Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: The Mini Disaster Edition

Habby Friday 
Welcome teu 
Our Mini Disaster Edition

Many fings habbs habbened
since my last bublication,
and now iss the time 
where I catch yeu ub on
the habbenings.
- - - - -
Foster Training Ebent

The Mom and I got there a little early
so the Handler and I cood get a little training in...
and then...

 I got teu blay some
berry fun fetch.

 I got teu stretch my legs,
be silly
and really romb...

 It whas 

And at long last...
I finally habbs the obborteunity teu
enjoy the water at 
Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash.

 I whas habbing 
So Much Fun...
and then...
and then...
and then...

Wheu deus arribe butt...
My Berry Best Bals
Sophie [left] and Louie [right].
Cindy [left] and Alan [right].

Wif many abologies teu
Cindy and Alan
fur the Media Secretary's
boor bicksher taking skills...
I rush in teu greet the Louie

and teu my left iss
bretty little girl
GRRH's Regal 
wheu iss adobtion bending...
And here iss me gretting
a nodder bolunteer,
"Welcome teu Dirty Hairy's"

Thiss berry imbortant ebent
whas led by Alan wheu shared 
many imbortant tibs fur
training and direckting behabiors
in fosters and neu adobtees.

Alan and Louie leading the Training Ebent.
 The Mom habbs knot fostered much
since she tooken on me
butt whee were there teu boaf
learn any and all tibs...

 and teu test my
CGC skills


 I did berry foroughly enjoy 
all ob the lubbs and attenshuns
what whas labished on me.

And I habbs decided 
I need teu little girls ob my berrry own...
Yess Yessssss.
Freu no fault ob my own
butt on a counta 
the Handler's leg fell asweeb,
I whas whisked teu the back 

ob the church
teu watch. 

 And from the back
I watched
my teu little girls
labish the lubbs on 
the Louie...

all because 
my the berry old Handler's leg 
did fell asweeb.

Sweeby leg stuff aside,
it whas a berry success full ebent wif
many fanks teu Lauren fur butting it teugeffer
and teu Alan fur all the great tibs and instruckshun.
- - - - -
Later that Night
I did charge right frew
Orbille's Web.

Sorry, Dude.
- - - - -
aka Catch Ub Day
aka Chore Day

Sunday started wif a relacksed bace
ob getting fings done 
while also enjoying a non-facktory day...

And then all ob a sudden...
the wheffer turned on uss...


Our home habbed many fings going on...
cool airs and fans,
washer and dryer...
and then
they. all. did. come. teu. 
a. stob.
around noon.
According teu reborts
a small tornado
or microburst
did come frew our neighborhood.

There were ubreuted trees,
broken boles,
downed bower lines
and all manner ob such. 

Whee finally did get our bower on 
around 9:00pm
and then it went off at 9:15pm

only teu come back on when...
whee were
fast. a. sweeb.
- - - - -
TeeBees and Interwebs
Whee were wifout it until

Welcome Me Back teu The World!!!
- - - - -
Ob course,
Fursday iss also |
Skool Night.
And thiss week whas
Agility Only Night.

It whas an ebening...
Fun, Instruckshun and Mayhem...

Short comings aside,
I fink ebbery one whill agree
I habbs the tremendous dribe.
In turn, wif all the great sbirit in me,
 I habbs dribben the Handler...

- - - - -
Our Friday
Whee juss did our usual
thiss and thatt

 and I did
take a nabb
wif the Mom's sheus fur
a billow.

 And then I did hear a noise...
The hurricane haircut tree trimmers 
habbs returned here...

Yeu see,
 they were here yesterday
but found
in our neighbor's tree..

Bee Keeber in Neighbor's Tree
Cheers teu The Mom
She tooken me out teu take a look-see...
 a meet and greet
ob sorts...

I got teu
stand around wif them...

 and ask the Mom

Wee looked ub in the tree...
and waited fur the ascend... 
*drum roll*
it began and
the ober-brotecktiff the Mom
tooken me inside...

 so I missed this
 and this
 and I did habbs teu rely on
Cousin Sammy

 fur hiss seuberbisory skills...
 on a counta
deu teu
snart + steamy breaf...

 I cood knot see a fing.
 The Grounds Keeber 
did go out front and monitor brogress...

and I did go teu the front
and monitor her brogress.

Front windows
what are a clean canbass...

and fresh obborteunity fur some
Great Snart. 

Yess Yesss.
More About Our Friday
Whee did some lolling.

I did some laying by the back door.
I did also lay the obbosite whay.
I did smooooch wif the nabbing Mom.
And when the yard cleared,
I did go out fur an insbeckshun.

A few small sticks whurr left be hind.

 Yess Yesssss
how ebber...
the becan tree iss much lighter on hiss feetsies...

much more agile and dodgy,
 ready teu take on the storms,
blowing wif the bunches and ett settera...
Uh huh,
stress full wheffer bossibly ahead.
I fink it iss getting teu be...
Dinner Time
 Follow the tail teu the nose
the kitching.
And ass a Fun Friday
draws teu a close...
Welcome teu
The Friday Night Cheu
 I see it.
I smell it.
 Yess. Yesssssss.
A Bully Stick Friday.
Chomb Chomb Chomb. 
 Smack Smack Smack.
And juss in case yeu fink
I lean teu much on
the Media Secretary
 I bresent yeu wif this
combelling ebidence...
And now,
Ass whee bring thiss busy week teu a close...
I send eudles ob lubbs to my Uncle Tom,
my berry best whishes and lubbs teu Cousins Katie and Scott,
my lubbs, brayers and foughts teu all my friends in need,
mose esbeshully in my heart teunight...
the Sam and the George.
Brayers are rolling
right along wif
whishes fur a wonderful weekend...


  1. WHEW! What an exhaustin' turn o'events, Reufus! I don't know how you even find the time to relate said events to your media secretary. It's no wonder you look so tired in the last few pics. I hope your trees will no longer throw down their limbs and try to run when storms appear on the horizon......even though said limbs are nomalicious. Good thing your media secretary provides bully sticks as a substitute.

    Happy Weekend my friend!
    Chester ;-)

  2. Reuf. Talk about Busy, you need a long vacation along with The Mom.
    Hope this week is quite and boring as we think you all need that.
    Have a Great Fathers Day.......

    Cousins Hamish & Emma,
    Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob

  3. My goodness, your days, and nights, are just packed with exciting events! Sending much love to you and your the Mom from the tip of the Mitten State.

  4. We so enjoy following your weekly adventures! We all come into the computer room and sit around as momma reads your words to us! You make us wag and squirm and sometimes bark right out loud! Thanks for sharing all of your fun and excitement.