Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Lazy Saturday

Rain Rain
Go A Way
on a counta...
It's Saturday.
I haff waited six hole days fur
It habbs been raining since be fore dawn,
and I bray fur the sun
teu come out and shine
ubon me and my yard...
butt it habbs drizzled most all ob the day. 
I haff naught been able
teu sbend much time out ob doors...
butt I habbs berry much enjoyed
Bigorous Towel Rubbings.
While naught a substitute fur
Agility Training,
towel time did make me
a bit frisky
on a mosely boring day.
The Mom did haff lots teu deu.
She decided teu make teuday
Chore Day
in hobes that teumorrow's wheather
whill be more seutable fur
The Mom all so did
work on work.
And in keebing wif
her new healfy eating commitment...
whee did sbend sum time
in the Kitchen.

I amb the seuberbisor.
Ob course,
I all so did
healfy eating my own self.
Innova + Fish Oil + Green Beans =
The Mom and I did
A Bit ob In Door Training
and I did a lot ob
laying round like this...
in the path ob
the washing and drying chore
et al.

I all so did tooken notice
ob this birfday gift
what the Mom did receibe...
It iss a anti backterial hand cleaner
disbenser fur the trolley.
I did whant teu cheu on it,
so the Mom did hang it on the ubber cabinet.

Fur a while I did eben
Go Teu My Little Reum.
No Reason.
I did stand ub when
The Mom found me there.
Rain Rain Rain
It habbs naught gone a way.
Please teu dim the light.
Please teu tib the toes.
I whill bray teunight
So the rain surely goes.

Hobing teu see Yeu in the Sun Shine


  1. Oh Reufus, That is a bummer when it rains on Saturday we know how much you look forward to the Mom being home, and having fun.
    Maybe tomorrow.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Come visit me in Ore-ay-gun, Reuf - we are not having any rain now!
    - Charlie

  3. We are having some rain now too. Boohoohoo! It is the pits. Hope it dries out real soon!

  4. I hope u get lots moar sunshine and fun!! :)

  5. Look at it this way, Commander of the Uniberse, its a wonderful gift to the world, rain before winter comes, especially after a hot, dry summer. Just maybe a little attitude fixer upper there.

    Hope tomorrow is just what you hoped today would be.


  6. Have a super Sunday and we hope the weather is good today so you can go out and have some fun Reufus.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Hope the sun shines brightly on your corner of the world today.

    gussie n teka almost had us at "tib the toes" but we figured it out!

  8. Rainy days are tough - but kind of cozy too, right? Mom has been cleaning too - Monty's fuzz gets everywhere!


  9. Reu, we are so sorry your Saturday was spoiled by the rain. We saw that parts of Texas were flooded. We sure hope you got some sun today.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. I hope tomorrow is a sunny day, full of adventure waiting for you and the mom to come and find it!

    Mom has that exact same present waiting for Cousin Hannah's birthday in a few weeks. I have one with a pink poodle on it for my going out bag!


  11. Little Man, I noticed in several of your photos that you certainly did 'recreate' the look of the mini-blinds on your the Mom's door windows. Did you take a decorating class or did the 'new look' just come to you in one of your dreams?☺