Friday, August 3, 2012

Habby Week End Plans Wif Lubbed Ones

Teuday iss the day what be gins
those feu days what whee refer teu as...
Habby Week End
I haff no berry big or speshull plans or obligashuns...
no dog show, no big ebents, no swimming...
butt all so...
 no rescue stuff and no work or drudgery.
Whee whill be taking care ob sum fings
a round our home...
A Little Thiss A Little That
Like a bit ob land scabing.
The Mom habbs a neu shrub trimmer,
and she iss going teu butt cher the shrubs.
Ass fur me,
I prefer teu trim one leaf at a time.
The Mom deus diss courage
my hedge-itarianisms...
so mose times I haff teu be sneaky
and fassst.
And ass sabby ass I am at miss chief,
I amb all so
Prince ob the Inno Sin Look...
fur a moment any way,
and then...
I'm off.
butt I all ways come back
fur more.
The Trainer and I all so habbs
a good bit ob
Training Home Work
teu deu...
Me and My New Leash
I whish Yeu knew how much I lubbs to train.
I get so berry ecksited when I see my gear...
and all so berry restrained.
I mean...
Suddenly my hearing is imp proobed,
and I amb highly motibated...
butt ob course...
I know what a pocket ob chees means!
Now here is how
The Photograffer tried teu cabsher
what The Trainer sees
when whee deu our
Flat Work
I deu mosely look up at the Trainer, butt wif the camera... I did mosely turn away.
Flat Work iss healing
and halting...
varying sbeeds like
slow, normal and jogging...
all manner ob turns
and all so stobbing like moobing sits
and odder fings, like...
Drob or Freeze.
And teuday,
my drob/freezed turned inteu
A Down Stay
I whas a bit naughty wif my leash...
butt I did keep my feetsies still.
The berry mose hardest bart iss when
The Trainer hits the 180 degree or
Six O Clock
"Hi Mom. My fumping tail means I lubbs Yeu."
I can keeb my feetsies still,
butt my tail...
naught so much so.
Here is
Habby 3 O Clock.
And well come back
teu minutes later teu...
12 O Clock.
And now, fur fun...
Scroll back ub and combare...
Feetsies and Leash are in the original position.
Friends, I haff come a berry long whay!

The Trainer abbroaches me showing me a chee.
I am naught teu moob my feetsies still...
I gobble the chee and hear my word...
I am ub
and whee break the tension wif
a habby and fun game ob
Leash Tug
Whee whill all so be working on
 My Agility Moobs
I whill be pracktissing
a combin ayshun
Jump and Contact 
Thiss iss me set ub fur the ecksersize.
The Trainer whill turn her back teu me
be fore gibbing me the commands...
so she can naught take a picksher.

She whas quite surbrized when I
did this perfeckly the fourf time I tried.
Whee whill keeb working and making it
harder and harder.

All so..
Whee whill be working on
Weave Poles
a nodder hard fing to take a picksher ob...

It iss so berry hot these days...
so whee haff teu train in short spirts.
This ebening,
whee boaf hobed fur a nodder session...
butt I banted fur an hour
and the Mom nixxed a nodder outing.
And once the Trainer took off her sheus
and embtied the chees and venison fillets out ob her bockets...
I did settle in wif

My The Mom and...The Typist
She helbed me boot ub
my lab tob
and check out my facebuck...
juss be fore I did compose
these words I amb sharing wif Yeu.

I whish Yeu
A Berry Speshull Week End

May it be full ob the fings Yeu enjoy...
in the combany of
The Ones Yeu Lubb.
[in my case...
The Mom, The Trainer,
The Photographer, The Typist,
The Chef, The Trolley Driver,
The Valet, The Maid, The...
uh huh, this house gets crowded sum times.]

And A Nodder Fun Fing
teu deu teuday iss...
The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop
Fur more infurmayshun,
please teu bisit Nigel ober at
Life With Dogs
Two Little Cavaliers


  1. Reuf.
    Have A Great Weekend. We will just sit bu the A/C vents. Tomorrows forecast 97 degrees heat index to 110.

    Your sweating Cousins,

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Woof! Woof! Golden Hello! WOW Looking Good ... Hey even with the heat there your grass is still green. Happy Weekend! Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  3. Wishing you all a good Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Weu Heu, Reuf! We had a big bad storm last night and today is beautiful, so we will enjoy our home and peaceful quiet. My Mom has lots to do, so she will keep busy, but Zkhat and I will catch up on the snoozing we lost last night with the thunderboomers. You are doing great with your learnings, Reuf!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  5. We hope you have a great weekend, dear Reufus! You look awesome in your photos - maybe you can have a talk with Monty that working for treats isn't all that bad?

    To answer your question, Sam was 2 before he started getting his fuzz. Up until then, Mom thought she had a funny looking labrador....


  6. We have no special plans either, but Mom says there is a lot of that outside work to be done if only it would get a bit cooler. Not likely:( It must be even hotter where you are.

    We have to do that ring around the doggies down too - and none of us like it until the end when that treat arrives.

    Enjoy the weekend and don't let Mom work too hard.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. You are one busy, busy boy even though you're home, you look like you've still got a lot to do!! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

  8. My sweet, sweet boy - you are becoming so accomplished in your studies☺. Watching you grow and blossom is such a pleasure.

  9. What stunning performances you put on! We are so impressed by your progress - such a clever boy! Hope you are having a great week and that it cools off a bit!
    Hugs xxxxxx
    Sammie and Avalon