Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: Happy Easter and A Very Money Pit Edition

Habby Good Friday
Friday Night Wrights
Habby Easter

A Berry Money Bit Edition

yess yessss
iss the season ob
Hobes, Rebirf

and for the Mom
tis the season ob
many Memories

and now wif out furfer
a dyeu
it iss time for
our regular feature
what iss called
geufing off last wheekend

that's wright
whee dedicated
our Saturday teu
Me Time
a bit ob a lay-in
berry fun training
some in ob doors
 a lot ob out
in fack
wif the nice wheffer
whee sbent a lot ob time
wif berimeter checks
sbot shniffing
and looking for
the DBB
[ass yeu whill recall from our last edition]
a small bit ob time
conneckted by
the string
and then all so
free teu roam
close seuberbision
ob course
knot juss by
the Mom
ass yeu might ecksbeckt
butt all so
the tiny men
[formerly on my fence]
on the triangles be yond
 later in the wheekend
and berry sadly
the wheffer
did get a bit gleumy
butt all so
so the Mom
cut and chobbed and bagged
some hedge-itables
and a rare image
for the Photographer
teu cabsher
our baby dubb
wheu iss quite coincidentally named
and then all so
hiss the Mom
and then
an eben rarer photograffick image
me in deeb fought

deu knot whorrry
deeb foughts rarely last long
o and behind me
yeu whill see
the small business center
and that a bout
rabs ub
my wheekend out ob doors
and brings uss teu
our new regular feature
what iss called
My Self Bortrait in Whatter Colors
yess yesss
that's wright
I amb a budding
arr teest
and now
a brief whord about
a knot so little
Sunday broblem
whee whoke ub wif
one light switch out
our oben out
our a/c out
no frown breakers
ah OH
and now that brings uss teu
our sbeshull wheffer feature
what iss called
Stormy Monday
yess yesss
here I amb in
the small business center
and yeu can see
the standing whatters
be yond
the Mom Architeck slash Facility Manager
arribed home early
teu meet wif
the Elecktrishun
[what I baw seleckted
based on hiss ability teu
and I whas quite habby for
the early obborteunity
teu sbend a bit ob time in
my out ob door kingdom
marbelling at
the budding ob
my the becan tree
what many whill say
marks wif certainty
the Beginning ob Sbring
o and look
Fred in Flight
and now wif
the Mom shell shocked by
elecktrickal diagnoses
and a so-see-ated $$$$

it iss time teu go in
go teu big bed
turn off the lights
bull the cubber ub
butt ob course
whee deu knot
in fack
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
my the toy ob the wheek

what thiss wheek iss
My Carrot Stuffy
o I deu lubbs a carrot
and what iss better than
a carrot stuffy
stuffed wif
free bunny stuffys
I deu lubbs
the challenge
reuting a round in the carrot
bulling each bunny out
one by one
and after
the big bink business audit
last wheek
me and my carrot and my bunnies
our time iss limited teugeffer
our bisits are closely seuberbised
*tsk tsk*
and sbeaking ob
and there fore tackses
that brings uss teu
our feature
what iss called
Teusday Abril 15f
the Mom Tacks Accountant
filed our tackses
lasst Sunday
and wif the berry few dollars left
she brought home
a tiny bit ob bounty
yess yessss
teuday's bounty iss
a substiteute for
[butt bales in combarison teu]
My Target Friday
what whill be
bre-embted by
Make a Elecktrishun Rich Friday
butt I digress
shake off
the stress
let's rib and romb
and ok
go in
and juss when
the Mom Money Manager
the accounts are tabbed
the green babers are gone
the samwich must be made from the heels
whee learn that
the Elecktrickal Inspecktor
requires uss teu MOOB the elecktrickal serbice
*kaching kaching*
and here on
Frowback Wednesday
ten years ago
yeu can see our elecktrical serbice
look look at my berry tiny oak
and so
on this afternoon
the Mom Architeck slash Facility Manager
arribed home early
teu meet wif
the growing ebber richer Elecktrhishun
teu discuss
the additional requirements
a new game blan
and eben though
I whas in my little reum
at the time
I can tell yeu

the ackshun whas
right here
try ass she might
wif the bencil sharbening jokes
the Mom Facility Manager
resigned her self
teu sbend
eben more money
"yeu can't take it wif yeu"
she reminded her self
whee were boaf really hobing teu
sbend it in odder funner whays
before hand
o whell
talk teu the tail
night night
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Fursday
iss all mose Friday
look look
the Mom iss home from the Facktory
I amb sbrung from My Little Reum
Earl habbs
no. fear.
the. berry. arrogance.
o whell
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
One Fursday Photo Sheut
and here I amb
rocking the festibb bone neck ware
whorking the camera
yet knot quite gibbing her
the good boy ears
all the while
whorking the sit stay
d  i  s  t  a  n  c  e
d i s t a n c e
crazy ass it may seem
wheu wood ebber habbs funk
my sit stay
bretty rock solid
libber treat blease
*aboid the camera*
*focus on the Mom Handler*
and now that brings uss teu
our sbeshull holiday feature
what iss called

the season ob
the Lily

and so
whee steb a round
Our Lily Bed
and since
whee are no
Lily Ecksberts
I whill juss say
whee habbs a hand full ob
the dark edge ones
in a field ob
the reberse
and here iss me
quite confused
I amb
nebber ebber EBBER
forward ob the fence
off leash
here I amb
required teu be
trust. whorfy.
I. Can. Deu. Fiss.
I. Can.
o and for
libber treats
yeu bet
yeu habbed me at
ob course
the Mom Handler
used thiss ass
a great diss trackshun test
that's wright
more training
MOAR training
[ass my g00d Friend Casey wood say]
and then
after making the Mom
berry berry broud
whee close out our ebening
a bit ob lubbables
a bit ob belly
a bit ob cheek
a bundance ob sweets
o yeah
a baw
and now
I whill say
yeu habbs knot libbed
un till yeu habbs
a Reuf filled lab
the soft furs
the gentle eyes
the sweeet nose
yess yesssss
that's wright
and here I amb ubdating
my FaceBook bage
in an a ttembt teu
make it look
like the wonder full
that I really amb
*shakes head in diss gust*
and now that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Friday
*weu heu*
butt teuday whee begin wif
our sbeshull edition
what iss called
Money Pit calls for Tricity Off
and right ub there
yeu whill see
the CenterBoint Deudes
cutting and lassoing off
the circle ob life
the lights, the teebee, the internets
are bound ub and off
and ober there iss
the Elecktrishun
deuing hiss fing
on the ground iss
old stuff
what no longer meets code
and bringing uss ub
from 1953 teu 2014
the Elecktrishun
and now after a morning ob
stress followed by silence
it iss time for
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Friday Lunch Out Wif The Mom
and here whee are
the Trolley
at our destination
and while I drool ober
sundaes and sblits and cones
I amb in heaben
on a counta
the Mom orders me
yesss yesssssss
that's wright
here whee deboard
the Trolley
and now that brings uss teu
our berry sbeshull feature
what iss called
*door bell rings*
A Backage for Me
let me check the return address
it iss from
My Berry Berry Good Friend Casey R Doodle
yeu may all so find
hiss bage
mere whords can knot ecksbress
how much I lubbs
Casey and The Goddess
in berry fack
whee treuly feel ass though
whee are
f a m b i l y
on tob ob my backage
a gorgeous bicksher ob
Sweet Casey
and on the back
the sweetest ob notes
yess yessss
i n s i d e
rabbed so artickstickally
are the berry mose
wonder full shmells

teu bags ob
Home Made Treats
hand made by the Goddess
taste tested by the Casey
I can knot fank Casey enough
for his foughtful concern that
the current state ob
our financial drain
might imback
my treat subbly
wif all my heart
Fank Yeu, My Friend
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Noon Brogress Check
and juss look
here's some stuff that's been done
along wif some juss stuff laying round
and on a hamsummer note
here iss
bart ob me
and now
that brings uss teu
our once a year feature
what iss called
My Annual Check Ub wif Doctor Mark
and here iss me
on the road again
o my
Hi Whay Teu-Ninety
a horrible mess
whee left whay ahead ob time
and whill hobefullly arribe
on schedule
ahhh yessss
juss a few minutes early enough
a wee walk
a bit ob a photo obborteunity
*finks... gosh I look ubset*
the traffick
whas a bit distracking
and I whas
ready teu go in side
the whaiting reum
chock full ob
there whas
big dogs
little dogs
kitty cats
berry best ob all
eudles ob beobles
all whanted teu
talk to me
bet me
and then
once the whaiting reum
cleared a bit
Julie and Sandy
cooed ober me
tole me
they LUBB me
and then I did fink teu
ubdate my status
on facebook
and then
since whee muss whait our turn
I relacks a bit
yess yessss
that's me
here I amb
and then
teu the little reum
whee whent

and then while
I whent back for
some sbeshull attenshun
. . .
the Mom read
teh bulletin board
and whondered
why iss a Golden all whays
on the cubber
Wheight Management
I habbs no idea why
and now here I amb
back wif the Mom
a stick in the arm
a boke in the batooty
and then
they came and got me
my manny-peddy
and while
I amb
a berry good sbort
I amb all whays
teu return teu
my the Mom
here I amb whaiting on
Doctor Mark
he and the Mom
a sbeshull bond
the many lumbs, bumbs and surgeries
ob our
The Luke
the ebilebsy and hib diss playshus
ob our
The Bleu
the hard fought battles
the ebil ebil EBIL c...
Doctor Mark
all whays says
"so good teu see yeu under better circumstances"
and he all so says
I look great
knot teu fin
great muscle tone
flexy joints
no lumbs or bumbs
lymph nodes juss fine

friendly chit chat
a rub down
free shots
I. Amb. Outta. Here.

whee habbs teu
whait on my chart
and then
bay some green babers
gibbing uss an obborteunity
what iss it wif
the wheight obsession
ok ok
so it says here
55-75 bounds
and I wheigh
*drumb roll*
67.6 bounds
*yibbee let's go*
and now it's time for
a sbeshull feature
what iss called
a funny fing whee see on the whay home
can yeu see
the blane iss crashing inteu the building
[knot really... really it iss stuck there mid flight]
"home, Trolley Driver"
whee shood be all mose back in
the tricity
the lights
the cool airs
and more imbortantly
the teebee
the interwebs
a lass
and bretty ecksauceted from
all ob the day's ecksitement
I whent teu
my little reum
I need a little
R & R
butt then
berhabs out ob boredom
berhabs out ob rest less ness
berhabs out ob stir crazies
. . .
I bresent yeu wif
our sbeshull holiday feature
what iss called
Bunny Sheut
and here I amb
the bink bunny ears
I fink yeu can see
my heart iss really
in it
life gets no better than ...
o boy
bleu bunny ears
habbs I mentioned lately
I deu lubbs
Casey's Treats
and now
wif a quick
whard robe change
I bresent for yeu
my Easter Bunny neckwhare
baired wif
yeu guessed it
color coordinating ears
it takes
a real man
teu bull off
thiss look
I fink whee agree
the bleu ears
look much better
than the bink
wif thiss out fit
*ding dong*
sabed by the bell
the tricity men
are here
and they are going teu
hook. me. ub.
if the Doorman
whill juss oben thiss door
I whill helb them
I whill show them
the circle ob life
wifout so much as eben
asking me
the Mom shows them teu
the back
where they
take their glubbs out ob
a bouch what says
"all whays whear yeur glubbs"
and they butt them on
and then go about
the business ob re-connecking
the circle of life
so I fought
the Rich Elecktrishun says
he habbs much more whork teu deu
so wif
that sad news
I declare it teu be time for
our regular feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Dinner Blate
what teunight features
salmon and legumes kibbles
green beans
a drizzle ob Grizzly Salmon Oil
Jazz Abble garnish
lubbingly baired wif
Ozarka Sbring Whatters
along wif
imbeckable good manners
a berry healfy abbetite
and now for
our regular feature
what iss called
Our After Dinner Outting
boy o boy
whill I ebber be habby teu habbs
my kingdom
teu myself
butt it abbears
whee are still
a berry long whay a whay
and that brings uss teu
a berry crestfallen feature
what iss called
My Friday Night
it whas dark
it whas stuffy
it whas quiet
for a cubble ob quick seckonds
whee considered
feeling sorry for ourselbes
butt then whee fought ob
Our Berry Many Blessings
Our Berry Many Friends

whishing yeu each
A Wheekend wif those Yeu Lubbs
A Blessed Easter
A Whonderful Wheek ob Hobe & Habbiness Ahead

P.S. Our tricity whas turned on around 945pm.


  1. Happy Easter! Me loves u so much!! :)

  2. Reufus, Thank you for bringing us the latest episode of "This Old House" And "The Amazing Dr. Pol"
    This was such an enjoyable read, many laughs and facial expressions that were terrific. You and The Mom are terrific, but you know that.
    Much Lub,

    Uncle Bob, Auntie Sheila and Cousin Emma

  3. Hello Reufie. I luff yeu and The Mom.

  4. What a busy, expensive week! We are glad your electricity if finally back on so your mom doesn't trip and get hurt. We know you can "see" in the dark, so we aren't worried about you, just your mom. :)