Sunday, September 2, 2012

Habby Holiday Weekend & Catching Ub

Habby  Holiday Weekend
Berry first, I deu need teu abologize fur
my unannounced ab sence
deu teu a berry uneckspected
Tybist Strike.

During thiss time,
whee haff remained berry busy wif busyness,
bouts ob eckstream lazyness
and odder wise habbing a good time.
There habbs been
the occasional GRRH Meet & Greet
where I narrowly aboided
the chance ob getting a brother
by name ob

The Mom did fink briefly that she and I might be Chance's Forever,
butt a multitude ob folks felt that same way, and I concur wif THEM! ;o)
There whas all so
Shannon prefers to be called 'Pretty Girl'
and I fink Yeu can see why...

because she is, ob course!

And here is...
Golden Micks
Henry whas missing the fur
when he whas brought in teu
the GRRH Fambily.
He had terrible infeckshuns
and berry berry heaby heartworms.
Great Neuse fur Henry!!!
Hiss wonder full Foster Fambily
habbs decided that they can naught
part wif thiss Sweet Boy!!!
- - - - - - -
Ob course on Mondays
I run frew
My Agility Class.
And on Teusday...
I go teu my Skool
My Obedience Class.
Whee deu tookens Wednesdays off...
butt the rest ob the week,
whee deu 10-20 minutes training in ob doors
and a bout 10-15 minutes training
out side each day
[on a counta it iss SO hot]
what includes some
Agility Work
Jumbs, Contacks, Retriebals...
Sit Stays and all so Flat Work.
Ob course, I deu all so lubbs teu
sneak a SNACK.
My hedge-itarianism is strongly
diss couraged...
and while I amb nebber full ob remores...
I deu offer ub a sweet face.
Abter all, thiss iss
The Backyard Buffay
chock full ob all manner ob
fun fings teu eat.
*skibbing off teu eat odder fings*
I amb
Yeu juss habbs no idea.
[Please teu pardon the patty-o mess]
Fur ecksamble...
I managed teu squeeze my nose in teu
my training bag
and steal thiss here honking froggeh....
I amb naught a llowed teu blay wif a toy
wif out inter ackshun wif eifer
the Trainer or the Mom,
the berry furst fing I did
whas take the criminal ebidence teu
my the Mom.
fur sum pull...
and sum tug...
and lotsa laughter
until froggeh did habbs teu go
bye bye.

And ass thiss ebening deus draw teu a close....
I amb relacksing wif
A Antler
The Venison Joe's Collection.
The Mom deus all so
keeb hugging and kissing me
and gently taking my antler from me
and gently gibbing it back...
I amb so habby
I amb gibbing her the good manners.
It iss whin whin.
She feels like the Trainer
habbs been sucksessfull...
 and I get my antler back.
Word on the Sheets
iss that I habbs a berry busy day teumorrow...
and I whill tell Yeu all a bout it.

Until then...
Habby Labor Day Ebe
Nitey Nite.


  1. We always LOVE all your newz Reuf! Always so much to woof that we can't believe it! Keep on doing' your thing - we will always be checking in!
    Sammie and Ava

  2. Hey Reufus,
    We are so glad to hear from you. Boy it would have been great if you could have taken one of those beautiful Goldens home and gave them a forever home of love.
    But we do believe that a golden friend for you is in your future.
    Have a Great Labor Day....

    Hamish & Sophie

  3. Weu heu, Reuf!

    I do hope you get a brother or a sister Goldie when the best one comes along. You have lots to deu every day, but nothing beats a pack mate, would you say, Reuf?

    I would like a Spanador like me for a bro or sis, OR a human bean boy about six years old. I give my Mom her choice.

    Sound good to you, Buddy? Does me!


  4. Happy Labour Day to you and yours Reufus.
    Best wiishes Molly

  5. We sure did miss you all, and our Reuf language skills need practice! Good to have you back.
    Hab a wonderful day.

    gussie n teka

  6. We were worried, dear Reufus! We are glad to see things are going well and you are having fun!


  7. Add me to the list of those glad to see a post from you! You have been busy, and I love seeing the faces of those looking for new forever homes and am always grateful that there are those willing to help them find their way--I have a feeling you're going to be helping one do just that when it's the right time!

    I hope you've enjoyed your weekend!

  8. We was thinking for weeks and weeks, 'where is that Reufus???' and there you are popping up on the interwebs!

    Sam and Pippen

  9. Was so good to read and to catch up, Little Man. Sometimes life gets really, really busy, doesn't it?

  10. What a busy and happy family you are! We, too, are busy morning until night because the Walk to End Cancer is only 24 days away! We helped make cookies (300 of them) on our LABOR day!