Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Habby Halloween Wheek: Sebben Safety Tibs

Habby Howloween Wheek
and now
ass whee abbroach
the whitching hour
I bresent teu yeu
Sebben Berry Imbortant Tibs
A Fun and Safe
Halloween Ebening
1. Always know where yeur the Mom iss.
2. Deu knot get runned ober by a car.
3. Bisit only beobles what yeu know.
4. All ways be kind teu animals.
5. Guard yeur Candy.
yess yess
6. Keeb an eye on yeur Candy Cauldron.

7. Hire a Brofessional Security Officer
yess yesss
a tib tob
Security Officer
whill be equibbed
whif the latest in
tacktickle gear
The Candy Belt
yess yess
wearing the candy on hiss waist
whill keeb it from going teu

and now
go out there
make it
A Sbooktackular Howloween


*fee-o-retickly sbeaking on a counta whee habbs no ebidence teu back it ub.


  1. I LOVE your tacktickle gear Reufus! Sugary sweets will most definitely feel much safer everywhere in the werld on Halloweenie night with you on the job.

    I sure hope your the Mom pays you well for such an important duty!!

  2. be careful of the chocolate...you can't eat any. youhave to give it all to your the Mom...

  3. My sweet, sweet Little Man, I wish you the best and spookiest and funnest Halloween on the Planet☺.

  4. We are going to head for your block, with Refus Security in place we know everyone will have a good time. Be sure to keep The Mom on a short leash we know how excited she can get and we don't want you to have to check the Lost & Found.

    Lub Ya Bunches
    Cousin Hamish & Emma

  5. Reu, we are so sorry we haven't been visiting. Mom thought you just weren't posting much because you never show up in our new Feedly reader. She has tried to add you a few times but can't figure out why it doesn't work. She will keep trying, but meanwhile thanks for visiting us and we think you make an excellent Candy Security Pup.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. U is so cute!! I wants to hug u. (((Hug)))

  7. Great advice to all creatures! The idea of candy security is a stroke of genius, especially if you make sure humans know NOT to buy chocolate candies for the cauldron (if you know what I mean)! We get like 6 trick-or-treaters but dad always buys like 3 BAGS of candy and then says, "We can't let it just go bad."