Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teu Weeks ob Teusdays

What iss that ole saying?
The hurrieder I go,
the be hinder I get.
I haff been berry busy
and I am berry berry be hind.
And so teuday,
I offer Yeu...
Teu Weeks ob Teusdays
While I whas looking frew
My Archibes and Scrab Books...
I did notice that
I deu naught haff many
dogyeumentary type pickshers,
butt juss pickshers ob my own self...
deuing berry little or
ackchewally no fing a tall
so I abologize in adbance
fur the lack ob ackshun.

July 31f
Here is me on my way teu

Finking Skool
[Obedience Class]
Ubon arribal,
I deu check
The Business Inter Ackshuns
what habbs taken blace in

The Business Yard

One fun fing
iss getting teu see
wheu iss coming
wheu iss going
and wheu habbs gone.
Whee deu berry mose all ways
arrive teu Skool early
so whee habbs time fur some pickshers.
Juss be hind me, 

Yeu whill see my
The Trolley
Here I am looking
teu ward the souf at
The Agility Field.

And here I amb...
starting teu fink a bout
Whee did habbs a berry good class,
starting off wif
A Good Long Down Stay.
Deu naught ad juss yeur monitor.
Deu naught rub yeur eyes.
And deu naught wibe yeur specktackles...
These pickshers are juss
berry berry blurry...
and all so the only ebidence
I haff ob my learnings on July 31f,
It whas a berry good class
wif lots ob flat work.
I did berry berry whell
and I did make the Trainer berry proud.
And that iss a good fing
on a counta neckst I muss tell
The Story ob August 7f
Whee habbed a bleasant trib
in the Trolley...
and a nice bisit teu
The Business Yard.
We fought teu
take this picksher...
the construckshun is ob
A New House fur The Owner ob My Skool...
and be yond,
teu the souf iss
The Agility Field.
And now I return
teu milling a bout.
I read this sign on the gate.
I laughed on a counta
I fought ob deuing it...
ob hiding in the yard.
And then class started.
It whas naught entirely
my own fault, butt...
I did naught deu my besst work.
No. No. Naught my best work.
At all.
What iss that ole saying???
If yeu deu naught haff any fing good teu say...

- - - - - - - - - -
Here's hobing teu haff many fings teu tell Yeu
neckst week.
Habby Teusday.


  1. Reuf, We don't know how you have time to eat and sleep, you and the trainer are always so busy. Remember you can't be perfect all the time, even a baseball player makes outs 7 out of 10 times, and that is if he is really good. Don't be hard on yourself, we know you will come storming back !!!

    Hamish & Sophie
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  2. Mom understands completely! She was just thinking she ought to hire a secretary to do all the little things so she can do the important things - like playing with us boys!


  3. I'm worn out just reading what you've been up too, and it's more than a few of our dogs all put together!!


  4. Weu Heu, Reuf!

    My Mom is retired, and so I am basically retired also, except I like to go walkies, and learn new things when I can. But the bottom line is that we seldom HAVE to go to places. Which makes for boring blogs and happy dogs!

    Take it easy, Reuf!

    Your pal Stella

  5. Maybe it is being so very busy that has left you burnt out and subject to a bad day. You and The Trainer need to "Stop and smell the roses" as they say. No work, no practice, nothing but a fun ride in the Trolley and a picnic...yes! a picnic! To just smell the roses and listen to the birds.

  6. Go have some fun and a bit of chillaxing Reufus with your peeps. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly