Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Foughts... Cousin Sophie Edition

on my mind
and in
My Heart
The Beautiful Miss Sophie
My Friends
My Fambily
Aunt Sheila, Uncle Bob
and Cousins Hamish and Sophie.

All Ways Teugeffer...
Hamsum Hamish and Regal Sophie
 My Cousins shared
The Lubbs ob the Cubs...
Frolicks in the Leabes... 
and a
Berry Patriotick Fourf.
The Roles ob Sweet Sophie
The Easter Bunny
The Christmas Reindeer 
Squirrel Patrol.
 Many ob us remember

Sophie's Big Surgery

 She did habbs quite a difficult time
wif the recubbery...
and she did habbs teu wear
The Cone
 There were lots ob worries then...
butt wif the seuper good care
and support ob her lubbed ones
Miss Sophie did naught let
the cone weigh her down...
though Hamish's head
some times did...
There whas lots ob rehab
and a complete recubbery
and then later one
Swimming Sophie
showed us how it iss done.
Ob course,
swimming is best wif
Yeur Best Pal
Be sides us boaf being
Gold Medal Swimmers,
Cousin Sophie and I habbs
one odder big fing in common
what iss
Whee are boaf
Here iss
Pretty Girl
wif her the Mom
As Good As Gold 
And here she iss
The Fine Art ob Fostering
wif Cousin Hamish and foster Rowdy.
A Sense ob Security
is a big responsibility,
and here Sophie iss
comforting Foster Joe.

Wise or Wisdom.
I fink it means
Sweetness, Kindness and Grace.
 One week ago teuday,
our hearts broke when
Miss Sophie left Us.

Sweet Girl habbs now settled in at
The Bridge.
Our The Luke habbs shown her a round.
He habbs cleared her way
and made sure ebbery one knows...
Miss Sophie is a VIG
[Very Important Golden]
The Bleu habbs sneaked her off
teu that speshull playce,
yeu know...
The Hill Side Painted wif Wild Flowers
The Butterflies Dance.
Cousin Sophie
resides in
The Combany ob God.
Whee beliebe that wif all our hearts.
Her Fambily miss her so berry much.
 Her Hamish
mourns her still.
Please teu hold
Aunt Sheila, Uncle Bob and Cousin Hamish
Yeur Heart.
Please teu send them Lubbs.

P.S. Fur My Blogging Friends
Here are teu great badges
teu celebrate Miss Sophie.
Please teu take one or boaf!


  1. aww what a tender post Reuf and momma you are so right she was a sweetie look at that beautiful whitey face i just love goldens please tell Bob and Sheila and handsome hamish i send them a HUGEEEEE ((((HUGS)))) to comfort them ..

  2. Weu Heu Reuf:

    Good job telling us about Ms. Sophie, even though I know it was very hard. I did not know her very well, but I have never met a Goldie that I didn't love. She will make the Rainbow Bridge an even nicer place.


  3. Reufus and The Mom,
    We can never express what our hearts felt today reading your blog.
    Our girl Sophie has been at the bridge for a week.
    We still miss her more than words can express.We love you two so much and so did Sophie. Though you never met her and she you, she knew the happiness you have bring us. If anything positive and good can come out of this heartbreaking time is that Sophie has shown us how many peoples lives Sophie touched.
    We will never forget her and we will never forget you and The Mom have made such a wonderful memorial.
    Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Bob & Hamish

  4. What a touching and beautiful tribute to Sophie. I have tears rolling down my cheeks after reading this.

    Reufus, you have a way with words.

    Much Love from Lily in Australia.

  5. Lovely tribute and we wish Sophies' peeps well. Take care.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I am so sorry to read about this. What a lovely tribute and we hope your family is doing ok today.

  7. Oh, sweet, sweet Little Man, you have me crying early in the morning. Not a good way to start my day except for the fact that it was so wonderful celebrating the life of such a wonderful, and much-loved, Golden. My prayer is that all dogs know the kind of love and security that Miss Sophie did during her life here on earth. I will take one of her badges and will place it on my blog.

  8. Sweet Reufus, that is such a beautiful tribute to Sophie, We are so sorry she had to go, but she had a wonderful life here with her loving family. We bet Luke was very happy to greet her at the front of the line in the welcoming committee. Hugs to her family.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Oh sweet Sophie. What a beautiful post, Reufus. You did a wonderful job. We are sending our love to Sheila, Bob and Hamish.


  10. Beautiful Sophie knew much love from her wonderful parents. What a special girl. Thanks for sharing this tribute, Reuf. Hugs to Bob, Sheila , & Hamish.

  11. so many tears..this is such a beautiful tribute to spohie <3 we are thinking so much of Bob & Sheila and Hamish..we understand your terrible saddness of your dear angel ..just know she was so loved by so many, we grieve with you too, she is smiling down on you saying shes ok, shes knows how much she was loved by you all..she is romping with sebastian and all their friends

  12. I've inkhluded a link to this post on my Sunday entry -

    Auntie Di went to Prescott this weekend and took along HER Angel Sierra - she left here in January of 2006 - and now some of her will get to spend time by a furry special green tree - like Angel Sophie, she was only nine -

    Mom will be well protekhted on Sunday - more about that will be in the post -

    Too bad we khan't all show up and PAWty with Hamish!


  13. Sophie's badge will be right next to The Luke's on my blog.

  14. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl so full of grace, we send loving thoughts to her family and hugs to Hamish xxxxxx
    Sammie and Avalon

  15. A wonderful tribute to an obviously truly wonderful girl. Rest in peace, sweet Sophie. We wish her family peace and love. We are thinking of them and you.