Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: New Skool Edition

Hello Friends
Welcome teu Friday Night wif The Wrights
 Ass yeu can see,
I habbs sbent much ob my day in
the lab ob the Mom,
more about which
I whill tell yeu later
on a counta thiss iss
the time teu tell yeu 

Fings About My Week

My Diet and Ecksersize Brogram
iss still in brogress.
I habbs been for many walks,
bawsing fur
barious and sundry sniffings.  
Ass it turns out,
there are many
message boards 
and ob course,
light boles 
and HI drants. 
 There are grasses
many grasses
and it iss my deuty
teu sniff them...
all the whay there
and all the whay home.
- - - - -
In odder news
brings a hussle and bussle ob acktibity
teu our home.

It also brings
the Bug....
and join me in a heart felt
Welcome Back
Orbille the Orb Weaber.
 Ass yeu can see
by the oak tree scale figyeur...
 Orbille iss huge.
Orbille builds
the mose amazing webs
ebbery single night...
works ob art, really
butt I digress...
- - - - -

And now fur some
Big Ecksiting News...
Fur the lass teu monfs or so,
I habbs been going teu

My New Skool
Storms freaten butt roll bast Krafty K9.
Yess Yess...
I amb now a steudent ob
Krafty K9 Kollege Dog Sports
Here I amb looking longingly
in teu
The Agilities Field
Let me teu those
jumbs and obstackles...
I amb ready teu habbs
Now before I go furfer...
Krafty K9 Dog Sports
iss a serious skool wif a fun enbironment.
And while I deu lubbs teu
regale yeu wif the fun stories
ob miss chief and may hem...
the Handler and I
deu work berry hard
while habbing
the FUN.
Our furst class ob the ebening iss
"Pre-Novice Obedience"
Whee libbs
 juss a few short minutes away from
the Smart Dog Training Center
where our classes are held
so getting there early gibbs me
an obbortunity teu bracktiss
calm separayshun and kenneling
in a hub bub ob acktibity...
no broblem.
I did try teu nibble a bit on the sbiders
butt odder wise...
no worries.
Class time rolls round
I amb ready to
and I did habbs
a GREAT time.
Thiss week whas
the first night ob boaf classes.
Whee did really lubbs
the format ob our obedience class
and are berry ecksited about
learning more.
And then ass
the Handler's tummy gurgled,
whee entered
The Agility Field.
Yeu see...
The Handler
can be berry worry full
on a counta
she SO whants uss teu be
a good team.
So while whee were far from
she whas reliebed that
I did try my berry best teu follow
the Handler's *direckshun.
[*knot an easy task, mind yeu]

It whas
a berry fun ebening
butt also
a berry long ebening...
Yeu see the Mom the Handler
sbent the day
on her feet and in the heat,
on the jobsite, looking at stuff like this
 so free hours ob
obedience and agility classes
on her feetsies,
while muchly more fun
left her
worn SLAB out.
And now blease teu join me
ass I abologize fur
the Handler's the Mom's callous indisgreshun lass night.
She whas berry ecksauceted when...
she walked right frew
Orbille's Web.
Berry sad teu see hiss
gorgeous art destroyed
butt I fink he might habbs been quite amused
teu hear the Mom saying ober and ober...
"sorry dude. really... so berry sorry dude"
- - - - -
Hard Work and No Play No Lazinesses

The great fing about my hard work
iss that it iss also all blay.,,
butt I deu knot want yeu teu fink
that I deu knot work berry hard on
on a counta,
I deu.
Here iss how I bulled a shirt off a hanger
teu be my billow...
Yeah. Billow...
thuss concleuding
ebents ob my week
and now...
Here iss me when
the Mom the came home teuday.
Berry coincidentally,
the Concierge
 habbs juss come home teu.
mmmm... breads.
freuts and begetables...
and the Osteo Bi-Flex
what habbs prooben teu be
a ginormous miss take,
butt I digress...
It iss going teu be
a tasty week.
The nose knows it.
Whee did sbend a berry
short amount ob time
out ob doors teuday...
butt I did get teu train a bit
in ob doors.
Sit / Stay
Imbulse Control
*get it*
*chomb chomb chomb*
And now...
The Great Osteo Bi-Flex Incident ob 2013
The Handler The Mom
habbed the legs and feetsies what hurt
so she tooken a subblement
teu feel better
and now the legs and feetsies feel betterer butt
the tummy troubles and dizzinesses
just. freaking. awfuller. than. awful.
Whee did bile ub and take
a nab.
mose ob which wif
my head on her hand...
and then whee did whake ub teu
whatch a bit ob
yess yess...
whee deu lubbs
Big Bang Pheory.
I also did take the obborteunity teu
lay a bit in the sun.

Here iss me wif the flash...
and here iss me in the sun
rocking my
the long eye brows.
And now ass yeu are whell aware,
a faborite ob mine...
the Friday Night Cheu
Teunight's Cheu...
Venison Joe's Antler.
Whee habbs
a berry big and busy
weekend scheduled...

and whee hobes berry much that
the tummy troubles
deu knot
cramb our blans...
butt at thiss boint,
whee won't count on it.
What whee know iss...
Our weekend whill be
Full ob Lubbs.

Whishing A Full Weekend fur Yeu


  1. We hope your mom feels better after taking that supplement! Mom is such a light weight herself - she has a hard time taking anything!


  2. I sorry about ur Mom's tummy. Hope she is all better soon. :) Yay for ur noo skool!

  3. So very sorry about the Mom's tummy. I take a glucosamine/chondroitin with msm daily, and if the pain gets the best of my I'll slug down a Celebrex (prescription). Maybe you should see your dog-tor for a few suggestions about pain. I know what it's like when feet and legs hurt and it's no picnic.

  4. Whew...what a berry busy week you had.

    Hope the mom gets to feeling better soon. Give her lots of slurpy kisses from us.

    gus n teka

  5. I wonder if your Mom has the same thing I have had? I've not felt well all week. But YOU have certainly had a very busy one, after reading all you've been doing, I think I need to go back to bed!! :-)

    By the way, Orbille makes me a little nervous! :-)

  6. Reufus,
    I don't know how long it takes to put you blog together but it is one of the best and funny.
    Keep on making so many smile, and tell The Mom to beware of the spiders.

    Cousins, Hamish & Emma
    Uncle Bob and untie Sheila.

  7. Hello there rescue Reufus, so nice to meet you. I'm really glad that you got rescued by a wonderful organisation and then found such a fabulous home.