Friday, May 11, 2012

A Trip By Any Other Name

I deu lubbs me a trip!
Going any where wif my the Mom is juss tops.
I go pretty many playces,
so I deu habs eckspecktayshuns,
and I deu all so habs fabe oritts...
but mostly,
I am just habby teu
And so in my book,
a trip to the V-E-T...
is still a trip what I lubbs!!!

It iss kinda blurry,
but here iss me lighting up the waiting reum
wif my win sum smile!

There whas all so smells teu be in vestigated.

And then the Mom finks I shood demon strate
my CGC training...
So here is me 'settle' ing.

Here is me proofing I can deu it.

And here is me, habby to hear the R word...
'R E L E A S E'
one ob my fabe oritt words really.
It whas kind ob a slow day in the waiting reum,
so I whas habby teu hear my name called...

The Check-Up

And like a well trained boy,
I did hop right up onto the big silver 'box'...

I fought it whas like hopping onto a box in agility,
but this box came wif slight hyeumilly-ashun...
the a nnouncement of my weight.


Are Yeu kidding me?
I habs been eating diet feuds and all so working out...
And I habs lost only one stinking pound???

Perhaps we need to re-bisit my a ppearance...

Perhaps I am slender abbter all...

Perhaps my head is bigger than the aberage boy...
Or perphaps I am simply hebby boned...

I recubber from the shock of habbing my weight tooken,
and fink...
Did someone drop some treats here?

And if only the add venture habs juss stopped there, but no...

I habs no problem eckspressing my self from the front end,
butt I whas tooken teu the back reum teu express my self from the back end...
and all so teu gibbs up some samples.

And when I came back, I fought it best teu just...
Be a good boy.

Dogtor Mark did berry soon come in and gibbs me the once ober, a berry forough look see and all so four shots.

Ebbery fing look and all sound good teu him. I did habbs some stuff on my back toofies what he fink cood be tooken off wif a no aunty-feezha toofy cleaning.

I all so did habbs some itty bitty bumpies what are coming and going, and Dogtor Mark look at them all. He say they are 'pustular dermatitis' what are resolving their own self. 
The Mom's Big Fing

The Mom [wheu whorries a bout her sweet boy] posed the question a bout my physical condition and all so the sport of agility in general. My the Mom ecksplained teu him that whee juss wanna deu it fur fun. [Teu tell treuf, the Mom iss berry worried a bout me hurting my self. She iss looking fur reason teu pull me from the class what I habs habbily enrolled my own self]

My the Dogtor Mark pushed and pulled on me, front and back and all ober the playce... and then he said:
  • Reufus shows no sign of pain or diss comfort.
  • Reufus habs ecksellent range of moe shun.
  • Dogs are designed teu be affletes.
  • Dogs lubbs teu be challenged in affletick ways.
  • If I am ebber injured, agility shood be suspended until I am cleared by my the Dogtor Mark. And this is my only restrickshun. Wheu Heu!!!
  • Pawty On!!! [Whell, tecknickully... the Dogtor Mark did naught say this.]

All in all...
A Trip teu the V-E-T...
by any other name iss still...
A Trip!

I lubbs going wif my the Mom teu any where.
I whill trade teu be poked and prodded...
fur staying home a lone...
any day ob the week!!!

Butt... It iss still good teu know that the trolley
is berry most likely heading home!

Second to playces I get to go...
Home is the berry best!!!

The V-E-T bisit made fur a kinda long day.
I whas berry glad teu get home and drowsily embrace my the ebening...


  1. Wheu Heu, Little Reufus! Good checking up at the Dogtor. So you are all set for agility and no restrictions. That is very good news. One thing I want to know is , did your the Mom continue to wear the stick on her head when you went on this trip?

    I loves your boyish adventures, Reuf, and will look forward patiently (or impatiently) for the next one.

    Your friend,

  2. Good news from the V.E.T.! We agree with you about trips in the car, and as far as we are concerned, the longer the better!

    Me and some other wirey guys have a "Substantial Wires" Club. Maybe you could start one for Goldens, or maybe we could make you an honorary member?

    But you are most large, even for a "substantial" wire, so starting your own is a good idea.


  3. Oh! I can relate. Momma said I was Phat, but the vet used that word with an "F" in front! Ughghghg, the vet. A long day for you, but you got to spend it with your Momma!

  4. Reufus,

    Your trip to the VET sounds uneventful, which is good. We can't wait for pictures and videos of you doing agility. We will be in our box seats, right behind the dugout watching with great anticipation.
    Hamish & Sophie
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  5. We are finking dat yeu should drop a pound or two doing the agility. Also, if your the Mom in inclined a nice walk in the evening would be a good fing for yeu and for the Mom. Of course, does the Mom realize that in agility she is going to be called upon to run around the track, too☺. Good for bof of yeu.

  6. You are so very handsome,Reu. Glad you had a good visit. It must be nice for your mom to visit the vet and come away happy. Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Reuf, I am glad the doctor thinks you're a very healthy boy! It sounds like he agrees with you instead of with your The Mom!


  8. Sweet Reuf, you are so handsome in your pictures and I think you look just fine and fit! I understand why your The Mom worries though about you....just like every mom who loves there sweet boy or girl, anything could happen! Holly would tell you that I drive her crazy with worrying about her doing this or that when she's just running around the backyard! You must have gotten tired going all the way to the Vet and back but at least you were able to ride in the Trolley with The Mom! You can't beat that!!! I hope you and The Mom are having a great weekend and maybe you will get a treat or two just for being so good looking and extra smart!! Love you lots!!

  9. PAWTY on fur sure!

    Weu seem to be like me in that the trip to The Vet is a social event!

    Furry well done!

    PeeEssWoo: Is it Reuf or is it Harlmorex?

  10. You are such a good boy, Reufus!


  11. Glad you are in excellent health and have the OK to enjoy Agility Class, Reufus. Going on rides trumps being left at home alone any day!