Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Night Wrights: First A Feather Then A Monkey Ear Edition

Habby Friday
Friday Night Wrights
Furst a Feffer
then a Monkey Ear
juss like the ole saying
what goes
no neus iss good neus
so it iss all so
unebentfull wheeks are the best ob all
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Lazy Wheekend
did whee go any where
did whee take good bickshers
teu the contrary
juss look
the Photographer snabbed a
small business shot
whee whorked on
our heeling
our sit stays
our recalls
the Maid did many chores
butt much teu my dissabbointment
whee nebber left home
it whas berry rough
ecksauceting in fack
esbeshully when
the HouseKeebing did come teu
change the sheets
I mean
I deu lubbs clean sheets
her timing
nebber good
the one big wheekend ebent
Our Aggies bs DePaul
The Sweet Sixteen
what whee whin
- - - - -
and boy o boy deu I need 
a nodder day
teu recubber from my wheekend
here comes
our regular feature
what iss called
Monday Mischief
whas a berry bretty day
the temby teur iss
a bit on the wharm side
for our liking
whee lubbs the sun what iss shining
ass yeu know
I deu lubbs juss teu
take it all in
the sights
the sounds
the shmells
and then like
a cheeto
I amb off for
A Teur ob Mischief
yess yessss
that's wright
from corner teu corner teu corner
ebbery. single. fing. I. see.
wif my the Attendant
reufus no
in the house reufus
reufus yeu little ship
yeu whill nebber run free again
and here I amb
whorried about
wheffer the Mom means
any ob that
and then also
whee settle in for
the Elite Eight

Aggies v. uconn

whee started out strong
whee lose teu the near berfeckt team
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
Habby Abril Furst

what ass yeu know iss
Abril Fools Day
and thiss year
Abril Furst iss all so
Major Leeg Baseball's
Obening Day 

our Astros oben wif the ny yankees
and much teu
my shock and surbrise
the team formerly known ass
the [L]Astros
won their furst teu games
against the yanks
so for teu whole days
[that's like a record and stuff]
whee were tied for
furst blace
and now
here iss me demonstrating
good boy behabior
on a berry leuse leash
and now wif
the wheffer a bit gleumy
blease teu follow me
in ob doors
for an ebening ob
o yess yesss
on an ebening such ass thiss
I deu lubbs teu
whatch teebee
wif the Mom
and by 
whatch teebee
I mean
bets, brushes and lubbings
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
The Photographer lubbs A Sweet Nose
and here iss
yess yesssss
gets no better than thisss
whell until
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My Ackedemia
and now
blease teu join me
ass I sneuberbise
the traditional
chobbing ob the chee
and now
chee chobbed
whee back the bag
chee... check
libber... check
tug toy... check
whatter bottle... check
now let's roll
yess yesssss
teunight iss the night
the BIG night at My Skool
Our Beginner Novice
Mock Obedience Trial

how did it go
yeu ask
in retrosbeck
the Mom Handler hybed me ub 
teu much and teu early
so it whas a bit like
the Mom Handler wheu cried wolf
when whee entered the ring
and then
I whas berry distrackted by
the baber signs on the floor 
*mmm mmmm baber iss nommy*
the heeling ecksersize
the Mom Handler talked teu me
whay teu much
the figure 8s were tough
butt then
my sit stay and sit for ecksam
r o c k   s o l i d
my recall
whas juss short ob really good
so yeu ask
Reufus what deus thiss mean
it means
whee need teu take our training
on the road
whee need teu train in silence
whee need teu whork on
bace changes
normal > slow > normal > fast > normal
and wif baber signs on the floors
thiss iss so much fun
and ass whee go teu bed each night
whee remind each otter
Whee are Bartners
Whee are A Team
yess yesss
I go teu sweeb wif the Handler
and whake ub wif the Mom
and that brings uss teu
our some times regular feature
what iss called
It's Fursday and Boy Am I Tired
that's wright
it whas a berry late night
neeber ob uss
whas ready teu get ub
get ub whee did
and wif a bit ob
a shake offf
I did tend teu
my businesses
and then
and then
and then
ass the sbirit meubed me
a sweet roll
o ...   y e a h
shake it off
that whas
s o   g o o d
me finks
I'll habbs
a nodder
 and then
I sent the Mom a whay
teu deu
Fursday Facktory Fings
whalking for miles
checking thiss and that
 it iss coming a long nicely
and wif
the rainy rains what were raining
she did hob in the Trolley
and head home
our regular feature
what iss called
Fursday after Facktory iss all mose like Friday

there iss
a sbring in our steb
a song in our heart
all be it some times like teuday
a berry slow
bleusy kind ob song
what goes
a little like thiss
o I got me some gleumy skies
wif the sbrinkles on my head
and while my myrtle leabes
I got
the storm buildin'
 becan buddin' bleus
ba da da da DA
- - - - -
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Foto Sheut Fursday

*ha ha*
ass the Photographer stebs a whay
leabing me in a sit stay
I amb
all business

butt then
out ob her bocket
the Mom bresents
a libber treat
the Good Lord knows
I lubbs me
a libber treat
and then wif
a release
a bit ob a run
a recall
whee come in ob doors
and settle in for
a little game
what whee call
Fursday Night Snooze
and now at long last
that brings uss teu
our rebular feature
what iss called
Yay It's Friday
and I deu lubbs teu
start the day wif
a little bout
a little
message teu the Mom
blease teu knot leabes
the monkeys
blease teu knot leabes
the me
butt then
the Mom reminds me
the quicker she leabes
the quicker she returns
let's rumble
and here I amb in
a forbidden corner
chombing my whay
frew the greens
and the
a run frew the kingdom
a baws teu let
the Mom
catch ub
and wif
the Mom Handler
testing the recall
I amb
front and center
butt knot
s i t t i n g
[can yeu hear the Mom sigh]
ha ha ha
and here I amb
begging teu go in
teu get the Mom off teu the Facktory
so she can take care ob
Friday Fings
wee mails
job oberbayshun reborts

change orders


consultant rebiews
and then
*baints the Mom wif Acme Inbisible Baint*
the Media Secretary
ubloads a few bickshers
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
Let the Friday Begin
 and wif
a quick relase
here I amb
checking the Mom's bants
 meubing forward for
a bit ob a shake
and then
dressed for Friday
whee are out 
 ass all whays
I baws for
my reuteen
and here iss
a little bicksher
what I like teu call
"wheu iss the monkey" 
h a   h a   h a
 and now
on a counta
the Mom habbed lunch wif my Uncle T
h a   h a   h a
she felt the need for
a nab
and that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
My The Toy ob The Wheek 
and thiss wheek it iss
my the bink monkey 
 and juss ass
I whas enjoying
her tail
the Mom decided
 and she whas
tucked a whay
a nab wif the Mom
and when
the Monkey and the Mom
they found me in
my little reum
and then and then
on a counta
it was
t i m e
our regular feature
what iss called
the Friday Night Dinner Blate
 salmon and legume kibbles
carrots, beas, green beans, botatoes
salmon drizzle
jazz abble garnish

baired wif
ozarka sbring whatters
here are my
the manners 
here are my
the gobbles 
I habbs been asked
and no
I deu knot eat likes this ebbery meal
butt mose meals are
kibbles and salmon oil
one odder fing
 and now teunight on
the ebening news
... if it bleeds it leads ...
 whee habbs
a bit ob drama
the new and ass it turns out... berry sharb
Bambered Chef knife
[earned frew a fundraiser for GRRH]
 and now wif
the Photographer
all bandaged ub
whee are
out ob doors 
for a
F U N   F R I D A Y
 and by
I mean
baffing my self in
the sun shine
and then
ass whee stroll frew
the kingdom
out ob no where
a feffer abbears
she floats down
and then
back ub
whee are habbing
a berry tender moment
*cue Forrest Gumb Feffer Musick*
what deus thiss feffer mean
and ass she gently
floated teu the ground
I ate her
and now
that brings uss teu
our regular feature
what iss called
my the Fiday Foto Sheut
my ace
the Photographer
the sun angle iss all wrong
whee rotates
90 de grees
under some cubbers
the Photographer
 "blease teu gibbs me the good boy ears"
I finks teu gibbs em
 butt then
I finks odder wise
 and then
there iss juss
so much going on
 I deu juss deu
focus on
the libbers
on a counta
the libbers
bretty much
r u l e   t h e   w h o r l d 
 wif the ecksebshun ob
what iss so distrackting yeu ask
the tiny men
standing on my back fence
 and that brings uss teu
our sbeshull feature
what iss called
My Bink Monkey Habbs an Ear
juss on a counta
and a bit ob
followed by
a bit ob
slight ob hand
 eareacktomy... comblete
monkey on monkey cannibalism... frightening
- - - - -
and now whee return teu
a feature about
the little men on my the back fence
here is juss one
whorking a whay
 and now
ass the Kitchen Staff
cleans the galley
 I sbrawl and whait
dee dee dee... dum
yesss yesssss
it's time for
our regular feature
 what iss called
the Friday Night Cheu
and teunight's delicacy
*drum roll*
a sweeeeeet bully stick 
*backs off teu share wif
haff deaf bink monkey*
 *habby sigh*
and now
in my foughts and brayers

Sweet Annie wheu crossed the Bridge

Sweet Charm wheu celebrated her Birfday at the Bridge


fighting the big fight...

My Friend Jake along wif his the Mom, Beth...


  1. We're sorry for the loss of your friends. Hope Jake and his mom will be okay.

    So your mom stabbed herself and you doctored her? You are such a sweetie, Reuf. Have a fun week.

  2. Me send hug for ur fwends. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Reufus, you are always thinking of others and that's why you are so loved.
    Have a great week.
    Uncle Bob, Auntie Sheila & Cousin Emma.

  4. dood....we can see why ewe kneaded ta get inta miss cheef after all de werk ya did !!!! last week oh end :)

    sorree bout de hole figurez 8 stuff....knot ta worree we did knot due good at all in math at skewl who kneads it ya noe....

    N we hafta say yur pick sures thiz week rock...we loves what uz cats like ta ree fer two as de.... stink eye...meenin yur eye getz all squintee N ya look at de camera !!! loves em......

    heerz two a grate week N we hope ya due knot hurl frume eatin de feather what came frum a stooooooooooooooopid burd ♥

  5. Oh gosh
    I am sorry about your friends . That is very sad.
    The knife looks very scary that hurt your mom.. I hope she gets better soon

  6. Hello dear Reufus and Mom!
    Something has happened to my list of blogs that appear because yours just doesn't anymore, which is why you don't see much of me. I do love you both so I want to read every word you write, But I tend you think you are not writing since it is not appearing on my blog roll. So I am going to investigate right away and get your name up there so you make a regular appearance and thusly hear back from me! Your week sounds mostly good to me, and you and your Mom seem to get along so well, My Mom and I do too. BUT we don't do much at all so we seldom blog because most people like to read something interesting. Maybe we will get better as spring and summer come along. We still have some tall snowbanks in our neighborhood and we will be glad to see those go. I told my Mom if she would get a knife cut on her finger we could take pictures of it and bandage it and all that but she said she was not interested in THAT kind of activity,
    So I'm going to take my Mom and go look at the blog roll and fix things up! Hugs and Stella kisses to you both, Jo, Stella and the elusive Zkhat

  7. Oh wez sorry youz lozt your furiend. I lub'z all your bandana'z :) Haz youz got a girlfuriend Bawhahhwhahaha xxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie