Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: Before and After My Dog Show Debut, A Special Two Week Edition, Part 2

Habby Friday
Bart Teu
Friday Night Wrights:
Be Fore and After
My Dog Show DayByeu
A Berry Sbeshull Teu Wheek
whee closed out
Bart One
by sharing
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
My Dog Show Day One Bounty
Fursday July 17
Teu Green Qualifying Score Ribbons
Teu Bleu First Blace Ribbons
Teu Blush Skweeky Toys
One Day ob FUN
Me and My the Mom Handler
it iss
late in the day
when whee finish
back ub our leut
board the Trolley for
h o m e

so whee can
toss and turn
and rise early
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
Day Teu at The Big Show
where I habbs
a berry early
o b e d i e n c e   r u n
Friday July 18

wif a qualifying score
whee whait for
t h e   r i b b o n   b r e s e n t a t i o n
 keebing in mind
that the camera adds 10 bounds
whee estimate there were
a half dozen cameras bointed out whay
that iss
my lubbly friend
teu my wright 
 that iss
my the Mom Handler
whilling me teu
*sit and bay attenshun*
our number
6 1
 iss called
wif a score ob
195 out ob 200
F I R D   B L A C E
and here she iss
urging me
wif the bleading eyes
*  s  i  t  *
 Second and Fourf
habbs clearly mastered
the sit
habbs knot
 and here
the ole gal habbs
gibben ub
fank yeu
fank yeu

a few more
ribbon photos
m e
k n o t   s i t t i n g
s t a n d i n g
teu show off
my seuber neat
u n d e r   c a r r i a g e   t r i m

yess yessss
t e u   m o r e   r i b b o n s
teu add teu
The Krafty K9 Team Banner
yess yessss
t h e   s i x   r i b b o n s
on the wright
T E A M   R E U F U S
. . .
now it iss time teu
rest ub
mentally brebare
and then 
b u s t   o u t
teu learn
n e u   r a l l y   s i g n s
wharm ub a little
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
My Berry Second Rally Run
55 dogs are shown in Nobice
22 ob which are shown in Nobice A
w h e e   a r e   t h e   b e r r y   l a s t   t e a m

and while
the Judge finishes her baber whork
whee talk fings ober wif
o u r   a w e s o m e   i n s t r u c k t o r
 yeu can brolly tell
I deu lubbs Judy
butt wif
much instrucksun, whork and bayshuns
I habbs learned teu
k e e b   m y   l u b b s   i n   c h e c k
and now
Qualifiers teu the Ring
and again
m e   w i f   t h e   b r o k e n   s i t t e r
 and wif a score ob
95 out ob 100
Team 104
and I amb in the combany ob
a l l   s t a n d e r s
 iss it uss me
or deus
the Mom Handler
t i r e d
 butt knot teu tired teu
tell me
I   A M B   A W E S O M E
 green Q ribbon
in hand
whaiting for
the festibities
teu come teu an end
and back at
KraftyK9 Khamb
. . .
m y   t a k e   f o r   t h e   d a y
and a few
e n d   o b   d a y   t e u
a nodder day
a nodder day ob
best ob all
I got teu sbend it wif
my best friend
my main squeeze
my one treu lubb
my the Mom Handler
take a look
whee are
f i l l i n g   t h e   b a n n e r   u b
and now that brings uss teu
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
A Night ob Hell
in which
adrenaline raged
sweeb came late
whaking came at
. . .
one. forty four. ayyyemmm.
all so known ass
how teu let the mental game beat yeu
and when 
the Mom deus knot sweeb
the Handler deus knot sweeb
the Reufus deus knot sweeb
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
Our Big Show Feature
what iss called
Day Free at The Big Show
blease teu forgibbs
whee habbs
no photography
here iss
a berbal re-cab
. . .
8am start
I amb the first dog
I amb habbing a reasonbly good run
and then during
the long sit stay
when the Handler iss about
teu firds the whay a round the ring
my head begins teu drob
*drobbing drobbing drobbing*
I amb
- auto matick NQ -
what means
no qualifying score
no green ribbon
no obedience title for me teuday
I deu habbs
a   b e a u t i f u l   r e c a l l
- - - - -
it iss obbious
it iss knot juss
the Handler wheu iss ecksauceted
I amb ecksauceted
so whee bose the question teu
our awesome trainers
. . .
deu whee show in rally
deu whee go home and rest
for obedience teumorrow
. . .
the decision
cubber my crate combletely
leabes me a lone
deu knot brings me out until
juss be fore rally show time
. . .
out ob my crate juss in time
 it iss a berry comblicated
rally course
 whee are bretty
c o m f o r t a b l e
wif our beformance
I amb much more
a w h a k e
*fanks dog and chuckles*
I can knot remember our score
91 or 93 out ob 100
F I R D   B L A C E
in a field ob 22
M Y   R A L L Y   N O V I C E   T I T L E
and whee add
o n e   g r e e n   r i b b o n
o n e   y e l l o w   r i b b o n
T E A M   K R A F T Y   K 9
and in odder related
g r e a t   n e w s
whee are finished
e a r l y
and whee are
out ob the arena
o n   o u r   w h a y   h o m e
one o clock ish
Hwy 290 at Loop 610
what iss in
our critickal baff
c l o s e d   t e u   a l l   t r a f f i c k
and so whee take
t h e   l o n g   w h a y   h o m e
berry forechewnutly
takes uss wright by
w h a t a b u r g e r
my faborite second breakfast blace
where I habbs discubbered
second only teu their
sgrambled eggs and bacon
c h i g g i n   s t r i b s   r o c k
and now I fink
whee all can agree
. . .
the Mom Handler looks
o l d
. . .
o l d   a n d   t i r e d
butt whee are
home in time teu
rest ub for
a   b i g   f i n i s h
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
The End ob Friday Night Wrights, Bart Teu
. . .
Combetition Days One, Teu and Free
are now in the record books
now it's time for
... rest ... sweeb ... brayers ... focus ...

~ stay teuned for bart free ~


  1. Reufus, this was one of your and your staffs best issues. We almost could believe we were right there with you. You and The Mom (er Handler) show how much the same page you two are on.
    We have one word of advice "REUFUS SIT !!!"

    Love you,
    Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob
    Cousins, Emma and Chance.

  2. That was some score and well done to you. Have a serene Sunday and get in some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Reufus, Monty says sitting is waaaay over rated... :)

    Congratulations on your wonderful weekend!

    Monty and Harlow

  4. Whew....we are so very tired just WATCHIN' all you and your Mama's hard work!! Great job Reufus!!!
    Dory. Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. DOOD !!! conga rats again on yur ribbons...N frank lee why go two all de trubull oh gettin a bathe...then hafta sit down sew noe one can see how kleen & kewl ewe look....we woodna sitted down either ...N yur 'stay" was rite on it buddy !!! YAY !!!! oh, N next time forget de burd chcikn strips, oh kay !! ♥♥♥♥♥