Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Be Reufus

Hello Friends and Habby Fursday!
Ass yeu know, I deu like to deu berry many fings.
Yeu are following me.
I am good at some of them
and naught so good at others,
but I deu like deuing them.
And the berry best fing I deu is...

Be Reufus
Whatcha got dere, Mom?
I haff many sides teu my own self. Fur instance, I haff the out side and the in side.

Hahahahaha... That joke nebber ebber gets old.

Butt seriously, I know Yeu fink that I am all whays silly and gregariyuss butt I am all so some times complentatiff and fought full. This iss yeusheully when I am being whatched closely by the Mom.
Look fur me. Iss she still there?

I am all so a bit centered on my own self, a bit 'look at me', a bit mourn full, a bit persy kyeuted a bit steudyuss and in tent fur what I whant... and whant now.
I am so putt upon by the Mom's smuffering a tenchun.

I can all so be a bit a leuf... butt that is mostly when the Mom is up in my shizzle is whatching me closely.
That cardinal iss flying really low.

This iss me being polite.
Yes yes... Me. Being. Polite.
I so hobes there is someone there to
Please helbs Yeu up off the floors!
Still there...

Here I am pracktissing my hip nautick side.
I deu naught haff teu be looking
at Yeu wif my eyes.
I can deu it wif my pro file.
Hip Nauticks at Whork
Tell the treuf...
Yeu are feeling berry relaxed...
Now repeat abter me...
Yeu I am berry sweepy.
"The Reufus is berry berry trust worfy.
He iss a good boy what deus berry many good fings."

Yeah yeah yeah, I know...
Best ob all fings...
I be Reufus!

Hang in there My Friends!
The HollyDay Weekend is all most here!

Habby Memorial Day!


  1. Weu are magikh!

    Weu made us get furry furry sleepy -

    Off teu bed we go!

    Miss Fluffy Tail

  2. You know what, Reufus - you are all those things and more, but most of you, you ARE YOU, Reu!!! And we all love you just that way.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Reufus, You have so many good qualities and weather you can do them all the time or perfect every time we do not care.
    We lubs you for being Yeu.
    Your too young to remember a TV show called "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, but he had saying "We love you just the way you are".
    That is exactly how we feel.

    Hamish (the sick boy, milking it for all it's worth), Sophie and foster Joe.
    & Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  4. You "Be Reufus" better than any pup...or human...that I know! That's what the entire Whte Dog Army loves about you!

  5. I just love that you know how to be yourself and no one else- just you.
    And yes, the beautiful you has made me sleepy with your eyes and your words!

  6. Yes, almost to the holiday where you and the Mom will spend an extra day together doing fun things or maybe just cuddling on the big bed and watching teevee. That is what holidays are about - doing what makes you happy. BUT we must not forget the many men, women and dogs who have given their lives for our freedom on this most sacred weekend. Without those brave souls we would not be able to enjoy all of our great freedoms.

  7. Weu-heu, Reuf! What an amazing post! Now, I not only see the cute and funny Reuf,but the hypnotic Reuf, the thoughtful Reuf, the polite Reuf, your depth and talents just go on and on. You are one of my most favored pup boys, Reuf, and you always will be! Yes, I am sleepy, my dear, and you are responsible. So I will just drift off into Sleepyla....

  8. Reufus, I don't think it's possible that you could ever have a bad side! We adore all your facets!