Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skool Night

Teunight is Skool Night.
I am berrily busy on TeusDays and that means that I deu naught haff much time to check in wif Yeu, All My Best Friends!!!

And so I haff this idea last week that I wood take some pitchers and post them thiss week so Yeu can be in the Spirit ob Skool Night. And though it iss one week old Spirit...
It iss still Spirit.
Ob Skool Night.

I arribed last week teu see the yard
highlighted in the sky.

Thiss iss me in "the business yard".

I am naught deuing any business,
butt I am checking the work of otters.

check check check check check

Then I did notice that there whas a Golden
on the otter side ob the fence.

Here is me sit staying be fore class.
[Sorry fur the blurries.
The Mom did naught whant teu yeuse the flashy.]

Here I am down staying.



Still, and a...

I deu lubbs Skool Night. Last week we worked on pivots, turns and finishes.
And ass all ways, whee played some berry fun games!
Whee haff worked berry hard this week,
and I can naught wait teu go back teunight!

I need teu work on a life feed so
Yeu can go wif me next week!
Wood that naught be the funnest fing???

Monday, May 28, 2012

Habby Memorial Day and a Swim at Rummy's!!!

Habby Memorial Day

Whee need ebbery day teu be mind full
of those wheu whatch ober and proteckt our freedoms,
those wheu ensure whee haff the luckshurry ob life's wonderfullness.
And on Memorial Day, whee stop teu say it out loud...
Whee are so berry gratefull fur Our Veterans and Our Troops what haff sackrificed so much and some times... all... so that whee can enjoy the life whee... enjoy.
Fank Yeu.
From bottom of our hearts...
Fank Yeu.

And one luckshurry fur which I am berry most gratefull...
a trip in the trolley.
Trolley Passenger
I whas berry most ecksitable
when whee boarded the trolley.
And once I realized that the compass pointed norf,
I knew I shood juss lay down
and rest fur all the fun in store...
Patience is Golden. Waiting in the Trolley.

Traffick was light and whee got there a little early,
but I knew ecksackly where we were...

Rummy's Beach Club!
The Gates Teu Paradise aka Rummy's Beach Club

What I did naught know iss
that I wood be joined by my good friends and
Cousins Rizzi (front) and Zeke (yellow life jacket)!

Oh... And guess what!
I gradyeu ated to a lighter life jacket.
Yesssss, it iss red!
Lisa fitting me in a lighter weight jacket.

It whass a scramble as Lisa opened the gate!
Gold Rush... teu the peul gate.

I whas the first in the pool...
Hop. Splash.
Butt I haff a small reservation, so back out I come!
Circle, Sip and Splash back in.
And then I charge right back in!
Hop Hop Hop... Splash
Oh yeah...
Me and The Bishop Boys are here to habbs the FUN!
Gold Cluster
Me and Zeke hob out teu haff a good shake!
Sh... sh... sh... shake

Back In...
Charging in wif confickshun.

Back Out... fur a quick run round.
No running round the peul.

Lisa is frowing the toys in the peul.
I am hobbing in teu go abter them!
This iss how I dive.

Making the circle teu swim back in.
Me and Rizzi
Zeke (yellow), Me (red) and Rizzi.
Me and Cousin Zeke
I deu lubbs to retriebe the toys.
Wubba Retriebal

I deu habbs some fabe oritts and thiss here wubba iss one ob them!

Making waves wif my Wubba

I deu lubbs teu swim.
And I did swim berry strong and long teuday.
I made my self berry habby and the Mom berry proud.

The Mom took 203 pitchers and/or bideos
I fink it iss imp portant teu pace YEUr own self
 so I HAM going teu dribble them out
in a more leeshurlee fashion.

Here is whishing Yeu
A Foughtfull and Memorable Memorial Day

Sunday, May 27, 2012

PAL, More Sides teu My Self & All So Some Training

Habby Sunday!
I deu so hobes Yeu are all enjoying yeur weekend!

Whee haff a few goals...
a few fings what whee are trying to a ccomplish this weekend.

First, whee are trying to complete my AKC PAL application.

Fur all wheu deu naught know what this is... Purebred Alternative Listing iss a program offered by AKC to allow unregistered dogs of registrable breeds to compete in AKC Performance and Companion Events.

Yeu see, I am berry most likely a registered golden retrieber... butt ass a rescue and all so unclaimed stray, my information iss lost. I am grateful that the AKC hass this program so that... IF I am appreufed... I can compete in rally and obedience and haff my scores compared teu odder golden retriebers.

And that iss why the Mom hass been taking so berry many pitchers all up in my shizzle. She hass been evalyeuating what whee need teu deu fur our final photo sheut, butt fur now, I share...

More Sides Teu My Self
My Back Side
Yeu are checking out my back side, aren't Yeu?
Feathers. Check.
Fluffy Tail. Check.


Back Side
Side Side

Back Side... Again
Can Yeu imagine running yeur fingers frew it???

Top Side
Partial Reuf Plan... Ha!
Most ob Yeu know that me and the Mom habbs been in the training classes fur all most a year. Deu naught confyeuse that wif any sorf ob idea that whee are good at obedience. It iss juss a indy cayshun that whee haff been whorking at it a berry long time.

Whee really don't habbs any one teu bideo any ob our deuings,
so the Mom decided teuday teu film me in

A Berry Unannounced Sit Stay

I did naught break my sit stay, but I did turn it in teu a down stay... what is naught right, but iss all so naught as wrong ass I haff been before and cood haff been teuday.
Yeu muss know that the Mom iss learning ebbery much ass and prolly more than I am! Learning how to correct me when I break my command iss some fing she iss studying. She did naught deu whell here, butt it whas good fur her teu evalyeuate her own self. Juss saying.

And now back teu spoiling the Reufus...
[ass iff it is naught all a bout than any ways]
Here is me...

 Sitting fur a tasty NomNom

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Be Reufus

Hello Friends and Habby Fursday!
Ass yeu know, I deu like to deu berry many fings.
Yeu are following me.
I am good at some of them
and naught so good at others,
but I deu like deuing them.
And the berry best fing I deu is...

Be Reufus
Whatcha got dere, Mom?
I haff many sides teu my own self. Fur instance, I haff the out side and the in side.

Hahahahaha... That joke nebber ebber gets old.

Butt seriously, I know Yeu fink that I am all whays silly and gregariyuss butt I am all so some times complentatiff and fought full. This iss yeusheully when I am being whatched closely by the Mom.
Look fur me. Iss she still there?

I am all so a bit centered on my own self, a bit 'look at me', a bit mourn full, a bit persy kyeuted a bit steudyuss and in tent fur what I whant... and whant now.
I am so putt upon by the Mom's smuffering a tenchun.

I can all so be a bit a leuf... butt that is mostly when the Mom is up in my shizzle is whatching me closely.
That cardinal iss flying really low.

This iss me being polite.
Yes yes... Me. Being. Polite.
I so hobes there is someone there to
Please helbs Yeu up off the floors!
Still there...

Here I am pracktissing my hip nautick side.
I deu naught haff teu be looking
at Yeu wif my eyes.
I can deu it wif my pro file.
Hip Nauticks at Whork
Tell the treuf...
Yeu are feeling berry relaxed...
Now repeat abter me...
Yeu I am berry sweepy.
"The Reufus is berry berry trust worfy.
He iss a good boy what deus berry many good fings."

Yeah yeah yeah, I know...
Best ob all fings...
I be Reufus!

Hang in there My Friends!
The HollyDay Weekend is all most here!

Habby Memorial Day!