Friday, September 7, 2012

Guess What I Did

Yeu whill nebber ebber guess so
I whill tell Yeu...

I sbent Labor Day wif
My The Aunt Madison,
My The Uncle Tom
and My Cousins, The Herd.
Cousins Dylan and Cane, Uncle Tom... and that's Me on the right, standing.
And the berry furst fing whee did whas
greet each odder.
Golden Swirl. Me on the right wif head missing.
It habbs been a berry few weeks
since whee were teugeffer...
Me in the middle.
so whee habbed sum catching ub teu deu.
Cousin Dylan and Me (back turned) nose teu nose. Cane iss ready to GO.

And then whee did head off teu
The Pribate Dog Bark.
Me enjoying the wide oben sbaces ob the pribate dog park
I whas SO habby teu
oben my frottle
and stretch my legs.
I amb stretching my legs
I did rib and romb,
and smell fings.
Me. So. Nice. Teu. Habbs. Sbace.
And I did take a roll in sum
ob those wonder full smells.
Cousin Cane wif Me in the background, a bout teu roll in sum fing swell.
It iss so fun teu run when there iss no reason teu stob.
Me. Running.
Me on the right. Hobing fur a chase.
Cousin Cane... a shnoofing.
I did run and run and run...
Me. Winding down a bit, butt habbing SO much fun.
And so all so did my Cousins,
though they all so wondered
where I got all my energy...
Cousin Dylan.
and iff my brakes worked...
Me running in. Challenged by Cousin Dylan.
They all so said teu them selbes...
"Cousin Reufus shood get out more."
L teu R: Me, Cane, Dylan.
Yes, Yes.
Whee did habbs
a berry mose lubberly day
and then I realized...

I amb all so at
Mister T's Day Sba
and it iss
Baff Time.
 Teu my credit,
I did berry much better teuday.
I jumbed on the bench when asked...
And I did naught run a way.
 I mean,
I deu lubbs Mister Uncle T...
and he deus gibbs a berry good baff.
He habbs me teu fank
fur his eckspeptionally soaked shorts and shirt.
And he is welcome.
*takes bow*
Ob course,
the berry bestest
mose faboritest bart ob
The Sba Ecksberience
whas when I got teu go in side
and sit wif
My Aunt Madison
while I whas brushed and dried.
The Mom and My Uncle Tom
did all so later
try teu take sum pickshers
ob me fur my
AKC PAL Abblicayshun. 
 I did naught cooberate.
In fack,
I laughed in the face ob the challenge.
And when I got home,
I nabbed the rest ob the day.
It iss naught often that I amb tired.
And thiss whas the berry best...
tired on a count ob
I deu so hobes Yeu are, teu.


  1. Well, what a busy time. All the ZOOOOOOMIES, no wonder you were tired.
    Sure you loved the time being with your buddies and we are sure you brightened their day also.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Weu heu, Reufus!

    Looks like a high old time was had by all! Did your cousins get bathed too? My Mom and I took a walk today and the temperature dropped to 45 degrees which is very fine sleeping weather. Happy Weekend to you and your Mom, too!


  3. Looks like you had a swell Labour Day weekend but we didn't like the bath bit we have to admit. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  4. what a wonderful holly day. And now you smell good too!

    gus n teka

  5. How awesome that you got to get out and run and play with friends!


  6. Oh boy, that was lots of fun!! :) U are very brave to have a baff.

  7. My darling Little Man - you are so right, the best kind of tired is the kind of tired you get from happiness.

  8. How did woo run bakhk and FoURth between TX and PA???