Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: Habby Pi Day Edition

Habby Friday
teu our
Habby Pi Day Edition
yess yessss
juss whait till whee celebrate
neckst year
it habbs been
 a berry berry BERRY busy wheek
so let's get started wif
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Soshull Saturday
whee begin our day
ass ber yeusual wif
the early rise
and then
fings tooken a berry ecksiting turn
the Mom Handler but on her
Training Clobes and Sheus
I fought whee were
going teu blay and train
in the back yard
butt no
much teu my surbrise
and eckstreme
j o y
whee boarded the Trolley for
My Skool
and here iss me taking care ob
before Skool baberwork
whee did habbs
a pribate teutorial
My Tracie

whee did whork on:
ring behabior
the Handler feetsy whork
sit stays
sits for ecksam

I whas
a w e s o m e
iff I may say so my self
and whell... I juss did
wif berry berry
B E R R Y   M A N Y   F A N K S
My Awesome Instrucktors
Judy and Tracie

whee are berry almost ready for
the ring
*big eyes*
- - - - -
I whas ecksauceted
when whee boarded
the Trolley
butt when
the Mom asked me
iffin I whanted teu go get
 my foodables
I said yess yesss and
may whee stob by teu see
my the Aunt Karen
the Mom said
yess yessss
and whee did
and my Aunt Karen
did gibbs me
thiss honky duck
I deu abologize for
terrible whork by
the Photographer
[it iss hard teu get good Staff]
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My The Toy ob The Wheek
 and ass yeu guessed
it iss
*drum rolls*
m y   h o n k y   d u c k
 he iss berry skweeky
 and ass I habbs been tole
quite loud 
and now back teu
My Saturday
when whee got home
I did habbs teu catch ub on
my berimeter checks
and then
the Mom Handler set ub
the weabe boles
I deu weabe them
a   c h a m b

wifout skibbing a beat
I did them ober and ober
and now for
our new regular feature
what iss called
Fred and Ginger

whee habbs been berry worried
about our little dubbs
the wheffer habbs been
berry berry whet
berry berry BERRY whindy
one whindy night whee saw them in
my the becan tree
what habbs no leabes
it gibben me sad

and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Just Some Stuff Whee Did on
whee did get out and
enjoy the sun shine
and whee did
weabe some weabes
and there were
so many shmells
berimeter checks
sweet outdoor foughts
and some
knot many butt some
naughty foughts
ob course
whee also did whork on
our heeling and turns
yess yessss
whee are
whorking hard and habbing fun
and being
berry fought full in our sessions
blease teu let's deu it again
wif the after noon came
m o r e   r a i nand back yard bonds
whee sbent the ebening
the AKC web site
obedience trials
on a counta
furst whee need teu go whatch
and it wood helb the Mom Handler
teu steward
and then also
*dramatickal drum roll*
whee are finking ob
setting a goal
bicking a date
and then
see iffin whee can
make it habben
it may
or it may knot
I deu knot intend teu
s t r e s s
I juss intend teu
h a b b s   f u n
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Our Wheekly Selfy
one ob uss iss
clearly more photogenic
than the Mom otter
one ob uss iss clearly also on
the Mom's side ob the bed
b e r r y   c o m f y
look look
I deu lubbs
and now a word about
Monday and Teusday
whee habbs been
berry berry berry busy
The Golden Retriever Rescue of HoustonDog Wash & Yabby Hour Fundraiser on Saturday

and the new time iss killing uss
1. I deu knot like teu whake earlier than 4 am
and now I whake at 3am
2. I deu lubbs that whee can train
in the day light outdoors, butt
3. more light than I whant
the Mom Gardener teu habbs teu
kill and bag Dead Phil

and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Ackedemia
what ob course startes
berry ceremoniously wif
the chobbing ob the chee
and then
the chee is blaced berry carefully in
the freezer
and whee
go chill a bit
and here iss me ackchewally
c h i l l i n g
and then and then and then
wheu heu
whee board the Trolley for
My Skool
and here are
a few bickshers
the Photographer
snucken in while
whee were receibing
our home whork
butt teunight
whee did whork on
our figyeur 8s
I did habbs
lots ob fun
and the Mom Handler whas
berry bleased
whee habbs
berry much teu work on
whee can
our brogress
and it feels
and now I fought
yeu might like teu see
My Chair
thiss iss
My Chair
where I keeb
My Stuff
and here I amb
hanging out
after class
the cool floors
feel good on
My TumTum
and then ob course
whee board the Trolley
for home
and here iss me
after small businesses
s t i l l   s o   h a b b y
now let me in
on a counta
I amb
t i r e d
and now that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss kinda sbeshull thiss wheek
and it's called
My Fursday
what iss kinda like
My Friday
yess yess yeu see
Fursday iss the Last Facktory Day
for the Mom thiss wheek
on a counta
she habbs stuffs teu deu for
the GRRH FUNdraiser on Saturday

and so wif her
she did bring
all these baber bags
what are filled wif
many begetables for the Me
many freuts for the Uss
some soubs for the Mom
wif chicken in em for the Me
yess yessss
I deu lubbs teu
but my head right in there
I eben stob teu
count the bags
when the Mom goes back out for
a nodder load
I whatch her closely
o yeah
great stuffs in thiss one
and now also
she did bring in
some donations for
the FUNdraiser
and ob course
I did habbs teu make sure
yess yesssss they habbs
T H E   R E U F U S   S E A L   ob   A B B R O O B A L
and wif
the lawn crew in and out
and then
the eckstra sun light
I did habbs
a great time
ribbing and rombing
and checking out
my the Kingdom
until it iss time
for yess yessss
our regular feature
what iss called
the Fursday Night Dinner Blate
salmon and legume kibbles
Grizzly Salmon Oil drizzle

baired wif
Ozarka Sbring Whatters
that's right
I don't eat like
a the King
ebbery night
and now
out for a little
after dinner acktibities
no sign ob
no sign ob
Fred and Ginger
what's a boy teu deu
he iss on leash
on a counta
he habbs been wantonly etting
stuff he isn't sbosed teu
let's get busy wif businesses
o yeah
whee did habbs
a whonderful late afternoon

butt then
the tirednesses ob what whee fink iss
Cedar Feber
[the bollen count for oak and cedar iss... ECKSTREME]
hit the Mom like a ton ob bricks
whee whent teu bed at 9pm
[what iss like the real 8pm]

butt whee habbs
a berry big day a head
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Friday

o yess yessss
a baycayshun day
I fought whee wood
sweeb in and bask in leisure and fribolity
whee did only sweeb in until
6am what remember iss really 5am
and whee did get
busy wif busy nesses
and then it became
clear teu the Me
that there whas
a the Trolley trib
in my near future
and so when inbited out for
small businesses
I choosen teu
stay close teu the Trolley Driber Mom
butt then when urged
I did run right off
and deu my
small businesses
and then quickly right back for
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Yibbee Trolley Trib
I amb
such a good boy
in the Trolley
I only get ub when asked
here whee are at
a red light
I deu knot know
where are whee going
whee whent straight
no... knot Skool
no... knot Swimming
no... knot the Doctor
no... knot the Food Store
no... knot the Aunt Karen's
much teu my diss may
whee deboarded the Trolley at
Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash
whee whorked teu imbroob
my baffing ecksberience
and ass baffs go
Dirty Hairy's iss the blace
teu habbs one
no muss
no... ok there iss a bit ob fuss
[from hard headed boys only... no names]
they habbs
the elebated tub
the facial shamboo
the ear cleaner
the shamboo
the towels
the brushes
the dryer
the big heaby table
teu hook yeu teu so
yeu can knot run a whay
and the great fing iss
yeu can habbs lubbing GRRH Folks
deu the whashing and drying
for yeu
ob course
I amb the Official Greeter
so I deu habbs teu go teu
Hair and Wardrobe
and here iss
the Trolley Return Trib
I amb tired
on a counta
it iss amazingly tiring teu
fight a baff
Note: Many treats and Positive Words and Praise were used to help turn the bath and dry event into a pleasurable and positive one. We hope to work through this issue in a happy way.
and here I amb ubon
arribing home
I know why
but my leash on
she finks I amb finking
>freshly mowed grasses<
>o... sweet roll<
and now
iffin I may be berfeckly honest
it iss knot the baff that boffers me
it iss the dryer
juss look at my batooty
juss look
the Mom says
it makes all the difference
stay a whay from my ears
dry ass yeu must
let's gone on wif our day
and when I saw that meant
the Mom habbed blanned
a nodder outing
I chose
My Little Reum 
and here I amb
when she returned
teu hours later
yess yesss
the Mom forgot
what she fought I whas finking
here I amb
no leash no string
and guess what I did
yess yesssssssssss
*sweet roll*
yeu cood brolly hear
the Mom Scream
I quickly got ub for
a bit ob silly nesses
and then
the Mom whanted the Photographer
teu tooken some bickshers ob
my back side
she finks whee habbs
more whork on
the tail and feffers
butt furst
the tired nesses ob
the Cedar Feber
hit like a ton ob bricks
whee tooken
a berry berry short
mini skyeul nab
what inbolbed
no ackchewal sweebing
a few cuddles
I habbs habbed enough ob
the nabbing
let's deu
s o m e   f i n g
yess yesss
iss good
and here I amb
looking for
 I forgot teu tell yeu
I almost caught one
I funk teu catch him
butt then
I decided teu let him get a whay
and now
I'm off
for a rib and a romb
and a sashay
and a
check out my cabeuse
my bro file
and now
yess yessssss
juss before I famish
it iss time for
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
I sneuberbise
the gaffering ob ingredients
and here she iss
salmon and legume kibbles
green beans
fresh straw berries
jazz abble garnish
right ub there
all mine
and now
baired wif
Ozarka Sbring Whatters
I whait
and I gobble
*gobble gobble gobble*
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My After Dinner Outing
iffin I habbs been a difficult boy teuday
and I did say... iffin
I juss whants teu take a moment teu say

I lubbs yeu, Mom
for a berry short while
I did habbs
a mad
I know there iss
O N E   B E R S O N
wheu wood [and habbs] moobs
heaben and earf
I deu lubbs My The Mom
so after
a bit ob shniffing
a bit ob perimeter checks
a bit ob businesses
I baws for
our regular feature
what iss called
the Friday Afternoon Photo Sheut
can yeu shmell
the bebbermint and yeucallibtus
can yeu see
what a good boy I amb
I gibbs yeu
a little bro file
I gibbs yeu
a sweet
I gibbs yeu
 a how's that
I gibbs yeu a
can whee go back out
ok... no... ok
may I interest yeu in
our regular feature 
what iss called
The Friday Night Cheu
I deu lubbs
a bully stick 
bart ob the fun iss
cheuing it 
bart ob the fun iss
rassling it 
mose ob the fun iss
settling in for
Friday Night
and now
in my foughts and prayers teunight
My Friends and Relatibbs
wif the big and small battles
yeu know wheu Yeu are
and in barktickular teunight
My Friends, Jake and His the Mom, Beth
My Friend, Punky and Hist the Mom, Lynn

Blessings and Mirackles


  1. Such a busy, busy week again, Reuf. We're glad you have such a loving mom who makes you special meals and takes you for rides in the Trolley and cuddles you.

    You can still enter the Friday Pet Parade blog hop if you'd like.

  2. What an awesome post! I wag mah tail in Heaven for u. :)

  3. An Irish blessin ya can act shoe a lee reed & understand coz itz knot in trout ♥

    May the good saints protect you
    And bless you today
    And may troubles ignore you
    Each step of the way
    Happy St Patrick’s Day !!

    N grate werk dood on yur a jill a teeez N noe commint on de BURD !!

  4. We are so excited that you are almost ready for the ring, dear friend! We know it will be fun and you will be awesome. Don't you love working on fundraisers when the donation samples and prizes come to YOUR house and you get first sniffs and to guard them?

  5. It's going to take me month of Sundays to catch up with your blog, I love every minute of it;