Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Another Agility Monday

Habby Monday
Whee are catching ub on busy ness
on a counta whee are teu weeks be hind
in my field reborts.
Here iss me at
The Agility Field.
July 30f
I amb facing west
ass Yeu can tell
since the Photographer iss
falling right down on tob ob me.
Our classes are berry busy
and whee deu naught haff time teu take pickshers...
butt here are some glimbses ob the pracktiss field.
Over there is
The Teeter
She iss resting now
on a counta I habbs gibbed her a work out.
My Instrucktor ob The Teeter
refers teu me ass...
The Reuf Man
and some times she says...
"Here comes The Wild Man."
I lubbs the name and
I all mose wag my tail clean off...
butt the Trainer says
it iss naught a combliment.

Ober there in the corner,
Yeu whill see
The Baby Bool
what I habbs tole Yeu a bout.
It iss there fur uss teu cool off
ass needed...
Many ob my fellow steudents
deu take a dib in the pool...
butt it looks teu much like a baff teu me.

O Chute...
I whas going teu tell Yeu some fing...
butt I got fursty and furgot.
Abter whee learn our fings,
whee take down home work a ssignments
and then...
I all ways like teu show Yeu our trib home...
Dusk in the western sky
I like teu sit ub and look out fur a bit...
and then I deu like teu lay down and rest.
There whas a berry big moon
in the souf eastern sky...
It deus naught look imbressiff in these pickshers...
butt here it iss right neckst teu
the moonlight tower.
Whee were all mose home
when that one whas tooken.
- - - - - - - - -
And now fur lass week's
Agility Monday
August 6f
Here I amb shniffing out my furst shmells...
Whee did naught go teu
The Business Yard
butt in stead did go in the obbosit direckshun
teu some grasses what I haff nebber be fore shmelt.
It whas pretty hot...
and thiss way,
I did naught haff teu walk on the grabble road.
I whas out ob my yeusyeuall reuteen
I did naught know what whee were deuing,
butt I did paws teu gibbs the Photographer
one good picksher...
juss be fore turning my noggin.
Ass I tole Yeu,
I amb in
Big Boy Class
what iss
Agility II
and whee are busy busy busy...
So berry many fings teu learn
that I deu naught haff time teu
habbs my picksher tooken...
butt here iss me in
The Settle.
Ober there iss my tunnel
o what I deu lubb teu run frew.
The Trainer The Mom calls it
The Acksellerayshun Teube
on a counta I go in one speed
and come out a nodder.

Ober there iss sum jumbs
what the more adbanced class deus jumb.
And here I amb
ober seeing the Trainer
taking down
The Home Work Notes.
I whas pretty hot
and all so pretty tired
on my way home...

When the Trolley Driber did stob at a red light,
the Mom did ask the Photographer teu take
My Picksher...
I hobes it makes Yeu smile...
Habby Monday, Ya'all.


  1. Whee lubs your blog, Reufus, and finks eu ar so smart! xoxo Emma and Salter

  2. The Wild Man! Love your nickname. Looks like a lot of fun and what a beautiful sunset too.

  3. My sweet and funny Little Man. I so needed to see you today and to read about your Agility fun. ♥ you to pieces!

  4. Deud! You are a total Wild Man! We thinks it sounds very complimentary!

    Sam and Pippen

  5. Yep, you made us smile. You are one busy boy!

  6. Reuf, you always make us smile (and sometimes that is not easy to do) bol.... We know your classes are a lot of work but you are certainly meeting the challenge and setting the standard for Goldens everywhere including us.

    Lubs ya,
    Paw bumps and tail wags
    Hamish & Sophie &
    Mom & Dad
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  7. Weu Heu Reufus:

    Blogger is not playing nice tonight so I am just going to give you a virtual HUG and tell you that I am happy and proud of all that you are learning!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  8. Reufus, you aka The Wild Man......HOL funny. We love your exploits and you make us feel a need for a nap after reading them. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Wonderful boggy Reif! You are such a smart boy - and so is The Mom, for doing all this fink work!!!
    Sam and Avalon