Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dog Days at Orvis

I whass furry ecksighted Saturday morning on a counta it whass
Dog Days at Orvis on Westheimer.

My jubilayshun was quelled when my stuffed kongy
whass playced in my little reum...
and I realized I whass getting a Saturday kongy,
butt I whass not getting teu go teu Orvis.
It is so not fair, but I digress...

GRRH was there!!!

And representing the GRRH whass the berry available Miss Trixie.

Miss Trixie whass a found girl, and she is a bout 7 years old.

She is the berry sweet girl, and her Foster Mom says she is the best,
easiest most wonder full companion ebber to be.
She iss completely house trained.
She does no fing wrong.
She lubbs teu be lubbed but is naught needy.

She is healfy and ready to move in wif Yeu!

And then all so there whass the berry available Mackey.

Mackey is a big blonde boy wheu hass been shaved
teu help wif sum hot spots.
He iss a gorgeous boy.

All so there was the Weimeraner Rescue of Texas.
And representing them whass...

Like me, Jasper has found his Forebber home,
and his the Mom bought him thiss swell Orvis duck.

Jasper is really cute.
I want his duck.

Here is Jasper wif sum more ob his friends.

I fink this is Smokey.
Please to forgibbs me iff I haff gotten the name wrong.

And thiss here is available Laddy,
a Golden mix boy...
Juss a little short in stature, this boy hass
the soft and gorgeous golden furs!

And then there whass all so...
The Available Bruce!

The Bruce is a ham sum red boy wheu cood yeuse a cheese burger or teu.
He is berry sweet and good natured.
Hiss ear hass been shabed on a counta he had a hema toba.
It iss all healed up and he is deuing great.

All so at Orvis...

The Available Henry

Henry is a big boy wheu found his self in a shelter...
And GRRH sprung him from there.

He whass berry berry skinny.
He hadd the mange.
And he whass berry berry sickly.

That whas then and this is now!
Henry is feeling great!
His furs are growing soft and long...
And he is a habby, habby boy!

Henry's Foster Mom says he is furry furry smart.
One lesson or one correction, and Henry gets it!
And my the Mom says he is a doll!
The Mom says Orvis Dog Days whass really fun.
I wood naught know on a counta I whass home in my little reum.

I whass quite disturbed when she came home wif all the cheating smells,
and the tales of hot dogs...

I whass treuly kinda mad.
But then she told me that she won a Orvis Sheep door prize...

[And she all so bought me a duck like Jasper's]
I lubbs Dog Days at Orvis!!!
Please teu go by there this week and purchase raffle tickets!
There are teu great prizes,
and the drawing whill be held at the end of this week.
Proceeds whill be divided between
Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston
and the Weimeraner Rescue group.
Habby Dog Days!!!


  1. Reuf,

    Wow ! what a fun day for your Mom and even though you had to stay in your little ruem, we know you were glad that the Mom was getting the word out about all the Goldens that need forever homes.
    We wish we could take them all. That is one cute little lamb you got, please don't do any major surgery on him.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Hi Reufus,

    You did a very fine description of the events that you did not get to because you had to stay in your little reum. You are good natured, Reuf, and even when you are mad, you get over it with some gifty toys. Wonderful dog is what you are, your the Mom got the best.