Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our Indebendence Day Celebration

Habby 4f ob July
Welcome teu
Our Indebendence Day Celebration
This berry sbeshull holiday
means many fings...
the commemoration of
Our Country's
Declaration ob Indebendence...
a celebration ob
Our Nation's Birfday...
a day known fur
barties, batriotic musick, cookouts, fireworks

The Wrights' Red White & Bleu
Fashing Show
 Look One
Bickshered here iss our model
donning the
Multible Waby Flag
 Look Teu
And here iss our hamsum model
really showing off thiss
Military Neckware
reminiscent ob
bullets, badges and medals
  a real crowd faborite
what the Stylist
burchased from

A Military Dog Charity

 Look Free
Whee call thiss one
Stars in The Night Sky
insbired by
bombs bursting in airs
firework celebrations...

thiss couture whas all so
burchased from the Military Dogs.

o my
It abbears that
our model
I am getting tired.
Look Fourf
Nuffing like a wardrobe change
teu reb a boy ub
and here iss our dashing fashionista
in the
Sash and Stars 
 I bersonally fink thiss looks
like a great nabkin fur
A BBQ Feast
butt that might juss be
Whish Full Finking...

And now fur our
Fiff and Final Look
I bresent...
Fifty-One Stars 
 Yess Yesss
Our Star
iss rocking
The Fifty Star Kerchief
 And thiss concleudes
Our Twenty Firteen
Indebendence Day
Fashing Show.

Fank Yeu all fur joining in
Our Fun.
Many Fanks
teu all the brabe soldiers
and batriots wheu gibben so much
and babed the whay fur
Our Great Nation....

And fur me bersonally,
Many Fanks
The Luke (wright)and

wheu taught the Mom
the meaning, the joy, the imbortance...
The Lubbs ob Rescue.

Habby Indebendence Day
on behalf ob those wheu need yeu the most.


  1. Happy Independence Day Reuf and family!!! Loved your fashion show!
    Miranda Kerr, watch out........da Reuf is rockin the, dogwalk!

  2. Reuf,
    Really enjoyed your fashion show. We would like to see a photo of your closet with all your wardrobe changes. How do you ever decide which to wear each day?

    Cousin Hamish & Emma
    Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob

  3. You really know how to make neckware shine Reuf! Loved the show!

  4. What a super model you are, displaying the red, white and blue so boldly! Thanks for the great show!
    Sammie and Ava

  5. MMMMM....we like the Barbecue Napkin bestest because we love us some BBQ. We didn't live in Mayemphis for nuthin, y know,

    gus n teka

  6. We hope you had an awesome day. You are adorable - which your brother Monty says runs in the family.


  7. My sweet, sweet Little Man. I adored your wonderful fashion show. You are such a handsome (and patient) model and so generous to share with us all of your wonderful couture. Sending many hugs and kisses your way from the tip of the Mitten State.