Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: A Berry Wet Week Edition

Habby Friday
teu our 
A Berry Wet Week Edition 
Friday Night Wrights

Juss like many ob
Our Friends,
in the 
Drought Stricken Souf West,

whee habbed learned teu
The Rains,
eben wif the flash bangs, muds and wet grasses.

And in 
Reufus, Texas 
thiss week...
whee habbed enjoyed...
yea... celebrated...
quite a big drink ob 
Modder Naychers Waters

Ob course
these wets 
what habbs fallen from the sky
habbs altered the week's acktibities...
butt I amb getting a head ob myself.

I wood like teu join
Our Regularly Scheduled Brogramming
what iss
Our Feature 
Fings Whee Did Thiss Week
and the best and mose ecksiting
ob all...
- - - - -
Whee Celebrated
My Uncle Tom's Birfday

and ass a bart ob it...
I held down 
The Fort 
[aka my little reum]
while the Mom, the Aunt Dav and
My Uncle T

sneaked out on Saturday fur
A Fun Celebrayshun!
I amb blanning a nodder barty fur him
what incleudes
boaf foods AND acktibities!!!
- - - - -
Whee did get berry ecksited
teu book a last minute abailability at
butt after whee boarded
The Trolley

and trabelled about twenty minutes,
Rummy's called and said
the radar whas saying bad fings...
so whee turned around
and enjoyed 
the funder storms at home.

The Rest ob the Week
what whas much the same.

There whas
the okayshunall sun shine
the regular and darting squirrels
the clockwork and low flying cardinal
the always reusting dubbs...

 and a nodder big sbider
Whee habbs habbed 
mosely sunny mornings

And here iss the Mom
stretching her self ober
the tob ob me.

The Morning Sun
on my back in the yards...
and all ob us
 heading back
teu the back door.
And now juss fur grins,
here iss
The After Noon Sun
shining her bright face on me.

 And there iss the
now let me in.

And here iss Uss
working on
Our The Team Building Ecksersizes.

 I deu lubbs thiss work.
I deu gets a bit ob 
stretching my legs, bit ob run, bit ob freedom

 on a counta
I deu come when called.
Yess Yessssssssss.
And sbeaking ob such fings,
Double Header Fursday 
did come round and whee did board
The Trolley
My Skool.

Yess Yesssssssss.
Obedience then Agility

and yeu whill nebber ebber
in a billion years
beliebe what yeu are about teu read

I did great.
Whee did great.

 I mean...
Whee habbs TONS teu learn.
Whee habbs a LONG whay teu go.
Butt Fursday Night
whee relished juss a bit
whee stobbed and shniff the broberial roses

whee were juss a bit broud
on a counta 
whee feel a bit ob brogress
whee glimbse a bit ob light 
at the end ob the tunnel.
[hahaha... agility joke]

Yess Yesssss
it whas a great night 
and a great morning
on a counta
the Mom tooken a baycayshun day
wif the good intenshuns ob going teu

Me and My Bal Louie Weiner
 butt wif many facktors inbolbed,
incleuding being the berry dead butt tired
from all manner ob stuff
boaf related teu me and also knot...

Hanging wif Louie
 The Mom tooken teuday teu
lay in a bit wif 
her sweet boy
catch ub a bit
on the phone wif her friends
and then off she did run
and back she did come wif...
The Costco Bounty

There isssss
A Baked Chicking 
in thisss bocks.

 There iss all so
A Big Bunch ob Bunny Bounty Carrots

 juss fur the Me.

 Ob course,
it whas raining when the Mom returned.

 Here iss me 
taking a small moment teu

 and here iss
The Crob
A Berry Wet Week

A Rainy Afternoon

 *tee bee* 
 *say wha...*  
  *watching 'Ellen'* 
Blease teu 
Rub My Belly.

Blease .
 better yet,

 Yess Yessss.
followed by

I whill habbs
The Friday Night Reufus Combo
salmon & botato Blue
salmon & legeum Horizon Legacy

 fresh carrots ala Costco

fresh sbring water ala Ozarka

and then before I cood go out ob doors,
the lawn deuds arribed in the rain
and they did deu their fing
in the rain.
 And while I did wait teu go out,
I did bisit wif my friends about
Blans fur Teumorrow.
 Here iss
My Wet Yard
after the yard deuds left.
 Here iss
My Crabe Myrtle.
 And here iss
Me Flabbin My Ear.
And now ass
a bart ob
Teumorrow's Botenshull Blans

The Mom
might take
The Me
The Reliant Park World Series ob Dog Shows

so I tooken
a baff,
at home
Buddy Baff,
 leabing much fur,
much wets,
much mess,
be hind.
 Yess Yessssss
Dirty Hairy Dog Wash
The Bomb
butt here iss me
all mose dry 
drying my own self
Thiss rug makes a great towel. 
Yeu wanna dry me more?
 Kiss Me.
 I amb feeling berry sbry.
And there iss lots ob stuff
teu dry my self on in here. 
 And when I asked,
the Mom tooken me out ob doors,
butt freatened me about taking
a sweet roll...
 --I'm clean, trying to stay clean--
  --I'm clean, trying to stay clean--
  --I'm clean, trying to stay clean--
  --I'm clean, trying to stay clean--
  --I'm clean, trying to stay clean--
 --I'm clean, trying to stay clean-- 
  --The Mom's Mantra Worked--
and that brings uss teu
our regular segment
what iss called
- - - - -
The Friday Night Cheu
 I see it.
I offer behabior fur it.
*get it*
 I lubbs it.
And once gone,
I get quite bouncy wif
my skweeeeeeeky toy
 and then settle in fur
a rest.
Yess. Yesssssss.
I deu hobes
teu go teu the dog show teumorrow. 
 I deu know
that my the Mom worries about
my feetsies
on the way in and the way out,
 and she deus also worry about
my BIG businesses 
while I amb
The Mom says whee whill firm ub
Our Blans
in the morning,
so fur now and until then...
I bray fur
Cool Feetsies
on the babement teumorrow,
and mose imbortantly fur now and fur ebber...
Healing, Comfort, Lubbs and Subborts
 fur All My Friends in Need...


  1. Reuf,
    You once again hit it out of the park with your blog. Hope you get to go to the big affair tomorrow.

    Cousin Hamish & Emma
    Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob

  2. I think you is a wonder doggy- cause you do do good in class! You are smart!
    And your sunny day looks like my sunny day- no rain drips falling here.

  3. We hope you get to go to the show. Maybe you could wear booties?

    gus n teka

  4. We hope that whatever you do this weekend, that you have a very marvelous time!


  5. Love that first picture of you Reufus! You lead a very exciting life, makes me think we should get out more :)

  6. Reufus! Your blog didn't pop in our reader! You have been busy! He you are keeping cool!