Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Lazy Saturday

Rain Rain
Go A Way
on a counta...
It's Saturday.
I haff waited six hole days fur
It habbs been raining since be fore dawn,
and I bray fur the sun
teu come out and shine
ubon me and my yard...
butt it habbs drizzled most all ob the day. 
I haff naught been able
teu sbend much time out ob doors...
butt I habbs berry much enjoyed
Bigorous Towel Rubbings.
While naught a substitute fur
Agility Training,
towel time did make me
a bit frisky
on a mosely boring day.
The Mom did haff lots teu deu.
She decided teu make teuday
Chore Day
in hobes that teumorrow's wheather
whill be more seutable fur
The Mom all so did
work on work.
And in keebing wif
her new healfy eating commitment...
whee did sbend sum time
in the Kitchen.

I amb the seuberbisor.
Ob course,
I all so did
healfy eating my own self.
Innova + Fish Oil + Green Beans =
The Mom and I did
A Bit ob In Door Training
and I did a lot ob
laying round like this...
in the path ob
the washing and drying chore
et al.

I all so did tooken notice
ob this birfday gift
what the Mom did receibe...
It iss a anti backterial hand cleaner
disbenser fur the trolley.
I did whant teu cheu on it,
so the Mom did hang it on the ubber cabinet.

Fur a while I did eben
Go Teu My Little Reum.
No Reason.
I did stand ub when
The Mom found me there.
Rain Rain Rain
It habbs naught gone a way.
Please teu dim the light.
Please teu tib the toes.
I whill bray teunight
So the rain surely goes.

Hobing teu see Yeu in the Sun Shine

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Night Wrights

I am bretending teu be
The Commander ob The Uniberse.
As such...
I look sum fing like this.
Whell... wif one small ecksepshun:

Teu: The Maid
From: Reufus, TCoTU

Please teu occasionally turn off the ceiling fan
and remoob all that dust.
Many Fanks teu Yeu.

There are all so
many odder wrongs
I whill Wright...
many fings I whill change.
Fur instance...
I whill hire a full time staff...
The Trainer.
The Concierge.
The Trolley Driber.
The Chef.
Eben... The Mom.
All. Full. Time.
I whill pay them each
 a huge salary
teu be
Official Assistants
The Commander ob The Uniberse,

all teu be at
my beck and call
Yes Yes...
The Commander ob The Uniberse,
I deu all so here by
berry much abboint Yeu teu
berry imp portant positions
ob yeur interest and liking. 
I whill berrily take charge ob
Foods, Frollicks and Funs...
butt I whill berrily and all so sincerely need
Yeur Helb wif The Rest.

Berry Berry Many Fanks teu Yeu...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

All About The Mom and A Agility Update

Wif all this talk a bout
"The Big Little Thing"...
Yeu might fink that whas
the Mom's only birfday surbrise...
butt it whas naught. 
 Wif the helb ob
My Aunt Davalyn,
I did all so gibbs the Mom
all manner ob fun and fought full gifts...
 A DogMa Calendar,
on a counta she iss.
 A swell Bleu Reuster...
errr... Iss it a
A lubberly picksher frame
fur teu butt my picksher in,
ob course. 
I all so did gibbs her tasty treats,
including thiss tasty bone cookie.
Thiss bone seems teu habbs
a slight defeckt.
My Uncle Benjy
gibbs me
this swell Snap-On Wrench Cookie
fur teu gibbs the Mom.
Mmmm... Tasty.

Yeu know...
this speshull O cayshun
only rolls round once a year,
and I whanted teu make thiss day
All a bout the Mom.
She did habbs
a wonderful celebrayshun
and so did I.
Fank Yeu fur being a bart ob it.

And now fur
An Agility Ubdate
*drum roll* 
I did successfully comblete
Running Jumbs at 24" Height.

4 Attembted. 4 Combleted.
[I habbs all ways been berfeckt on
24" Standing Jumbs,
butt habbs all ways caught the bar
wif my back legs on Running Jumbs]

Now thiss iss me,
lined ub fur a jumb
wif a contack board beyond.
I amb waiting fur the
send out command.

I amb trying berry hard to maintain

Mom Trainer, are you back there???
As a side note...
The Mom Trainer toll me thiss morning
"Reufus, yeu habbs butt yeur weight back on.
Whee are butting yeu back on a diet.
I bet that's why yeu can't jumb 24" on the run."
I beliebes
I haff broofed my boint.

A nodder cookie, please.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Big Little Fing

Habby Friday, My Friends
In my home,
whee are bringing teu a close...
A Week ob Celebrayshun.
The Mom did habbs her Birfday...
There whas get teugeffers wif Friends.
There whas fun.
There whas ettibles and gifts.
[rebort coming soon]
And  in honor ob the Mom's speshull day,
I did take ub a neu training hobby...

UPS Package Tracking.

A bout the millionf time
I hit refresh...
The door bell rang and it arribed...
The Big Little Fing.
- - - - -
The iPhone 5
So far, 
it iss naught ass fun ass I fought it might be.
Mosely, it iss fidgets and widgets or...
laying in its bocks.
Abter log-ins and confirms
and phone calls, clouds and actibayshuns...
Jumbs and contacks
and weabe poles and flat work...

The Big Little Fing
did come out ob her bocks
 teu take my picksher.
Take Teu.
Take Free.
Yes Yes...
I fink She whill settle in nicely...
and fur now,
her Siri habbs the Mom laughing!
Ass fur me...
I amb certain
The Big Little Fing 
iss going teu make
mabs and directions a cinch,
Meet & Greet look-ubs easier,
and now I can...

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Berry Speshull Weekend

I woke ub early this morning
Some Fing Berry Speshull
on my mind.
I haff
Berry Speshull Plans
teu plan fur
The Doorman.
The Chef.
The Trainer.
The Concierge.
The Photographer.
The Tybist.
The Trolley Driber.
The Maid.
And all so...
The Mom.

Yes. Yes.
On this weekend
falls the speshull day
what comes round
[berry hobefully, she says]
once a year...
Sunday is The Mom's Birfday.

I fink there shood be
Maybe naught CANDLES...
Butt definitely cake.
Let's see, what else...
Some Big Fing.
It's been a tough cubble ob years.
The Mom habbs nebber beed one teu
celebrate her birfday in a big way,
her last teu birfdays haff marked
The Kickoff ob
Take No Prisoners
Battles wif Cancer.

2010... The Luke.
2011... The Bleu.
It is hard fur her teu get bast those memories,
so I am going teu helb her...
The Luke is close pals wif Stebe Jobs...
[and the Bleu smoofed ober
any conflicks they did habb... haha]
boaf ober seeing
Perfeck Timing
The Long Awaited Release
what cleared the way
fur me
teu yeuse
My Samsung Galaxy Tablet
[sorry, Stebe]
teu order ub
The Big Fing
The Mom.
Ob course,
The Big Fing
whill naught arribe until
neckst Friday...
While I can naught rebeal
the identy ob
The Big Fing
I can say thiss:
It makes me fink ob...
Wishing Yeu
a Berry Speshull Weekend ob Yeur Own