Friday, September 14, 2012

A Berry Speshull Weekend

I woke ub early this morning
Some Fing Berry Speshull
on my mind.
I haff
Berry Speshull Plans
teu plan fur
The Doorman.
The Chef.
The Trainer.
The Concierge.
The Photographer.
The Tybist.
The Trolley Driber.
The Maid.
And all so...
The Mom.

Yes. Yes.
On this weekend
falls the speshull day
what comes round
[berry hobefully, she says]
once a year...
Sunday is The Mom's Birfday.

I fink there shood be
Maybe naught CANDLES...
Butt definitely cake.
Let's see, what else...
Some Big Fing.
It's been a tough cubble ob years.
The Mom habbs nebber beed one teu
celebrate her birfday in a big way,
her last teu birfdays haff marked
The Kickoff ob
Take No Prisoners
Battles wif Cancer.

2010... The Luke.
2011... The Bleu.
It is hard fur her teu get bast those memories,
so I am going teu helb her...
The Luke is close pals wif Stebe Jobs...
[and the Bleu smoofed ober
any conflicks they did habb... haha]
boaf ober seeing
Perfeck Timing
The Long Awaited Release
what cleared the way
fur me
teu yeuse
My Samsung Galaxy Tablet
[sorry, Stebe]
teu order ub
The Big Fing
The Mom.
Ob course,
The Big Fing
whill naught arribe until
neckst Friday...
While I can naught rebeal
the identy ob
The Big Fing
I can say thiss:
It makes me fink ob...
Wishing Yeu
a Berry Speshull Weekend ob Yeur Own


  1. The Mom is finally turning 21 ????

    Happy Days !!!!

    We are sure you will have a tremendous day !!

    Be sure to wait on The Mom........give her breakfast in bed, and above all be a real Good Boy......

    Hamish & Sophie
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  2. Can't wait to see the big thing that the Mom is getting for her birthday. I bet she's gonna love it to pieces! I'm thinking of getting one, too, but not for my birthday - just 'cause I want one!

  3. Weu heu Reufus!

    I have no idea of what you speak, but it sounds nice and certainly au courant. I will be back next week to check in and see what you have sold your kibble to buy for her. Will you just tell her Happy Birthday for me, please?

    Thanks a bunch, Reuf, and Happy Weekend to you.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. Wishing mum a very happy birthday Reufus. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We hope your Momma has a wonderful day!!! I am sure you have plenty in store for her!!

  6. Reuf: We think that is a berry wonderful pressie for your Mom. We think that you will get lots of kisses. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    gussie n teka

  7. A very Happy Birthday to your special Mom! We know you will make it wonderful for her.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom! We can't wait to see what the surprise is!


  9. Wow - you never cease to amaze: funny, talented, smart, sweet.... And so resourceful. That's why I love the tablet/iPad-- no need for thumbs. Can't wait to see what zoom-y thing is on its way. Skateboard???

    I know you have a wonderful weekend planned in honor of the Mom-- replacing former with new memories. Hugs! Cyndi. Sophie too. Louie and Alan have their own pages...

  10. Happy birfdee to the Mom! U are such a good bebeh. :)

  11. Happy birthday to The Mom!!! Sounds like a wonderful present!!! Eat lots of cake and have fun!!! Reufus, you are such a delight to all and we love you and The Mom! Make sure The Mom has a fantastic birthday!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday to your special Mom and our so special Aunt....all of our love Rizzi and Zeke

  13. Awwww Reuf! Missed your the Mom's bday! Happy, Happy bday to you, Amanda!!!! Hope it was a wonderful one!!!

  14. Just because we are late doesn't mean we don't love you LOTS The Mom! We spent your birthday weekend doing oodles of stuff to fight the cancer monster so we know you will forgive our late wishes for a "new year" filled with wonder, joy, a peaceful heart, bounties of those things that matter...and always, love! The White Dog Army