Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: In Like A Lion Edition

Habby Friday
Friday Night Wrights
In Like A Lion

yess yesss
it habbs been
a week ob
crazy wheffer
busy busy nesses

whee kick off thiss issheu
our regular feature
what iss called
Second Sunday Breakfast
o yeah
I deu lubbs
first breakfast at six-firty
followed by
second breakfast at ten
mmm mmmmmmm mmm
sgrambled eggs
and sbeaking ob wheffer
whee did whake ub teu
short bants temby teurs
the Gardener and I
sbent quite a bit ob time
out doors

stretching out leggs
whay out
and all so
hacking a whay
and bagging
Phil, the Dendron
the Gardener iss old
so whee tooken
lots ob breaks
ribs and rombs
milling a bout
teu and fro
ob course
the HouseKeeber
all so did habba
house keebing teu deu
that brings uss teu
our title feature
what iss called
In Like A Lion

yess yessss
whee were in ob doors
a cubble ob hours
she bleu in
like a Lion
yess yessss
like a berry brisk blustery lion

the temby teur drobbed
firty degrees
from 70 teu 40

whee whorried a bout
our morning dubbs
what scattered out ob
our jittery oak
the skies
ecksbecking a hard freeze
the Gardener
Phil whill go
dead some more

yeu see
while a neat looking guy
iss boisonous teu
Sweet Boys
the Gardener Mom habbs decided
it iss time for him
teu go
and sbeaking ob
there iss nuffing funner than
zibby seumies
nibby wheffer
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
brrrrrrr it's Monday
butt it's sunny
yesss yesss
it whas bretty chilly
and that brings uss teu
a sbeshull feature
what iss called
My Birds
and Monday whee saw thiss
B E R R Y   B I G   B I R D

My Birds are Dubbs
what are called
Fred and Ginger
and they libbs in
my The Oak Tree
all so libbing here iss
Mister Wheuter
wheu wheu wheu iss
an owl
he likes teu sweeb low
under the batio reuf
and a cross the yard
in the early ebenings
whee see him in the mornings
resting him self on the fence
and whee whorries a bout
Fred and Ginger

and that brings uss back teu
our regular feature
what iss called
geufing around
and here I amb
kicking sod
showing off
my shammies
ok ok ok
coming in
stobbing teu check
Phil In The Bag
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Fat Teusday
Sleet Funder
and it's still raining
yess yesss
it habbs
fundered, sleeted and rained
since about ten o clock lass night
and now
wif juss a bit ob anksiety
whee brebare teu face

the freezing freezes
the flooding floods
the swamby swambs
the foggy fogged ub lenses
and here I amb ecksblaining that
in sbite ob
the freezes, rains and swambs
I muss still find
the wright sbot
about free quarters ob the yard
anckle deeb
and blustery whinds
it's a bad time for
a in side out ear
and all so wif
the big business center
I deu habbs teu imbreubise
bawsing for a moment teu
Fank Dog
it's dark and whee habbs a tall fence
on a counta once again
my the Mom iss making a
Fashing Statement

red flannel meuse jams
gray and orange stibe hoody
baired wif
hiking boots
teu comblete
the fashing trend
the Mom habbs
rolled the waste band ob the jams
free times
teu draw the jam bottoms ub
outta the standing whatters
*shakes head*
it iss a frightening sight teu be hole
and now
here I amb back in
the big bed
imbloring the Mom teu stay home
whee whatch
wheffer and traffick
and eben though there are wrecks all ober town
the ice iss knot sticking teu the roads
so she whill go in late
she muss go

and here iss
Lake Comet
in my little oak tree
*whimbers sad for Fred and Ginger*
Lower Lake Comet
Ubber Lake Comet
whee baws teu fink
the ice iss bretty in the trees

and here I amb on
my island
what iss six feets whide
last call
small businesses
and blease teu bardon
the redundant flood images
my kingdom
clearly habbs
drainage isheus
the Mom habbs me on a string
teu keebs me from
shredding the whatters
creating a whake
fank dogness
whee are dry on the in side
and that brings uss teu
our subblemental wheffer feature
what iss called
Still Flooded Teusday Ebening
it habbs rained
all day long
Lake Comet
whatters are still standing
the grasses (and wheeds)
are amazingly
my business island
iss still
six feets wide
itt iss
berry berry cold and still
d r i z z l i n g
a berry good day teu go
o yeah
a wonderful night
sbent in ob doors

and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Ackedemia

yess yesss
thiss wheek
The Handler and I
habbs been concentrating on
our heeling

in doors and out doors
rights and lefts and abouts
and halts and
normals and fasts and slows

whee habbs all so whorked on
sit stays

and I habbs bersonally ober seen
the chobbing ob the chee

what iss blaced in a
hermatickly sealed zib lock bag
and stored in
Funky Waggy Nell's Freezer
so ass teu stay
berry cold
in the Handler's bocket
butt whee are getting a head ob ourselbes

chee chobbed
time teu kill
I amb set on
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Skool
yesss yesss
ass I habbs tole yeu
the time habbs come teu
get serious about our fun
class iss intense
whee whork berry hard
no time for feulishness
no time for bickshers
ass class whas whinding down
the Photographer
did sneak a few shots
here iss me wif
the board
I deu lubbs
the board games
and thiss ebening
I deu makes the Mom Handler
berry berry broud
my heeling whas... much better
my sit stays were... awesome
my sit for ecksam whas... fair
ok it needs whork
whee are making great brogress

- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Fursday Sweet Fursday

there iss a bit ob a joy about Fursday
on a counta it iss all mose Friday
and the Mom Account Payables Benefacktor
dribes a bit out ob town teu check on
on ob her Facktory Broduckts
 yess yesss
fings are looking bretty good
she iss knot berry bobular
on a counta she habbs tole them teu moobs
thiss big fire shutter
on a counta
they berry steubidly but it on
the wrong side ob the whall
*baw teu forehead... doh*
butt now back on
Lake Comet
whee habbs juss a tiny bit ob
standing whatters
and ub abubbs
bleu. skies.
buds. and. bleu. skies.
yess yessss
abailable real estate.
and yess yesss
 did I mention
bleu skies
in berry fack
a great time for
a sbeshull feature
what iss called
A Fursday Foto Sheut

and here I amb
rocking my sit stays
rocking my shammies
libbers and braises...
I. Amb. Such. A. Good. Boy.
and now offf for
a bit ob
a berimeter check
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Friday Morning
I'bes got the
joy joy joy joy
down in my heart
down in my heart
down in my heart
I'bes got the
joy joy joy joy
down in my heart
down in my heart teu stay

and here I amb
waiting on the Mom teu
leabes for the Facktory
and berry coincidentally
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called

Yay For Friday
The Mom Iss Home
From The Facktory
 weu heu
I amb off for a quick romb
a small bit ob businesses 
 and then
*all a board*
 I deu take a seat on
the Trolley
and I deu settle in
for our ride 
 whee are headed whest
what iss a bit quizzickal for me
and then whee debark at
thiss Trolley stob
 whee sign in and sit

I amb berry
me: that bubby iss crying
the Mom: yeu are being SO good,
 knot creating a scene

me: I cood baby sit that bubby

the Mom: yeu cood teach that bubby A LOT...
and I cood teach that bubby Mom A LOT

me: what are whee here for
the Mom: a nail trim and wheigh inn

me: yeu habbs whorked on my nails all wheek
the Mom: yess but yeu are still clicking when yeu whalk
me: o

the Mom: I need teu make sure yeu are knot in bain
me: o fank yeu

the Mom: whee all so need teu make sure yeur weight iss good
me: I need more food
yeu whill be reliebed teu learn
only free [3] nails cood be clibbed

and I tibbed the scales at
*drum roll*
wif a berfeck body scale ranking
 and now
back in the Trolley
on a refuel mission
 hanging out
trying teu meet a guy
about a fing
[GRRH Fundraiser Donation]
 waiting waiting waiting
gibbings ub and going home
only teu hear from him when
whee are one block from home
the Mom whent back out 
teu bick up the donation
and I stayed home
 and now
wif the Mom
finally home for the wheekend
it iss time for
our regular feature
what iss called
Our Friday Afternoon Photo Sheu 
 and here I amb
jumbing for
a libber
 and here I amb
 I really amb
such a good boy
 some times
when me and the Mom refleck
on how far whee habbs come 
 whee get ober joyed
whee are SO strong
W H E E   G O T   T H I S S
 and now
a bit ob a run 
and back
when called
 so nice teu see
some sun shine
 and feel some
60 degree highs
 yess yesss
the Lion iss juss a bit going
baa baa baa
 for now... ha ha ha
and now that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
I Won
A Resbonsible Owner Gibbs Away

yess yesssss
my gorgeous friend
and the Luke's lubb
Miss Sugar
 and juss look at
the great brizes
earth rated poop bags 
bag holder
a diary
the berry berry best bart
the labender scent
yesss yesssss
and that brings uss teu
my faborite feature
what iss called
 yess yesssssssssss
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
 and now
*salibates and gulbs*
The Friday Night Dinner Blate...
salmon and legumes kibbles
fresh chobbed carrots
fresh chobbed strawberris
fesh chobbed fuji abbles
yesss blease 
 and off
baired wif
the Ozarka Sbring Whatters
a mannerly sit 
a gobble
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Our After Dinner Photo Sheut
 hows about
a brofile
a bit ob contemblayshun 
a bit ob juss
standing still 
 a right brofile
*sighs ober disorderly
and ungroomed ear fur*
maybe if I look ub
I whill abbear more broberly greumed 
or better yet
let me show yeu
My Bretty Sit
 I'm so cute
 I amb. So. Cute.
 Crazy. Cute.
Cray. Zee.
and now that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Cheu
 and teunight's offering iss
a tasty bully stick
no better whay teu end
a long whork wheek
and now ass
I lay me down teu sweeb
I whish for my sister and brothers,
Miss Comet, the Luke and the Bleu.
teu continue teu libbs boldly in our hearts
and in my brayers for so many
I bray for
b l e s s i n g s
m i r a c l e s

yess yesssss
blessings and miracles


  1. Oh wow. What a fun week! U are so good at doing things, like waiting for food. :) Yay!!

  2. Another busy week! Our yard floods something fierce too - and the pups bring it all back into the house with them!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. We need a nap after reading about your busy week. Nice to meet Fred & Ginger.

    Reuf, you left a comment about joining the Pet Parade. Yes, do join each week! It's open all week and you can join any time. Please join us. And we need more dogs so tell your friends. :)

  4. dood...happee week a head two ewe....glad ewe hada grate ree port at de vetz; N we agree... a secon darry brek fast iz in order 7 times meenin ewe haz 33rd a darry brekfests coz:

    yur way in wuz good at de v.e.t. place, ewe will haz MOR energeez ta run...spesh a lee frum BURDZ N when ya go ta a jil a teez...ewe will bee like a speed oh lite !!!

  5. Keep that joy joy joy down in your heart and have another great week!