Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: Spring Has Sprung... and Much More Edition

Habby Friday
Friday Night Wrights
Sbring Habbs Sbrung... And Much More
thiss wheek
habbs been berry ecksiting
many celebrayshuns
and so
wifout furfer adyeu
let's get started wif
our berry sbeshull feature
what iss called
Habby Birfday teu Our The Luke
March 15, 1999
these bickshers were tooken
on his first birfday wif the Mom
where she frew
Sweet Boy
a huge 10f Birfday Barty
and here he iss
The Bleu and The Luke
in their shammy birfday bandannas
and since whee are creusing down
Wonder Full Memory Lane
The Wright Brothers
some ob the Mom's
faborite bickshers
such habby memories
in Wimberley
wif lubbed ones
Sweet Boy
the day he became
Luke Wright
and ob course
the bicksher
disblayed at the dog show
the Mom can close here eyes
and remember running her fingers
frew his fur
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
A Big GRRH Ebent
The Mom Whoke Ub SICK
yess yess
berry berry berry berry
berry much whork on
the Mom whoke ub
hurting all ober
and wif a tembyteur ob 102
and she laid in the bed
I can knot bossibly deu thiss
and then she fought ob
Her The Luke
Many ob Yeu
know thta thiss iss
the Mom's faborite bicksher
~The Luke's baw on The Mom's Footsy~
and so
in Honor ob The Luke
whee loaded the Trolley
and on our whay whee whent
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Reufus Wright, GRRH Greeter
and deu teu
a berry ill the Photographer
wheu only tooken
teu... count em... teu bickshers ob me
boaf ob which are
butt boaf a refleckshun ob how she felt
yeu whill habbs teu
take my whord for it
I whas an
a m a z i n g   g r e e t e r
I whas well behabed
ebbery one did lubbs me
and now that brings uss teu
our seuber sbeshull feature
what iss called
Reufus Wright, Brofessional Model
yesss yessssss
the awesome Jackie Maples
whas at the ebent
and eben though
the Mom whishes she habbed
[felt better and been bresent enough teu habbs]
brushed my furs
lubbs lubbs LUBBS
these bickshers
and her Team
were berry fun
and they did whork berry hard
teu get
m y   h a b b y   e a r s
and the Mom Handler
got teu see
my awesome sit stay
real life abblicayshun
and ob course
ass yeu see
I did habbs
a wardrobe change
whee are seuber deuber bleased
wif the broofs
and whee are going teu order
a gallery wrab or teu
tell me
which ones are yeur faborites
- - - - -
and now that brings uss
back teu
our unforchewnut feature
what iss called
yess yesssss
whee made it home
Saturday Night
the mom tooken care ob me
whent teu bed
and then
whass bretty rough
the congestion, asphma and feber
so it whas a day sbent in
the big bed
and here I amb wif
My Bink Monkey
a berry sweet gift
gibben teu me
Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Alan
and Cousins Louie and Sophie
I deu lubbs her
berry berry berry much
more lubbs ob wheu
I whill recount teu a bit later
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
March 16f

My The Mom's The Mom's Birfday
My The GrandMom
iss celebrating this sbeshull day
wif My The GrandDad
so the Mom
celebrates here wif some ob
her faborite bickshers
I fink there are
no words
teu describe
how much
a child misses a mom
butt it helbs teu fink
Mom and Dad
and so I close wif
a bicksher ob
my the Mom wif her the Mom
along wif her boodle
and that brings uss teu
a sickly feature
what iss called
Home Sick Monday
March 17f
and berry sadly
the 16f annibersary ob
the Mom's the Mom's
debarture for Heaben
I sbent the day
celebrating Saint Batrick's Day
butting my head on the Mom
deuing Nurse Whork
resting in My Little Reum
and that brings uss teu
a nodder sickly feature
what iss called
Home Sick Teusday
thuss commencing
Day Free ob Layin in The Big Bed 
where I amb berfeckting
my batented
sweeb gallobing position
the back footsies
ub under my chin
I amb bleased teu announce
wif the afternoon
a day ob
s i g h s
a doubling ob
the Mom's meds
it abbears that
*drum roll*
she iss going teu libbs
teu tend teu my ebbery whim
once again
yesss yessss
it iss about time
whee are boaf reliebed
that her feber iss down teu 99.4
and the head congestion much better
butt the
cough cough cough cough cough coughing
iss out ob control
and the Mom's ribs feel
broken teu bits
so the Doc called in some Syrub
and that brings uss teu
my helby feature
what iss called
Nurse in the Trolley
that's right
here I amb
taking the Trolley teu Walgreens
teu bick ub
the good stuff
I habbs a feeling
whee whill finally get
some good quiet sweeb
and that brings uss teu
our relief feature
what iss called
B L E A S E   T E U   E N T E R T A I N   M E
I   N E E D   E X E R C I S E

yesss yesss
I habbs bestered
The Ill Mom
teu the boint where
she just knew
so whee sbent
fibe minutes teugeffer
her frowing
me chasing
her calling
me bringing back
her braising
me settling in a bit wif the skweeky
her frowing 
me retriebing
me ribbing and rombing
o how I feel better now
*big shake*
ahhh yessss
it iss
teu burn off the energies
and ass
our ebening draws teu a close
it iss time for
a selfy
does thiss angle
make my nose look big
the great news iss
the Mom swebt whell
and made it back teu
the Facktory
on Wednesday
she did bretty much come straight home
and go right teu bed
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull seasonal feature
what iss called
Habby Fursday
Habby Furst Day ob Sbring
it whas
a berry long day for the Mom
and also for the Me
on a counta I whas home
whaiting on
my dinner time
and here I amb
whaiting teu hear the whord
ahhh yessss
The Fursday Dinner Blate
*gobble gobble*
and now
whee are out for a bit
and here I amb
berry care fully
bawsing on the edge ob
the batio
like I all whays deu
I amb taking it in
Sbring habbs Sbrung
juss look at all that bollen
yeu can eben see it in
the trees be yond
such sickifying stuffs
juckstabozed against
the gorgeous bleu skies
I lubbs the sun shine
and while
the Mom iss dying out here
I deu lubbs the sbring smells
I cood stay out here
all day
wheu's that there
the skwirrel
does he knot see me
wif no sense ob
h u r r y
I deu knot fink Earl iss taking me
s e r i o u s l y
there he iss
feeling bold and brash
on the fence tob
one day I whill knot be on my string
*wrings baws whickedly*
- - - - -
and one ob
the berry best fings about
T H E   F I R S T   D A Y   ob   S B R I N G
lots more day light
teu deu more fings
here I amb
lubbing the out ob doors
whee habbs been coobed ub all wheek
wif the sicknesses
and now
I can knot get enough
the out ob doors
the freedoms
the obborteunities
and now that brings uss teu
our seasonal feature
what iss called
Sbring Guest: The Lady Bugs
whee habbs
a yard full ob Lady Bugs
whee counted
they were
ebbery where
gibbing uss bause teu refleckt on
the sbiritual meaning
a time ob luck
in which
whishes begin teu be full filled.
time for
whorries teu dissibate
habbiness teu flow
all in natural time
the Lady Bug reminder:
libbs yeur own treuf
a terrific symbol
a wonder full message
me and the Mom
it's really kinda fitting
whee dream big dreams
whee are
by berry intention
butting our fears behind uss
looking forward
focusing on our brogress
our future
and berry imbortantly
enjoying ebbery minute ob
and that sometimes means
letting loose

ribbing and rombing
big bed time
more fun for ebbery one
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Habby Friday
The Mom whent teu the Facktory
butt then came right home early
on a counta
cough cough cough cough cough
she iss tired
cough cough cough
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Afternoon Fambily Nab
baired wif
our regular feature
what iss called
My The Toy ob The Wheek
yess yessss
gibbens teu me by
my the Aunt Cyndi
I deu lubbs
My The Bink Monkey
she rattles
she skweeks
I deu lubbs her
here iss me
wif the Mom's footsy
ob course
the fambily nab
rarely means
ackchewall nabbing
in berry fack
it mosely means
whee lay down teugeffer
and talk
and sing
and blay
and some times
whee deu get a bit quiet
ass iff teu
knod off
the monkey rarely allows it
in fack
some times he buts hiss own self
in teu
hiss little reum
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Friday Afternoon Photo Sheut
yess yessss
it iss berry sunny
I amb fighting
the skwints
I lubbs
the sun shine on my furs
the brightness iss berry bright
and now
out in the grasses
and really enjoying the day
 I amb lubbing
the warmf ob the sun shine
the shmells in the breezes
the focus called by the mom
a little head turn
a little wolf shnoof
a little
I lubbs yeu, the Mom
a little shnoooooof
wif all ob these bickshers
I whork wif the Mom
I mean... the Photographer
she encouraged the shnooooofs
just ass she
rewarded the focus
my feetsies nebber moob
on acounta
I amb a beritable
obedience master
Master Beginner Nobice
I did take a run
and here I amb
coming back
it's hard teu beliebe
I amb learning teu behabe
and that brings uss teu
a sbeshull feature
what iss called
Big Brown Delibers
*bing bong*
whee did receibe a delibbery
what iss a bit ob a surbrise
I immediately know
it belongs teu me
yess yessss
it iss my regular delibbery ob
they shood fink ob me
for their
commercials and adbertisements
and that brings uss teu
a few more minutes
out ob doors
chasing the imaginary
dreaming ob the catch
checking it out
running a whay
let me back in
let. me. back. in.
I amb
h u n g r y
I deu seuberbise
the gaffering ob the ingredients
and now
whee bresent yeu wif
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
and that's
right ub there
salmon and legumes kibble
fresh cut green beans
fresh strawberries
fresh abble garnish
and here I amb... forgetting
and here I amb... remembering
and yes, ok, now saddled ub
a trib out ob doors
and now that brings uss teu
a sbeshull SBRING feature
what iss called
C A R L... the   C A R D I N A L
that's right
there he iss
and here I amb
checking out the yard
and the gleumy skies
and ob course
I can knot leabe out
Dead Phil
[wheu iss resbonsible
for all of b
the sicknesses ob the Mom]
so many
shmells teu shmell
and here whee go
a nodder photo sheut
I amb
S O   C U T E
uh huh
o...o... o
and file thiss under
whee forgot teu photograph
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
here iss
The Friday Night After Dinner Blate
embty bowl
baired wif
the Ozarka Sbring Whatters
and on a counta I fink
 it iss time
here iss me
our regular feature
what iss called
the Friday Night Cheu
o yeah
g i m m e 
I deu lubbs
 a bully stick
toss and blay
and settle in teu cheu
and now
ass I lay me down teu sweeb
my foughts and brayers
turn teu gratitude
our brayers habbs been answered
Welcome Home, Uncle Bob
and in our brayers teu
My Friend Jake, and His Mom... Beth
Knot Teuday and Knot Wifout a Fight
and wif candles lighting the whay
I know the Comet, the Luke and the Bleu
are guiding and welcoming
Sweet Punky and Sweet Brinksy


  1. Golden HAPPY for Spring weather. LOVE the photos prof #5 and #9. Golden Love <3 Luke. precious n will be remembered forever.

  2. Reufus, sorry i missed the mom and and the Luke's birthday but a few doctors got in my way.
    Your photo's as they alway are beautiful usual and trying to pick a favorite from your proofs is next to impossible.Thank you for the welcome home shout out it makes a guy really feel good. We have truly missed you.

    Uncle Bob, Aunt Sheila, cousin Emma.

  3. Me loves all the pikshers! Is eksellint! :) (((luv)))

  4. We have millions of lady bugs too,, they are in the house-- and everywheres,, but they are not like your lady bugs,, these bugs bite and stink!
    I hope all the sickies are gone now. You take such good care of your mom.
    Happy Spring to you

  5. dood...CARL DE CARDINULL ???

    carl de cardinull....ya haz catched sum oh yur momz sicknezz upon yur self if ewe iz lookin at BURDS !!!

    by de way, glad her iz dooin better

    oh, N R fav o rite pick sures be:
    2,6 & 10 !!!

    we loves em !!

    haza grate week buddy ~~~~~♥

  6. Wow, you sure have busy weeks. We hope your mom is feeling much better by now!