Friday, August 10, 2012

My Tent, My Toys, My Chiggin and The Storm that Whas Naught

Habby Friday,
Habby Weekend
Welcome teu My Tent.
I fink I shood be an Orvis Model / Spokes Dog...
Yeu prolly fink I am cambing in the wilds
butt really and in fack
I amb chilling in
My Tent
in my libbing reum.
Yeu see...
Steudents in Agility III
are required teu habbs a tent.
I am only in Agility II
butt iff I gradyeuate in one monf...
I whill need one
and here I amb in mine.
Here I haff been discubbered... Juss hanging out in My Tent
I really deu lubbs tents and such...
And I haff been pracktissing...
The Trainer says "Tent"
I run in and turn a round.
The Trainer says "Come"
I come busting out and teu her...
berry ready teu run back in teu
My Tent
I fink I might all so habbs
a future in modeling fur...

Training Days
I deu lubbs teu deu my training.
 Whee keeb a pretty busy schedule at it
 and here it is...
Monday: Agility Class
Teusday: Finking Skool (Obedience)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday - Sunday: Training
Whee wait until early ebening teu deu our fing.
It iss much cooler then
butt thiss iss all so
when funder storms roll in...
And teuday...
It got berry dark in the late abternoon.
The out ob doors whas kinda noisy
wif the rumblings and
My Agility Equibment
seemed teu know...
(2) Sets of 2x2 Weabe Poles and (1) Jumb
There whas a storm brewing.
I amb naught funder fobick...
butt I whas distrackted by the
rumbling and the winds.
It whas berry far a way
butt condishuns were a bit iffy...

so whee did naught train
out ob doors teuday.

My New Toys
what I did receibe
by UBS Delibbery teuday from
Clean Run.
A Bariety ob Treat Stuffable Toys
I amb a berry high dribe boy
butt I amb mosely treat dribben,
and I deu need teu work on
My Toy Dribe. 
Mine Mine Mine Mine
And being the smart,
treat dribben boy what I amb...
I haff peoples finking that
a toy what holds treats
wood teach me teu be
Toy Dribben.
[I amb a Genius]
Pick One.
I deu lubbs thiss one the best
on a counta it reminds me ob
My Aunt Karen Toys
what I deu lubbs teu
tug on and all so steal.
Yes Yes, it habbs teu tug ends
and a pouch in the middle.
What Yeu see here iss
juss fur blog picksher purposes...
I can only play wif thiss toy
wif the Trainer.
In berry fack,
whee played and played and played
wif thiss teuday.
I mean, wheu knew...
but there iss a
baked chiggin facktory
in that pouch.
I retriebed and retreibed and retriebed
and out ob its belly
the Trainer did pull forf and feed me...
a bite ob baked chiggin
each time I brought it teu her.
It. Whas. AweSum.

The Storm That Whas Naught

Whee had the funders
and the darknesses and the winds
and the strange colors...
butt whee habbed berry few ob the rains.
Whee were tricked a bit by the wheffer
but that's ok...
It whas a wonder full Friday...
and now it habbs come teu
The End.


  1. Reufus,

    Wow pretty great equipment you have there. We that with practice and under the trainers guidance you are just going to do great. If we ever come to visit, maybe we can all hang out in your tent and roast marshmallows.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. My Little Man, you don't think that you could be a teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy, itty, bitty bit spoiled, do you? You need something and before you know it your the Mom has it at her door for you. You are a furry, furry lucky pupper, yes, you are♥.

  3. Weu-heu, Reufus!

    I think it must have been Christmas at your house with a new tent and all the rest of the fun stuff you got. Even though I don't go to skule like you do, I do think I would like a tent like yours. I could spend a lot of my time just keeping Zkhat out of it! But I am furry fearful of thunder storms and always looking for a good place to hide and my own tent would be perfect, don't you think? Thats what I think.


    peeess: I don't think you are one bit spoiled.

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  5. Great stuff Reufus. We'd love a tent. What fun I could have. Have a wonderful Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Reufus... you are one lucky guy to gets all those toys! We think we might need a tent just like yours too!

    Sam and Pippen

  7. Mom hasn't had any luck with the indoor agility place located near us because Sam refuses his crate. What size do you have for the Reufus? Maybe we need to try your trick!


  8. Your Mom keeps you very busy, Reuf. We do like that tent. Mom says she would get us one but she thinks Lightning might chew it like everything else around here. Cool new toys. Toys with treats inside have to be the best.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Sweetie, I've already left you a comment but I needed to stop by again - just to tell you that I l♥ve you...

  10. Those toys look so cool! I think Kuster would really like those. Dad thought he'd never learn to work for toys, but after he got done teething, he's become a tennis ball fiend! Dad wants him to play tug, but Kuster has his own ideas!


  11. What a neat tent! And the color of it compliments your beautiful fur! What wonderful taste your Mom has. She picked you didn't she, or was it the other way around? I bet you have a huge toy box!! happy Sunday to you all. Woofs and hugs, Louie and Sophie, and Alan and Cindy

  12. Love your training stuffs and especially your cool toys! We are sure you will be toy driven soon! So impressed by all you and your The Mom do!
    Sam and Abalon