Saturday, May 5, 2012

Trolley Stops

Habby Saturday, Ya'all!

We got up early this morning, though not as early as most days and naught as early as I wood haff liked... but we did get up early this morning.
I quick like determined that this day was one that started wif an "S" on a counta smart boys can juss tell. We did a little bit of going back to bed after tasty foods, and we did watch some tv, play 'settle and reward' and chat a good bit a bout this and all so that.

I had high hobes fur a fun outing wif the Mom when I boarded the trolley wif my beach bag full of towels. I juss knew whee were going swimming!

So there fore imagine my shock when the trolley deboarded at...
OMD Baff Time at Dirty Hairy

This iss my furd time, and I am starting teu get the hang of just grin and bare it and be fore I know it, I whill be clean and full ob the good smelling yeu calyptus and pepper mint.
The Woman takes pitchers of ebbery fing.
Now there was one fing a bout this baff what did make it kinda fun...
This baff liquid tastes a little like water.
And that is that I baffed wif a friend! Yeu may remember, from last week's Orvis Dog Days post...

Miss Trixie
Fank Yeu. Fank Yeu furry much.
GRRH's Berry Available Sweet Girl and my the Aunt Karen met us at Dirty Hairy!

Miss Trixie did enjoy her baff furry much. And she knew ecksackly what teu deu... She hopped up in the tub and did ebbery single fing juss right!
Trixie enjoys Dirty Hairy's Oatmeal!
She whas hooked to the front ob the tub, but Trixie wood haff stayed there as long as she whas getting all that the Aunt Karen a ttention and lubbs and all so good rubbing.
Trixie is such a good girl.
Miss Trixie is a berry well be habed girl in the home, and she shows here that she is a doll in the baff.

1. Shampoo 2. Conditioner
Ahem... Back teu Me
Petticoat Junction Moment 1
Ob course, I am all so hooked teu the front ob the tub... but furd time must be the charm on a counta I whas much more better be habed.
Petticoat Junction Moment 2
And all so habby...
Petticoat Junction Moment 3
I lubbs to be towel dried so much that it iss all most worf the preceding baff.
One last shake and we are outta here... Right?

I habbs no pitchers teu proof it, but I was dried wif the big blower fing (hated it and showed a bit of my hind side ober it or so the Mom says) and all so got my nails trimmed and grinded smoof by Mario wheu is so furry nice and all so good wif my feets.

Miss Trixie, ob course... She enjoyed the air blowing machine, the brushing and all ob it. She iss kind ob a goody teu sheus. Juss saying. :o)

I tole my Dirty Hairy friends good bye and see yeu in a few weeks (what???! wait a minute!) and then we boarded the trolley. I quick like asseumed the nap position for the ride home but when we deboarded, whee were naught at home at all. Whee were at...

Please to fur give my lazy sit.
This iss one ob my most faborite playces on a counta they habbs fun toys and all so berry tasty fings fur sale there. Here is the me insisting that we order one ob those big cookie cakes!

Rocky & Maggie's is the pet speshullty store what is owned and run by Bill and Jen, wheu's lives are featured on the TLC's hit show... The Little Couple.

Please teu read a bout this terrific couple!

A nother big star of the show is Rocky...

And all so his sister, Maggie!

Yeu really get the royal treat ment when you bisit their store and there is so berry many fings I cood recommend but I am the biggest fan ebber and shood be the spokes dog (juss saying) fur the tater gators! They are nom nommy!

Teuday I all so did get to meet Bill, and he did pet me. I did want to haff my pitcher tooken wif him but the Mom did naught want to bother him. Why I deu naught know... she hass nebber ebber fought a fing a bout bothering me but I digress...

Be sides fack I whas running a few gators low, whee were all so there fur a...

A long wif the berry available Miss Trixie and all so the Aunt Karen (ob course), whee were the furst to arrive but then this Sweet Boy did a  ppear.

And the Mom, she did be come instantly... enamored.

Finn. And he iss working it.
I deu naught know what teu think of this... enamor mint... butt I fink I haff seen that look on her face be fore, last year a bout this time.

Finn. Again. Habbing a MOMent wif MOM.
Finn is a bout 5 years old. MY the Mom clearly finks he is berry ham sum. HIS Foster Mom says he is a berry good boy. He lubbs to be a round his people, but he is naught needy. He is heartworm positive, hass started the anty biotics and whill start ackehwall treatment soon.
Finn Pro File.
The Mom sure did take a lot of pitchers of him.
The Berry Content Finn
Finn and I did get a long juss fine. I did naught deu any ob my tusslings or playings wif him, but whee were all supposed to be on our best be habeyeurs. And I did try.

Finn sharing a bowl of water wif Fletch
I deu naught know what to tell Yeu. This be one of those fings what make Yeu go hmmm... and Yeu juss sit back and watch the Mom's brain work. I whill keep Yeu posted.

Meanwhile and all so, there whas odder dogs there!
L teu R: Me, Trixie, Murphy, Finn
Meet the berry available Murphy and Shasta!
Murphy stands ober the play full Shasta
Those teu were tussling juss a little butt mostly kissing! It whas cute. I whanted to join in, but the Mom fought odder wise.

Later in the day, Miss Trixie commanded the floor.
Trixie contemplating a run fur the door
It whas a berry bizzy and all so FUN day! I did habbily board the trolley and settle in fur a nap. There whas quite a bit ob traffick on the way home, but it did naught bother me in the least.

Home Sweet Home

Tired. A Little. Me.
I enjoyed a romp frew and some businesses conducted in the back yard and then whee did settle in fur some rest under the cool airs. A bout an hour later, I wanted a reminder of my berry fun day.

My Loot
Me and Fun Stuff from Rocky & Maggie's

Such a big day... and now it's time fur bed.
Many Fanks fur coming a long wif me!


  1. So, will Aunt Bea start khalling woo Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo, or Billie Jo?

    PeeEssWoo: My The Mom says OH THANK WOO fur the earworm!

  2. Reufus,
    We are trying to catch our breath from your description of your day. You are the most fun !!!!.
    So Finn is a nice guy.....Mmmmmm just thinking and just saying a friend for you might be a wonderful beautiful occurrence, did I say I was just saying ???

    As they say, we will stay tuned for further developments as they happen.

    Hamish & Sophie &
    Mom & Dad

  3. What an exciting and fun day it turned out to be! I was a little worried that it started with a bath, but I see it turned out alright in the end. Your mom does seem to really like that Finn... I think Trixie looks like a total sweetie!


  4. What a wonderful day you did have with your the Mom. She sure knows how to show you a good time, doesn't she? Hmmm, could she be thinking that you need a brofur to play with? Hmmm, that the Mom of yours is always up to something, isn't she?☺

  5. WHOA. I mean WHOOOOAAAA - there is another golden Finn?!? How fun!!!! Even though had to take a bath first, but what awesome friends you have!

  6. What a wonderful Sattiday! The muzzer watches the program with the Bill person, prolly because she is only a couple inches taller than he is :)

    We gots one of them Baff places close by here too, and it must just be a co-incie-dance that Muzzer's favorite clothing store is close by.

    just sayin


  7. Reufus, you sure had a super day didn't you!! Starting with the trolley and Dirty Hairy's place which really seems like it would be fun! Love your friends too and the loot you got!! You look so wonder The Mom wants to get pictures of you!! Lots of love and hugs!

  8. This is our favorite way to spend a Saturday--A bath would be okay too! :-)