Saturday, July 6, 2013

Special Saturday Edition: It's My Birfday

Fank Yeu All
fur joining
My Birfday Celebrayshun.

I amb yeur host fur the ebening.
My name iss Reufus
and I amb
Free Years Old.

 It feels like juss yesterday 
I whas 
Teu Years Old.

 Now teu be berfeckly honest,
whee deu knot know my real birfday.
Yeu see, 
I whas estimated teu be
6 teu 8 monfs old when 
 I found My the Mom...
According teu the maff-maticks
my birfday wood be in July, August or Sebtember...
and since I amb named after 
My Grandfather...
Whee chose hiss birfday teu celebrate my own.

July 6f
My Birfday

After many shmuggles 
and kisses
and sweet songs,
whee got ub berry early this morning
esbeshully fur a Saturday.

I ate a breakfast ob
Kibble and Kantaloube
and then pitifully
whatched the Mom 
shower and get ready teu leabe 
our home

teu go teu 
My Skool
wifout the star steudent
what iss 

 She whas gone some seberal hours
butt shortly after she came home
the berry best fing in the world habbened...

My Aunt Karen 
came to bisit.

And the second best fing what habbened whas...
She brought a big bag ob
Birfday Fings fur Reufus
A Baycayshunning Monkey 

How deu I know he iss on baycayshun?
Why on a counta 
he iss wearing shorts,

And now I deu habbs teu tell yeu about the otter
best fing about teuday
what the Aunt Karen did bring...
Banana and Beanut Butter Krunch Ice Cream 

Beanut Butter.

O. Em. Dee.
It whass SOOOO good.
- - - - -
Now mose ob yeu know
how the Mom iss
and also
how the Photographer iss
so now I bresent yeu wif

The Birfday Photo Sheut
At furst,
The Photographer set ub 
My Gifts from Aunt Karen
in the traditional gift chair...
butt there whas teu much sun
coming in the window.

ober teu the odder side ob the reum
whee went.

[note teu the curious: no chairs were moobed fur this sheut>
whee habbs teu identickal chairs.] 
Look Look
My fashing wardrobe juss
receibed an ubdate.
 And teu Aunt Karen,
these mean so much...
I whill wear them wif
lubbs in my heart.
Also in that great big bag whas
My Monkey, My Long Ear Skweeky, My Monkey Tug,
My Link Sossigs Skweeky
My Trabel Bowl Set 
 I deu lubbs them all
and now
Let Us Blay.
Now ass I mentioned,
the Handler sbent the morning at
My Skool
bolunteering at
A Agility Show & Go
wif broceeds benefitting teu berry worf while causes.
 The show and benefit
A Swell Raffle
and yeu whill nebber guess what...

I whill tell yeu.
I sent her off wif a little ticket money,
and I whas a
Yess Yesss
I won this swell training bag
and it whas loaded...
there whas
Fun Fings
and also
Skool Fings.
 Yess Yesss
A Duck Launcher and Teu Blush Disky Fings.
A Swell Tug Toy
[what I stoled twice during thiss sheut]

A Long Line.
A Tab.
 And in that blastick tub...
Bumbkin Oat Treats.
 Sooooo Nommy.
 From My the Mom
I did receibe
juss a few fings.
 I got a funny looking
frow and tug toy.
Some Zuke's Greens.
[since my landscabe treat habbs been remoobed]
Nommy Nom Nommy Libber Loaf. 

Ob course,
my big gift whas
My Neu Fences.
 And I did also enroll in 
A Agility Skills Class...
*clears froat*
Some Bribate Lessons
yeu know.
And juss when I fought
the gift gibbing whas ober...
I whas bresented wif
*drum roll*
A Benison Joe's Antler.
 Out ob the backage
and I amb
 and ub on
the big bed.

I deu hobes whee are starting
a neu tradition...
The Saturday Night Cheu. 
It's been a wonderful birfday.
The Mom tells me I amb also on
a waiting list fur
A Sweet Birfday Swim.
Sounds great!
butt until then
how about
A Sweet Roll.
 O Yess Yesss
The Lush Grasses.
Fank Yeu
fur joining me on
My Sbeshull Day. 
I get
berry grate full and also
Full ob The Giddies
ober toys and treats and gifts
butt treuly
from the bottom ob my heart...

My Friends are My Real Treasures.

Iff yeu blease teu habbs reum in yeur foughts and brayers,
I ask yeu teu remember
the fambilies of those wheu habbs lost their lubbed ones...
My lubbed ones Holly, Sam and Hamish wheu are fighting the battles,
Miss Helen wheu is recubbering from a seizure teunight,
and all ob those wheu are facing their challenges.

My lubbs iss flowing
My brayers are rolling.


  1. Wowza, you gots lots of pressies for your birthday! Hope youmhad fun today, happy birthday!

  2. Hey Birthday Boy, you sure did get a lot of gifts. We hope your entire day was perfect in every way. We wish you many,many more Birthdays.

    Cousins Hamish & Emma
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  3. Happy Happy Birthdays my sweet friend!
    I have a feeling your day is wonderful with lots of goodies and most of all LOVE!

  4. My PURRecious Little Man, I know of no other three year old sweetie pie who deserves such a wonderful birthday. Your the Mom was blessed when she found you and you were blessed when you found your the Mom. Sending many kisses and much love from the tip of the Mitten State.

  5. Happy third birfdee and many happy returns!!

  6. A super sweet birthday Reufus! You sure did do a good job when you picked out your the Mom and your the Ant Karen.

    I wish you many more birthdays - not the least of reasons bein' I do enjoy readin' your birthday posteses.

    Woofs and slobbers,

  7. We KNEW your day would be extraordinary because you are the luckiest boy to have so many to love you! The White Dog Army wishes you a "new year" filled with time for fun, time for play, time to cuddle, time for friends, time to enjoy the simple pleasures, time to remember how fortunate you are (and those less so), time beautiful endless time with The Mom, and always, time for love!