Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: saw saw buzz buzzzz bam bammm kchick kchick Edition

Hurray It's Friday
Habby Summer teu Yeu.
I amb told by
the beoble
wheu libbs inside my teebee
that teuday iss
the furst day ob the season,
It iss 94 degrees Eff
and Seben Oclock in the Ebening.
I beg yeur bardon,
butt ackording teu the me,
it habbs been summer
fur quite a while, fank yeu.
And now it seems once more...
I digress.
- - - - -
Enough ob
the wheffer segment,
now iss the time when
I share wif yeu
Many Fings about My Week
Saturday, June 15f
My Cousin Katie married My Bal Scott
and here iss their furst dance.
And juss so yeu know,
Scott inbited me teu attend the nubchewalls,
butt deu teu my behabior last week
at my Skool,
I whas made teu stay home and study.
Here iss
the lubbly Katie...
and here iss
the habby cubble
at the beautiful reception
where there whas
many and tasty foods
and eudles ob fun beobles
The Father ob The Bride,
My Uncle Tom.
Blease I ask yeu teu
click here
and read juss one berry sbeshull fing about
My Uncle T.
He iss the best uncle ebber teu be,
and whee lubbs him wif all our hearts.
- - - - -
Now, once fings settled down after
The Great The Mom Dressing Ub
on a Saturday Night
Ebent ob 2013...
I fought fings were settling down
fur the week.
I mean...
there whas nuffing ub butt
the okayshunnal ear,
and eben it flibbed down.
Ass Monday morning broke,
I did find it odd that
in the stead ob rushing out teu the facktory,
the Mom did loll a bit
after my breakfasts...
and then it habbened.
I heard a man in my backyard
and he whas tearing down
all manner ob stuff.
Then there whas a
"boo boo boo boo"
what I heard out the front window.
And it whas a berry small truck
taking berry big sticks
off a berry big truck
and biling
those big sticks
ub in my dribeway.
the truck and stick show
whas ober,
it whas time teu
get back teu
the stress full job
Sure, I look relacksed
butt deeb in side ob me iss
a boy why can knot wait teu ecksblore
the chaos
what iss
my the back yard.
If I habbed one antler
fur ebbery time
my the Maintenance Manager
"crab ebbery where"
I wood nebber ebber
be in whant ob a good cheu...
And I deu mean
- - - - -
ober the course ob
the neckst free days,
whee did march frew the house,
singing a little diddy I did write,
The Fence Building Song
wif chorus...

"saw saw buzz buzzzz
bam bammm kchick kchick"

And whee all so did
some odder fings.
I tried berry hard
teu calm
the Maintenance Manager's nerbes.
It whas a difficult task
butt I gibben it my all.
Ob course,
it whas knot all blay and no work
on a counta
I also did helb the Accounts Bayable
deu some work
teu helb bay fur
the new fence.
I also did quite a bit ob
obedience training
and here iss me reading
my homework.
Deus thiss homework make my butt look big???
Ob course,
my berry mose faborite bart
whas habbing
(1) lots ob cantaloube in the house
(2) sharing ebbery meal wif the Mom
- - - - -
My the Mom
wood ebbery now and then
whisk me out fur
a wee
but when the men left each ebening,
whee did go out teu ecksblore
and conduck some
Real Business.

The Mom fought I wood 
be fassinated wif the cedar sticks...
butt I whas far more interested in
the trash biles
what held rusty steel
and missy laneeyus
"crab ebbery where"
and then,
and then, and then...
there whas...
*drum roll*
The Rebeal ob Skwirrel Cabone's Bault...
a stock bile...
a beritable buffay
O my.
I digress...
Back teu Work.
Lubbs Bugging
iss berry hard work.
And iffin it whas
a sankshunned sbort.

I wood habss
a Masters Title.

And neckst,
here iss a bit ob
Our The Final Fence
 Here she is from the front.
Ob course,
Our the Architect
deus knot like the hardware
[so stay teuned fur reblacement]...
 and ob also course,
there iss a bunch list.
butt all in all,
the work whas berry whell done,
and that brings me teu...
- - - - -
My Whell Brebared Obedience Class
and My Ill Brebared Agility Class

Me Tired after Skool
One Hour Obedience
One Hour Agility
One Berry Zabbed Reufus

- - - - -
And now...
I fear I habbed droaned on teu long.
Yeu see,
ackording teu
the Media Secretary,
I habbed tooken a big hit in the ratings.
She whill soon butt out a boll
teu find out why...
butt in the meantime,
the Bicksher Editor/Archibist is taking
the hit.
*fassssst forward*
Friday Dinner
kibble + carrots + cantaloube
wait fur it...
then YUM. 
*fassssst furward*
The Friday Night Cheu
 sitting bretty
 blease teu gibbs me...
 *drum roll*
My Tator Gator
 head off
 enjoyed from the tail.
- - - - -
And now, before I close,
I habbs teu tell yeu about
and where our hearts are thiss week...

The Annibersary

June 20, 2008
Gotcha Day

 The Mom and the Me
are fank full fur so berry much.
Whee are rich in our blessings.
Our hearts are full.
And our brayers are rolling...
fur the Sam, fur the George
and fur the berry berry many whee hold dear...


  1. Reufus, We do not know what we would ever do without your blog.
    Your photos, your writing, your inclusion of all the folks in your life is just very,very special.
    We Lub you !!!

    Cousins Hamish & Emma
    Uncle Bob and untie Sheila

  2. I love looking at all your photos! And I love that you share so much with us. You have a sharring heart!

  3. Sam thanks you for the prayers. Our boy sure needs them.

    The new fence is awesome! You have quite the adventures, young Reufus - brother to our Monty!


  4. Oh, dear, you have been very, very busy, Reuf! We're so exhausted after reading about your week we need a nap. We hope next week holds less toil and more play for you. :)

  5. Oh wow, ur tail is nice and floofy. :)

  6. Just love your frog leg sleeping style :) Thanks so much for offers to work together on fund raising. Please let me know what ideas you might have

  7. We love that your pace this week was mellow and languid...seems fitting for these hot summer days! The WDA sends happy gotcha day woos to The Luke and The Mom in memory of one of the most important unions ever (as important as your beautiful cousin's. Our dad, also an architect, agreed about the hardware (sheeesh!)