Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: Three Monkeys, One Potato and A Fortune Cookie

Habby Friday
Friday Night Wrights:
Free Monkeys, One Botato and A Forcheune Cookie
yess yesss
It habbs been
a berry sweet
a berry slow wheek
and that brings uss teu
a regular feature
what iss called
Sunday Ebening Chilling
that's right
after a day ob chores
whalks and training fun
whee deu settle in
for a bit ob
the ub side down teebee whatching
and that brings uss teu
the Photographer's Faborite Feature
what iss called
What A Sweet Nose
a sweet glimbse
the teufies
yess yess
Reufy's Teufies
these are
the sweetest ob times
I deu lubbs teu
gibbs the belly
iff thiss blog habbed sound
yeu cood hear me
and ob course
I deu habbs teu also
gibbs the baw
blease teu
gibbs me yeur hand
blease teu
rubbs my belly
and yess yessss
blease teu
kiss my sneuter
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Just A Aberage
Sweet Wheek Day Afternoon
like for ecksamble
like all odder days
I deu berry quietly and slowly
cross my batio
I deu stob and whatch
I deu listen
I deu whait
I flush the dubbs and squirrels
I deu my
"business, Reufus, business"
and that brings uss teu
my faborite afternoon ob the wheek
and our regular feature
what iss called
My Ackedemia
and here
I come a running
I hear the Mom Handler
butting on her training sheus

and then
I join her for
The Traditional Chobbing ob the Chee
comblete wif
the random tricks for chee
and here I amb
wif all my collars on
looking like
I amb whearing a hat
[butt it iss really
my emergency training bag]
the Handler and I
did whork berry hard in
I did berry GREAT wif
my heeling and my abouts
I did FAIR teu GOOD wif
my figyeur 8s
it iss much harder
ass whee switch from
cones and trash cans
berry interesting beobles
what smell like
and then
my sit stays
on a counta
after seberal minutes
I did slowly come teu the Mom Handler
and seberal minutes later
I did slide inteu a settle
and then and then
I did KINDA GOOD wif
my sit for ecksam
I moobed one footsy once
and whas berry interested in
the judge what whas ecksamming me
these are all fings whee bracktiss a lot
I juss did knot deu
ass whell ass I amb cabable
I tole the Mom Handler
I amb juss Rusty
after sbring break
butt she said
"no, yeu are Reufus,
and whee juss kneed more whork"
and when whee got home
whee did talk ober
the Handler's many beubeus and miss cues
what cause most ob mine
and then ass whee settle in teu
the big bed
whee cuddle ub and rebiew
my rebort card
A+ for Attiteude
B- for Imbulse Control
and the berrry mose imbortant grade
A+++++ for Habbiness
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Fursday what iss the Day Before Friday
and here iss me
starting off my day by
Fred and Ginger
in sbite ob the morning drizzles
I habbs small business teu tend
and ob course
I muss track ebbery critter
what habbs crossed my
the territory
ober the night
and then ob course
it iss time teu hustle in ob doors
my good bye good boy treats
so that
the Mom can leabe teu deu
Fursday Facktory Fings
yeu know
whalk jobs, answer questions, check brogress
and take
acksidental selfies
the berry best bart ob her day
what ob course iss
our regular feature
what iss called
Habby Fursday After The Facktory
wif juss a half day ob whork
left for the wheek
the Mom and I
are boaf
the wheek end teu look forward teu
quality time
teu sbend teugeffer
wheu knows
maybe tribs teu take
maybe adbentures
maybe whee whill take our training
on the road
eben iff whee stay here all wheek end long
whee whill be teugeffer
ha ha
and here the Mom gibbs me a deu rag
on a counta
I amb dragging my neckwhare
on the whet ground
o look look
my Texas Sage
iss beginning teu
and then
while whee deu in ob door fings
like magick
my the lawn crew
come and clean my
The Kingdom
in the rain
and then
in the drizzle
I deu go out
rib and romb
r u n   r u n   r u n
and then when called
I deu race teu the Mom
and then
right bast her teu the gate
when called a fiff maybe sixf time
[I forget]
I deu come teu her
*big shake off the misschief*
and then
whee are in ob doors
for a bit ob
ShyKnees Delibbery Foods
a lot ob lubbing
that's right
wheu can resist
thiss sweet face
no no
knot yeu or yeu
I whill gibbs yeu
the stiff arm
ha ha ha
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
a berry funny story
ass yeu whill recall
from lasst wheek
I deu lubbs
My Bink Monkey
and ass the Mom whatched teebee
she cood hear me blaying wif
My Bink Monkey
what in addition teu a skweeky head
a krinkly sound
and wif my back turned teu the Mom
I whas all
*krinkly krinkly krinkly krinkly krinkly*
and then she got ub
and discubbered
a berry slobbery
forcheune cookie
*krinkly krinkly*
nite nite
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
one ob my berry mose faborite
days of the wheek
our regular feature
what iss called
My Friday
and here iss me
getting an early start on the day
so the Mom can
go teu the Facktory
deu Friday Fings
answer emails
draw fings
brebare for neckst wheek
all while whatching
 and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
The Mom iss Home
Let the Wheek End Begin
 and here I amb
deuing a bit ob
 and then whaiting teu hear
the magick word
 a quick greeting teu the Mom
and then
off teu ecksblore
our regular feature
what iss called
Friday Bounty
 ahhhh yessssssssss
it iss
Costco Friday
 many fings in bockses
blaced on the floors
one berry yummy shmelling
baked chickchick
on the counter
... ... ...
here iss a bicksher
neiber I nor Science
can ecksblain

and now here I amb wif
the day's bounty
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Get Dressed and Let The Fun Begin 
 and now dressed in
the Bleu's baby bleu baw bandanna
I head out teu interrubt
Fred and Ginger
and their
Friday Afternoon Dubb Frow Down
 ob course
Fred and Ginger
ass host and hostess
last teu leabes the barty 
 I guess
they habbs heard
feffer breaf reumors
what are
greatly ecksadgerated
I mean
I stalk
 I boint
 I slowly abbroach
 butt then again
I amb also
0 teu 60
2 seconds flat
 right now howebber
there iss
a fluffy tail squirrel
ub there in my
the little oak tree 
my the Mom iss trying teu
diss track me 
on a counta
she habbs seen the squirrels
jumb right down on
her boys' and girl's heads
 she iss suggesting
what I habbs knot conduckted
since early thiss morning
I deu take her ub on it
 and then all so
race off teu
check the gate
and now
it iss berry HOT outside
so the Mom whanted teu
but on summer clobes
flob under the fan for a bit
and that's when
I decided teu
stand ub ober the tob ob her 
she called and lured and begged me
blease teu moob/jumb/steb ober her
blease teu knot juss stand here
 and then
she did ebentually
curl ub in a short ball
and moob her legs teu one side ob me
a lass
 I gibbs ub
and settles in
in front ob the big fan
I run off and return wif
some fing ecksiting
what iss quickly tooken from me
a botato
what I tooken from
the botato bag 
and then
eben though the Mom fought it whas funny
and knot bad
I but my own self in time out 
until the Mom realized I whas missing
and quickly came and got me
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Reufus Habbs Amazon Brime
the furst backage
I receibed thiss wheek
My Grizzly Salmon Oil
yess yess
my drizzle whas down teu a drizzle

so whee were
berry berry habby
it arribed on our door steb
 and sbeaking ob
Amazon Brime
 I did also receibe
thiss fun backage
 I know it iss for me
on a counta
it shmells like
f u n
wif a little helb teu oben
 I see
yess yessss
 a monkey for a monkey
 make that
a SOCK monkey for a monkey
I deu lubbs him
I deu habbs big blans for him
yess yessssss
all mine
*skweek skweek skweek*
 and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
my the toy ob the wheek 
 and thiss wheek's toy
my the sock monkey
 nose teu nose
 foot teu mouf
ha ha
a break teu
lubbs the lubbs
 while keebing
the monkey close
 and then
while the Mom whas whatching
I slibbed off teu
my little reum
the Mom came and got me
whee cood go out ob doors
search the Kingdom 
check the grounds 
circle the tree
 look UB in the little oak tree
the berry noisy birds in the becan tree
and while
the norf west sky
 iss starting teu freaten
the norf east sky iss still habby

and so
I rib and romb
I blast bast the Mom Photographer
like a lightning bolt
a cross the Kingdom
juss teu take
a sweet roll
 and then heeding
the Mom's call
 yess yesss
let's go in
I'm hungry
 and sbeaking ob hungry
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
o my
 o. my. dinner. blate.
I deu lubbs teu whatch
the gaffering ob the ingredients 
 the obening ob the green beans
the blucking ob the chicken
the chobbing ob the abbles
I amb ambed teu deu
a few tricks
for a few
abble slices 
 and now
here she iss
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
salmon and legumes kibble
baked chickchick leg
fresh cut green beans
Grizzly Salmon Oil drizzle
fresh chobbed abble garnish
 o yesssss
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Lab Dance
time for
the selfy ob the wheek
 she loombs ober me
I amb much more interested in
juss being in her lab
ub close 
it's a bit embarasshing
teu smooooooch yeur the Mom
let's blease teu moob on
yess yesss
- - - - -
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Friday Afternoon Photo Sheut 
 and I am looking
g o o d
 I amb looking
h a b b y
 I amb looking
u b   i n   t h e   t r e e
 and then when I turn my head
teu deu some businesses
juss look what habbens
skibbs down the tree and a cross the yard 
and then
sucks in hiss belly 
and scoots
under the fence 
right a bout here 
 and here I amb
 shortly before I gaffer wif
the Photographer
The Friday Photo Sheut
here's my  best
tuck sit 
 gibbing yeu
the good boy golden ears
 yeah yeah
the NOSE
the berry
 there are tasties teu my left
and it iss all I can deu
teu be
a good boy 
and now wif
a storm abbroaching
the norf whest
 whee make
a quick business run
 yess yessss
the storm iss rolling in
whee can boaf feel it
let's go in 
blease o blease
now it iss time for
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Cheu
that's right
yess yessssss
B U L L Y   S T I C K 
 *show it off*
 the best most relacksing bart
a Friday Night
settling in for a cheu

and then
juss when yeu fought the night
whas coming teu a close
*skwawk skwawk skwak*

and the Mom found me in
the hall
and then
here it iss
all most right on tob ob me
the Mom
worried about
my reackshun teu barrow metrick breshurr
finding me in the hall

tried teu make sure whee habbs
 a berry normal while stormy ebening
in the big bed
in our brayers teunight
Blessings for All Our Friends
and furst and fore most for
My Friend Jake and Hiss Mom... Beth
Knot Teuday and Knot Wifout a Fight


  1. Weu had me a furtune khookie ;-)

    Akhtually, I had one Saturday night - my The Mom went fur some of that AGJ stuff - and pikhked up some take out -

    PeeEssWoo: If weu had khome to khamp, weu khould have gone to those national thingies fur it is being held about 25 miles or so from here -

  2. The Golden with the 1000 expressions. Don't know how you do it, but we know you keep the whole world laughing.

    Uncle Bob, Auntie Sheila and Cousin Emma.

  3. Do you eat like that every night of the week or is Friday a special occasion? We always love to see your Friday dinner plate and then you get a chew too. :)

  4. monkee iz gonna getz gel uz oh sockz monkee ya noe....N knot ta worree, yur sit N stay will come a long bee fore ewe noe it, then may bee yur mom will give ewe a for chune cookie ANDA po tay toe ta snax on aza ree ward :) !!! heerz two a grate week N watch out for vishuz squirrel ~~~~♥

  5. Oh noes! Me hopes u weren't skared by teh scarey storm noises. :) Plz to stay safe and cuddles wif Mom! :)

  6. The thing we love the best about you Reufus is that you are so in love with The Mom...and she is so crazy about you! We start smiling the minute we land on your page! Every thing you do is a poem to lives shared in so many special ways. Thanks for sharing.