Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Half Way Between Holidays Edition

Habby Friday
wecome teu
The Half Way Between Holidays Edition
Friday Night Wrights
make the days ob thiss week
berry ecksiting, wif
the Indebendence Day

A Berry Imbortant Birfday
butt let's juss broceed wif
our regular feature

Fings What What I Did Thiss Week
Sunday Morning
Whee did wake ub early
teu take care ob the businesses,
eat my tasty breakfasts
and shmuggle back ub in the big bed fur some
Mister Ed Time.
That iss The Big Boy
on my teebee...
here he iss on my iPhone
and here iss
as bosted on my Facebook.
I deu relate teu Mister Ed so yeu-neekly whell...
I mean,
How many otters ob yeu out there habbs
yeur berry own talking architect???
Whee did some nabbing
and then did
habbily greet the day...
 wif a mid-morning
Breakfast Run
The Trolley Driber
iss looking a bit rough.
And rough.
She shood brobably fix herself ub
before going out teu bick ub breakfasts foods
butt then if she did habbs teu fix herself ub...
she wood knot go teu bick ub breakfasts foods...

and I deu lubbs going teu bick ub breakfasts foods...
so she habbs nebber looked better teu me.
Juss saying.
- - - - -
Odder Fings: My Back Yard
My entire yard iss in transition...
the neu fence
iss juss the furst bart .
 Whee are still fighting
a drought here in Houston

butt lately whee habbs enjoyed a few down bours
what render the grasses lush in some blaces...

and here iss the me
A Sweet Roll.
*shuffle and sceut the sneuter*
I whas bartying like I whas on
Skool Baycayshun
... ... ...
after furfer rebiew ob
my lass berformance...
it whas suggested that I take
a one-on-one lesson.
And here iss
My Skool
waiting teu start my bribate lesson
 And Wow.
When my lesson did start,
 I did feel 
the psycho analysis 

 kick inteu gear.
 Whee did quite a bit ob
and all so talking
The Teu Most Bestest
and also
Faboritest Trainers
what habbs knowns me since I whass
butt a wee bub
wif knot a single manner
teu all my own.
Whee discussed the broblems ob
my lass berformance
on these grounds..
It whas agreed that,
juss ass I habbs surmised
and in fack tole her many times...
it iss all the Handler's Fault.
It whas agreed that
the Handler and I
need teu work on
Our Relationshib.
Whee went ober many ecksersizes,
much team building,
much resbeckt building,
and it whas all so suggested that...
I amb allowed teu habbs some stufff.
And so...
My Gecko
whas returned teu me
Odder Stuff
It habbs been hot outside.
And I habbs been a little sore
and a little quiet thiss week...

butt yeu know what makes it
all better???
Aunt Karen Ice Cream.
The Wait
It sits on the counter teu faw juss a little
and I wait in the kitching wif it.
 Licky Licky
O it iss so good....
And now I bresent yeu wif
The Holiday Feature 
what whas
Habby Indebendence Day
Whee did start the day off wif
A Sweeb-In
and then whee did get ub
and go about
our normbal daily deuings
our berry sbeshull holiday deuings.
It whas my hobes
Whee wood go teu
  A Big Fourf ob July Barty...
I fought maybe
whee wood see a barade
come down the street...
I dreamed that maybe
whee wood cook
eat some Bar-B-Q...
butt the Facilities Maintenance Manager
did habbs a ton ob chores teu deu...
So the Facilities Maintenance Manager's Seuberbisor
did nab wif one eye closed
and one eye on the Shrub Trimmer
right outside the dining reum window.
I deu knot whant yeu teu fink
I laid in the Dining Reum all day.
No. No.
I did knot.
I also laid in
the Llibbing Reum.
Also I deu knot what yeu teu fink
the day whas
All Work
and no Blay
on a counta in fack
whee did blay
while also working on
My Remedial Behabioral Ish-Eus
And then...
in keebing wif
The Wright Fambily Tradition
whee did but on

and now berry quickly
 [hahahaha... I made my self laugh...
"quickly" I said... hahahaha]
I whill share
juss a few out takes
from our many bicksher
fashing sheut
I fink yeu can see how
the Model
digs deeb teu show the emoshuns.
Ob course
unlike odder Models,
thiss one whas
Whell Fed
deuring the show.
Note the eagerness teu
eat more treats
don a nodder look.
Yess Yesss
almose teu the boing ob

And now quickly
back teu work.
Thiss iss the Model
listening foughtfully teu
The Star Sbangled Banner.
And thiss iss the Model
bosing wif the slight leg kick
and tail comb ober.
That Fashing Show
whas breutal
and whee did habbs teu take
a lay down under the fan...
Yeu see,
I berhabs shood habbs tole yeu
while whee were out back...

that the Photographer
the Facilities Maintenance Manager
the Shrub Trimmer

the Site Demolition Creu
habbs cleared all ob
The Ettible Greens
what are so berry distrackting teu
the Model.
the Site Demolition Creu
the Mom
Tired. Sore.
[The Maid needs teu but the sheus away]
And whee did habbs teu take 
seberal of the lay downs under the fan...
- - - - -
and now
The Indebendence Day Bittles

Hobes dashed fur tasty grilled meats,
I whas frilled teu ober see
the kibble and micksed beggible medlee...
The Wait Staff
did bick ub the bowl
and off I ran teu
my usual... 
The Bresentayshun.
Kibbles wif Micksed Beggibles Medlee.
Baired wif
Sbring Waters.

And that brings uss teu
The Half Way Boint Between Teu Holidays
One Day After The Nation's Birfday
One Day Before My Birfday
butt more on that...
Here iss me
In. The. Tree.
I did knot flush them.
the Handler walked me bast them
working the
"wif me"
And here I amb
and habby.
Back in the house
after a bit ob fun and training,
and gosh it iss hot out there.
And now a word about
The Staff
There whas knot one square inch ob
the Facilities Maintenance Manager
what did knot hurt teuday...
and so eben though thiss whas teu be
The Maid's Day,
berry little the Maid work whas executed.

The Maid's Kitching Work,
whas whell seuberbised by
The Maid Kitching Seuberbisor...
juss so yeu know.
- - - - -
And now fur
The Friday Night Cheu
what o what o what
whill it be
Iss thiss the look ob
A Good
Whell Deserbing Boy
A Seuber Sbeshull Eckstra Ordinary
Whell Deserbing Boy
Get It.
Got It.
*Angels sing*
"Bully Stick"
I amb berry habby.
I habbs
More Stuff.
Ubon My Stick.
Ubon My Gecko.
*starts singing
Lyle Lovett's
"If I Had a Boat"

what iss one ob
The Mom's Pheme Songs
Yess Yesss...
It habbs been
a week ob busy-nesses, work and fun.
It habbs also been
a week ob brayers...
ob finkings and sadnesses...
Thiss week I habbs said
"goodbye fur now"
teu my berry dear bals
Thunder Dunder and Lex Houdinidog.
My good friend, the beautiful Miss Holly deus knot feel whell.
My Cousin, the Sam, continues teu fight the wobbles...
and My Cousin, the Hamish, faces a battle.

My Friends
My Treasures.

My Lubbs
 iss flowing
My Brayers
are a flowing.

Blease teu join me...


  1. Reufus, No matter what the week brings you always put a smile on all are faces and just for a little while forget about our cares and worries. Thank you for being you and the wonderful friend you and The Mom are.

    All are lub to you and yours.

    Cousins Hamish & Emma
    Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob.

  2. You are the most thoughtful and dramatic and lubbing pupper we ever knowed. Oh... And smart!!! We lubbs you tons xxxxxxxx
    Sammie and Ava

  3. What loving tributes to those in our Blog family who have left us and who are in need of our Power of the Paws! We, too have our own talking architect and REALLY understand that you need a firm determination and lots of love to keep them properly focused. We loved the fashion show even though it must have been OODLES of work! Relationships are always hard work, but are certainly worth the effort.

  4. Just the thought of reading one of your blogs makes me smile......and smiles a plenty here again.
    Always thinking of others dear Reuf......that's why we love you so much!

  5. Wonderful post! We did not realize Mr. Ed had his own talking architect. Your point of view is most refreshing.

    gussie n teka