a tennis court
doodling and ring behabiors
heeling and figyeur 8s
sits for ecksam
on a 40 foots leash
tied teu da fence
sit stay and recall
. . .
all wif
distrackshuns a blenty
yess yesss
whee are all whays
on the look out
a   g o o d   b a r k
sbeshully those wif
fully in closed fences
tennis courts
 butt for now
I amb relishing
c o o l   w h a t t e r s
in the Trolley
yess yesss
it iss early yet
butt knot teu early teu be
h o t   a n d   f i r s t y
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular yet all so
once a year feature
what iss called
My Second Birfday Breakfast
 yess yessss
all a board
The What-A-Burger Trolley
here I amb ordering from
the dribe frew menyeu
yesss yesssss
blease teu gibbs me
. . .
a   b r e a k f a s t   b l a t t e r
that's wright
a breakfast blatter
sgrambled eggs
crisby bacon
 hash browns
tasty bisskit [knot bickshered]
. . .
*bows head *
brayer of fanks
*sblit foodables*
*nom nom nom*
 belly full
and now whee are
o u t
 for a bit ob
out door ... stuff
[the art dog... be yond]
might be mocking me
I amb
T h e   B i r f d a y   B o y
here I amb
the sellebratory
sock monkey neck whare
 that's wright
I said it
. . .
r o c k i n g   i t
and then
be fore yeu know it
the norf sky
begins teu darken
! rumble ! rumble !
the Mom calls Me
*bolts quickly then leisurely strolls*
i n
wif the Mom chanting
"hub teu hub teu"
ob course
in keebing wif the
all funder no rain
here I amb back out for
my after dinner business trib
and now it's time for
my sbeshull birfday feature
what iss called
s u r b r i s e
look look
a   e n b e l o b e
m y   n a m e   o n   i t
that's wright
yeu can see it wright there
R e u f u s   W r i g h t
a berry sweet birfday card
*sweet noses*
I deu lubs it
wharm and fuzzy
birfday whishes
Habby Habby Birfday Reufus
whee <3 yeu
Cassie, Sora, Comet & Rigel
& Mommy (Nikki)

many many fanks for
thiss berry sweet whish
yeu sure know how teu make
a Birfday Boy [and hiss the Mom]
s m i l e
and now
that brings uss teu
a nodder sbeshull feature
what iss called
what the Mom gibbs me for my birfday
and much like gibbing
a chef ... a holiday meal challenge
a dancer ... a recital
a comedian ... hiss first stand ub

the Mom gibbs me
Obedience and Rally Entries
The Houston Whorld Series ob Dog Shows

. . .
Blease teu Insert
Yeur Brayers and Whell Whishes

. . .
and in
related backages

all addressed teu
m e
what's thisss
teu stainless steel
s b r i n g   w h a t t e r   b u c k e t s
a little clib teu a ttatch teu
the whall ob the bortable
m y   l i t t l e   r e u m
and then
let's see what iss thiss
I deu lubbs the backages from
Clean Run
on a counta they all whays come
and in thiss one here iss
a seuber secret strategy
teu imbroobs
o u r   t h e   b r a i n   g a m e 
dog knows whee are oben teu
the helb
and sbeaking ob
thiss backage arribes
it iss for me
what cood it be
a nodder
seuber secret see-dee
all for me
let's oben it
* lissssssen *
thiss may seem like
a random gift
butt whee libbs in a berry quiet home
and whill be crating in the agility area
I amb
berry berry berry sound sensitibbs
the Mom Handler finks
Indoor Agility Trial Sounds
whill helb me wif my anksieties
and now
what [yeu assk] iss in
the zabbos bocks
. . .
Vans ASPCA Hi Tobs
I ordered for the Handler teu
whear in the ring
*she shakes her head absoleutely know*
- - - - -
and now that brings uss teu
a sbeshull birfday feature
what iss called
m y   a f t e r   d i n n e r
n a k e d   s w e e t   r o l l

here I amb finking ob it
here I amb deuing it
*sweet roll*
*sweet roll*
*sweet roll*
*kicks legs*
*sweet roll*
*sweet roll*
*shakes it off*
and wif that and
a short bit ob training
whee call an end teu
m y   b e r r y   h a b b y  b i r f d a y
and now that brings uss teu
Our Count Down Feature
whee call
6pm Monday : Tee Minus Four
and all so
our weird wheffer feature
what iss called
Berry Strange Monday
in side our home
iss baffed wif
a berry orange bink rosy color
berry berry knot sure
theese bickshers tell
the story
a deer friend described it
. . .
 " washed the whole yard in baby asbirin orange.
quite the sight. "
yess yesss
baby asbirin orange
a little
a little
berry creeby
a   l i t t l e
b e r r y   b e r r y   c r e e b y
a few short minutes
creeby orange
turned a bit teu
a sorta calm
b i n k
and now that brings uss teu
Our Count Down Feature
what iss called
6pm Teusday : Tee Minus Free
here I amb
"on my own time"
m i l l i n g   a b o u t
here I amb
bointing out
a   b e r r y   i n t e r e s t i n g   a u r o m a
and ebber since
the Mom iss whorking on
h e r   b r a i n   g a m e
whee deu talk
s t r a t e g y
and then
whee whork it in
our training seshuns
fings are going
berry berry whell
in a sellebrayshun ob
a w e s o m e n e s s
last night
I acksidentally caught
the Mom's Handler's  face
a   w h i c k e d   w r i g h t   h o o k
leabing a free inch scratch
butt shee tells me
I   A M B   S T I L L   A W E S O M E
and now that brings uss teu
Our Count Down Feature
what iss called
6pm Wednesday : Tee Minus Teu
and here
I bresent teu yeu
f i g y e u r   8   b o s t s
and here I amb
whatching the Handler
set ub teunight's course
yess yessss
" l e t ' s   t r a i n "
musick teu my ears
. . .
and now a whord about
lasst call
. . .
juss look at thiss
big hunk ob
s e u b e r   m o o n
boy o boy
that brings uss teu
Our Count Down Feature
what iss called
6pm Fursday : Tee Minus One
o   h o w   g i d d y
whee are
out whee go
a bit ob sun shine
the debble makes me deu it
I snatch
a   h e d g i t a r i a n   s n a c k
and then
wif the Mom skreeching
I bolt a whay
and then ob course
I deu
*drob it*
and now
in keebing wif
my more sibblized side
I deu offer yeu
a   m i n i   p h o t o   s h e u t
blease teu knot read
any fing in teu
that little stick ob the tongue
and here
the Mom iss telling me
w h a t   a   b r e t t y   s i t
here I amb finking
. . .
h e d g i t a b l e s
I mean
here I amb agreeing
Wright Wright
T e a m   R e u f u s
blah blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah
and gibben
the release command
. . .
i t .   i s s .   o n .
z i b   z i b   z i b
z z z e u u u u m
and now
I race the Mom back teu
the door
whee can go in
whee can come back out
and take adbantage ob
the gorgeous wheffers
the beayeutifull bleu skies
and here I amb
a strong shadow
and here the Mom and I amb
tey funny shadows
ahhh yesss
the bright sun means
it iss teu darn
h o t
butt between 8 and 830
the Handler heads out teu
lay out
o u r   e b e n i n g ' s   c o u r s e
I look on in
whee play some games
and whork the full
B N   T r i a l   E c k s e r s i z e s
wif much
s u c c e s s   a n d   a w e s o m e n e s s

and now that brings uss teu
a nodder whord about
lasst call
eeeeery whinds
the clouds are rushing by
and then
*cues sbooky musick*
the big hunk ob
s e u b e r   m o o n
*deeb breffs and shuts eyes*
nite nite
and now that brings uss teu
Our Count Down Feature
what iss called
2pm FRIDAY : Tee Minus Zero
. . .
and wif berry subdeued
I stick my head in
the four bidden shrubs
when called out
and then
in all out sellebrayshun

a   s w e e t   r o l l
ub ub
a swing by
the hedgitarian delight
romb teu the gate
and then
i n   -   o b   -   d o o r s
a   l i t t l e   l u b b i n g
a little nab
a lotta little nab
a lotta little nab
and a fan
a lotta little nab
and a fan
a bunch ob lubb talk
what boils down teu
r u b   m y   b e l l y
yess yesss
that whas nice
let's. go. out.
yess yesss
whee are out
let me juss say
there iss
no better feeling
how relacksing
teu whander about
the yard shadow doodles
until time teu come in
the afternoon count down
it. iss. time.
yess yesss
now it's time
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
and here I amb
the scoob scoobing
the chob chobbing
and now the sbeshull
salmon and legume kibbles
fresh green beans
fresh chobbed baby carrots
grizzly salmon oil drizzle
freshwhatter melon garnish
ass an aside
take a look at
Reufus ass A Kitching Timer
and here I amb in
wif the Comet and the Wellington
here I amb
l o o k i n g   o n
and now
t h e   b r e s e n t a y s h u n
ozarka sbring whatters
good manners
and now
whee are out
and time for
a regular feature
what iss called
stuff in my yard
ass all most all ways these days
there are
conflickted skies
teu ...
whee are treasuring
our crabe myrtle bleums
all mose all whays
there iss
and then
again thiss wheekend
and egg shell
whee know knot teu wheum
thiss shell be longs
whee keb whatch
and now that brings uss teu
our regular feature
 what iss called
i t .   i s s .   t i m e.
 time for
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Cheu
yes yess yesss yessssssss
b u l l y   s t i c k 
rassle it
crunch it
cheu it
 show it
w h e u .   i s s .   b o s s .
that calls for a rest

and now
out yeu say
juss look at that
a big beetsa bie
look at that
b i g   h u n k   o b   s e u b e r   m o o n
 all the better teu
see a few june bugs
 ok ok
and now
i n
q u i e t   t i m e
time for refleckshun
time for brayer
Deer Lord
blease teu fank yeu for
m y   m a n y   b l e s s i n g s
blease teu contineyeu teu look ober me
. . .
blease teu stand guard ober my friends
. . .
blease teu share yeur continyeued blessings wif uss all


  1. dood...a veree happee bee lated day oh birth two ewe ...heerz ta best wishes, biscuits dishes N happee day fishes ♫♫♪♪♫♪♫

    N nothin but happee nezz & health for de yeer a head..

    best fishes two ewe in de houston show; we love de hedgeitables pick sure N hope yur week izza good one N ya get sum rain if ya knead it N de burdz iz still....stoooooooooopid !!!


  2. pea ezz...we forgot ta say next time ya get ta rockin N rollin on de grazz. roll sum for uz coz we iz knot a loud ta go out side ...♥♥♥♥♥ better yet, if ya can roll in sum soil !!

  3. Happy birfdee to u, happy birfdee to u, u is my doggie fwiend, so I lubbs u! And your The Mom! :)

  4. Just the perfect balance of life...some very cool celebrating... yummy treats... some focused work... time in the yard... resting.... together time... improving your game.We love you, dear friend AND The Mom!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!

    We were very surprised this morning to find a years worth of your posts in our Feedly... Did something get fixed? Waiting for the next post to arrive.... ;)

    Monty and Harlow

  6. Oh, great, Blogger ate our comment again when we signed in. A big raspberry to them!

    Happy Birthday, Reuf. We're a bit late, but we wish you many more too.

    You got to order from the drive thru menu? Wow.