Saturday, September 22, 2012

All About The Mom and A Agility Update

Wif all this talk a bout
"The Big Little Thing"...
Yeu might fink that whas
the Mom's only birfday surbrise...
butt it whas naught. 
 Wif the helb ob
My Aunt Davalyn,
I did all so gibbs the Mom
all manner ob fun and fought full gifts...
 A DogMa Calendar,
on a counta she iss.
 A swell Bleu Reuster...
errr... Iss it a
A lubberly picksher frame
fur teu butt my picksher in,
ob course. 
I all so did gibbs her tasty treats,
including thiss tasty bone cookie.
Thiss bone seems teu habbs
a slight defeckt.
My Uncle Benjy
gibbs me
this swell Snap-On Wrench Cookie
fur teu gibbs the Mom.
Mmmm... Tasty.

Yeu know...
this speshull O cayshun
only rolls round once a year,
and I whanted teu make thiss day
All a bout the Mom.
She did habbs
a wonderful celebrayshun
and so did I.
Fank Yeu fur being a bart ob it.

And now fur
An Agility Ubdate
*drum roll* 
I did successfully comblete
Running Jumbs at 24" Height.

4 Attembted. 4 Combleted.
[I habbs all ways been berfeckt on
24" Standing Jumbs,
butt habbs all ways caught the bar
wif my back legs on Running Jumbs]

Now thiss iss me,
lined ub fur a jumb
wif a contack board beyond.
I amb waiting fur the
send out command.

I amb trying berry hard to maintain

Mom Trainer, are you back there???
As a side note...
The Mom Trainer toll me thiss morning
"Reufus, yeu habbs butt yeur weight back on.
Whee are butting yeu back on a diet.
I bet that's why yeu can't jumb 24" on the run."
I beliebes
I haff broofed my boint.

A nodder cookie, please.


  1. Weu are just the wait: the GReatest!

    Maybe weu khan use that BOX to be here in time fur a special birthday this Wednesday...

    Khyra and THOSE Golden Khousins

  2. Reuf,

    Such nice gifts for The Mom, especially like the chicken/rooster wearing the nite shirt. bol
    You are doing wonderful in your hurdle jumps. It all takes practice and the more your practice the better you will become.

    Hamish & Sophie

  3. Sam's on a diet too, dear Reufus! We are glad your Mom had an awesome birthday - she is one special lady and she deserves a nice day!


  4. Reufus, it sure sounds like a great birthday with all kinds of wonderful presents!
    You are doing great on the agility! We think you deserve another cookie! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  5. Happy birfdee to ur Mawm! :) U is a very thottful doggie.

  6. Weu Heu Reuf!

    What a great bunch of birthday presents you gave your Mom, and I bet she was happy as any older person can be! lol

    Congrats on the 24" jumps, you will get that running jump soon, just pick up your back feets.

    I send love and hugs to you and Mom.


  7. wonderful pressies for the mom indeed :D specially the frame such a cute thing now put a picksher in it

  8. Great pressies. Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Those are wonderful and thoughtful gifts for your Mom on her Birfday. Keep up the good work.

    gussie n teka

  10. Reufus, you are such a thoughtful boy. The mom's got many pressies!

    Once again, Happy Birthday to The Mom. BTW, you don't need to go on a diet. All you have to do is lower the pole! BOL!


  11. We don't think that you look chubby in the least. You look happy and healthy and fit. Uhm, do you think that the Mom could clear a 24 inch jump - let her pick - either standing or running☺.

  12. Great pressies for The very thoughtful! And yes, you DID prove your point...perfectly!